STARS is a web application tool for faculty and advisors that interacts with a collection of WSU databases. It is designed to enable convenient access to university data at both an individual and aggregate level for advising, retention efforts, curriculum tracking, and program evaluation.

Appropriate WSU personnel (among the faculty and staff), 'Advisor' status can be obtained upon authorization from the Business Affairs Officer (BAO) for your department. Learn more

STARS draws live data from a variety of sources, including Banner, Testing and Evaluation Research (T&ER), Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), Early Academic Assessment database (EAA), WSU Online Directory (LDAP), and a custom STARS database. 

Log on to the application using your WSU AccessID and password. Log on is only possible when Banner is operational.

  • STARS 2.0 - Undergraduate students, staff, advisors, faculty and graduate level staff