Early Academic Assessment/MidTerm Grading

Early Academic Assessment (EAA) is one of the tools used by Wayne State University to assist our undergraduate students' academic success and therefore to help the university retain its students. Effective winter 2016, the university policy on EAA requires that courses numbered below 4000 include a means of assessing student progress, normally by the beginning of the third week but no later than the end of the sixth week of each fall and winter semester. This assessment should provide students with feedback regarding their academic performance and can provide a meaningful opportunity for intervention. Students who are performing at a C- or below in courses below 4000 must receive EAA grades. Faculty teaching courses numbered 4000 or above are encouraged to give EAA grades, but it is optional. In both cases, students will receive a letter by e-mail.

EAA grades do not become part of a student's academic record; their purpose is to give students a sense of how they are doing and encourage them to address any academic issues that might be affecting their success. They are also used for advising and counseling.

Questions related to the EAA program should be directed to your school, college or program's EAA Coordinator or to Dr. Naida Simon