Delinquent prior term balances and course cancellation

Delinquent accounts: Students with tuition and fee balances that are unpaid by the payment due date, as specified in section 7 of the tuition and fee regulations, are considered delinquent. Invoices (eBills) for delinquent accounts are issued on the first of each month during the term, with payment due on the fifteenth. Late payment fees will be assessed on a monthly basis until the account is paid in full or placed with a collection agency.

Delinquent account balances will be referred to a collection agency within 45 days of the end of the term. In accordance with the financial responsibility agreement signed by the student prior to registering for classes, collection fees and/or litigation costs will be added to the delinquent tuition and fee balance. The university will place a hold on the account to prohibit registration, drop/add, release of official transcripts, diplomas and degrees until the balance  including collection fees  is paid in full. Acceptable forms of payment for accounts in collections include cash, certified check or money order.