Past-due accounts and holds

When an account becomes delinquent, the university takes collection steps. If the student is an employee or has other sums due from the university, the amount due is deducted from a pay or other check. In other cases, the first step is to place a hold on the student's record, thus preventing further registration and the issuance of transcripts and diplomas.

The Student Accounts Receivable Department then makes efforts to contact the student and to reach an agreement on a payment schedule. If this effort fails, the account is then turned over to an outside collection agency, which charges a percentage of what they collect as a collection fee. Finally, the unpaid accounts are turned over to an outside attorney for the appropriate collection action through the court. The hold on the student record will remain in effect until the past-due balance and collection fees are paid in full. Students are encouraged to pay all accounts as promptly as possible in order to avoid collection fees and litigation costs.

To authorize payment of non-automatic fees, complete a Title IV authorization form. This will prevent financial holds and expedite financial aid checks.

Temporary policy change due to Covid-19

In our efforts to accommodate students negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily modified our registration hold policy.   Temporarily, registration holds will only apply if a student has a total past due balance greater than $1500, or if a student was in a Collections status prior to Covid-19.   This is a temporary modification to university policy that prevents registration for students with prior-term balances of any amount, or a current-term past due balance greater than $1500.

For students with past due balances owed for only Fall 2019, Winter 2020, or Spring/Summer 2020, as long as the total past due balance is below $1500, registration will be permitted.  This temporary modification in policy will be in place through the Spring/Summer semester.