Submission guidelines

Many of the documents requested by the Office of Student Financial Aid contain highly sensitive information, such as your name, Social Security number and banking information. WSU email is not a secure form of submission, because we care about your data security we prefer you do not email attachments or photos of documents.

There are four ways you can submit documents: online dynamic forms, mail, fax or in person.

Dynamic Forms

Many of your documents can be securely completed and submitted online via Dynamic forms. The links to your requested documents can be accessed through Academica.

U.S. Mail

Office of Student Financial Aid

Welcome Center

42 W. Warren

P.O. Box 2340

Detroit, MI 48202

Hand Delivery

Documents can be submitted to the Student Service Center front desk located in the Welcome Center, 42 W. Warren.


(313) 577-6648

Please do not use more than one submission method or send extra copies of your documents, e.g., do not submit your documents by both mail and fax. This may cause delays in processing your documents.

Submit only forms and documents that have been requested or are necessary to make adjustments to your financial aid. You will be notified of which documents to submit by Academica or your Wayne State email address. Submitting documents that have not been requested can also result in delays.

Include the student's name and nine-digit Banner ID number on all documents submitted to our office.

Sign documents with ink signatures only. We cannot accept typed or stylus signatures, even if the document has been printed.