Installment payment plans

Wayne State University offers the following optional installment payment plans, which allow students and/or parents to spread payments of educational expenses over a scheduled payment period.

Tuition Management Systems (TMS)

Payment plans administered by Tuition Management Systems are offered for fall and winter semesters. Payment plans for Spring/Summer are not available through TMS.

Contact TMS for more information by calling 800-722-4867.

The following monthly payment plan options are available through January 26, 2019

*Students should review their TMS monthly payment plan budget to ensure budgets accurately reflect the fees owed to Wayne State University.

Winter Semester TMS Payment Plans

Choose 5 or 4 monthly payments.
Due on the 15th of each month

Monthly Payments First Pmt Due Final Pmt Due Enroll Deadline
5 Dec 15 Apr 15 Jan 26
4 Jan 15 Apr 15 Jan 26

WSU internal payment plans

Currently enrolled Main Campus students who have missed the opportunity to enroll in the TMS fall and/or winter payment plans may enroll in WSU's installment payment plan. WSU plans allow students and/or parents to spread payments over the remaining two or three months of the semester.

Winter Semester WSU Payment Plans

($40 Enrollment Fee is required at the time of Enrollment)

Payment Plans Enrollment Period

At Enrollment

Due Date
Feb 15 2019

Due Date
Mar 15 2019

Due Date
Apr 15 2019

1 1/29 - 2/12/2019
Available Online
  34% due 33% due 33% due
2 2/19 - 3/14/2019
Bursar's Office*
34% due   33% due 33% due
3 3/21 - 4/11/2019
Bursar's Office*
50% due     50% due

* Require students to come to Student Account Receivable (SAR), Welcome Center, 42 W Warren, 4th floor, Detroit, MI 48202 .

For more information about WSU plans and student eligibility, log in to Academica and click on the Installment Payment Plan menu. To enroll in a plan, click on "WSU Installment Plan Enrollment". If a plan is open for enrollment, monthly payments and billing information will display. Follow the instructions to complete enrollment. You may also view  Frequently Asked Questions about the Internal Installment Payment Plan