Student financial obligation for payment of tuition and fees

By completing registration for a semester, students become financially responsible for payment of all applicable fees by the published due date(s). Payments not received by the due date(s) are subject to collection, attorney and litigation costs, which also become a financial obligation of the student. Payment due dates are:

Fall – August 15

Winter – December 15

Spring/summer – April 15

Failure to make payment because an invoice is not received does not exempt students from late payment or partial payment fees. Students are encouraged to make certain the university has their correct mailing address, and familiarize themselves with the required payment due dates and deadlines outlined at billing and payment dates. Students' statements of account also are available on Academica.

Students deciding not to attend classes after registering should drop them at their earliest convenience, as failure to attend does not result in an automatic withdrawal from classes.

Additionally, accounts must be current to maintain enrollment eligibility and to request and receive official university documents and services. If you have questions or require additional information, please contact the Student Accounts Receivable Office at 313-577-3653.