Imaged academic records

In July 2008, the Records and Registration office began imaging historical academic records and has made them available to all staff with Banner Student access. As of October 2019, all historical academic records have been imaged.  

Before you can view imaged records, you need to make sure your computer is properly configured.

Any questions can be directed to Transcript Services

How to View Imaged Historical Records

  1. Log in to Banner.
  2. Enter the form name SPAIDEN in the "Go To..." box.  When SPAIDEN opens, enter the student's ID.  
  3. With the student's SPAIDEN record open, click RETRIEVE.  If the academic record is available for viewing, Application Xtender will open, and you will be able to view it. 

    Mousing over the document icon will display a preview of the document; clicking the selction box or downward arrow will provide a menu of options; selecting "open" or double-clicking on the entry will load the document.



Imaged records are educational records covered by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Please do not share downloads or screenshots of educational records without completely redacting  all personally identifiable information.

If you are unable to access AppXTender or open a document, please contact your department Business Affairs Officer (BAO) to ensure you have the appropriate security clearance. For more information regarding access, see Enterprise Applications.