Using Academica

Under Student Resources, click the Financial Aid link

Check your requirements

Accept your awards

Check your satisfactory academic progress status

Review your overall aid status

Messages about your aid

Select your aid year 

  • The 2020-21 academic year includes fall 2020, winter 2021, and spring/summer 2021.

Your award decision

Accept or decline the full or a partial amount. Calculate a personal budget to help avoid excess borrowing.

Reviewing your 2020-21 awards

  1. Select "Accept My Financial Aid Awards"
  2. Select "Award by Aid Year" and choose the "2020-21 Award Year"

  3. Review the awards offered to accept all or a portion or decline the awards. Select "Submit Decision" when finished. 

  4. Review any new Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements tied to the acceptance of awards.   

Unsatisfied requirements

Make sure you check your unsatisfied requirements. After you accept a loan award, you will need to complete loan counseling and a promissory note.

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