Application support

Application support
To apply to Veterinary School, pre-vet students must complete the online, centralized application called the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS). 


The VMCAS application will give students the opportunity to record and describe the development of experiences they engage in outside of the classroom as well as provide their academic course history with the colleges and universities attended. Each experience must be categorized using one of the categories provided by the application. 

VMCAS Application Categories: 

  • Classes & Grades 
  • Activities explain extracurricular and animal experiences 
  • Personal Statement one page essay, not to exceed 3000 characters  
  • Letters send three letters of recommendation (LOR) to VMCAS 
  • Transcripts must be submitted to VMCAS 

Pre-vet students should check with each Veterinary School for deadline dates and requirements for applying to their veterinary programs. For example, the MSU Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program requires students to complete all pre-requirements before applying to their program. Other veterinary programs may require that most of the requirements be completed or they may also want all the requirements to be completed. It takes one year to apply to veterinary programs. For example, if you want to start a veterinary program in the fall term of a particular year, you should be applying to the program in the summer of the previous year. 

Submitting a professional school application can be a daunting task. The advisors in the PMHSC are here to guide students through both the preparation and application process.We have workshops on preparing your application for professional schools including Veterinary School that would be helpful for pre-vet students to attend. In addition, we have workshops on preparing your personal statement that would be beneficial for pre-vet students to attend. 

Entrance exams 
Students should consult individual veterinary school, pathologist's assistant and PA program websites for GRE requirements and deadlines.

Find information on GRE content, registration, and preparation.