Application requirements

The process of applying to pathologists' assistant programs is not standardized like it is with some health science master's degrees such as medical school, dental school, or physician assistant programs.  Instead, each PA program has its own set of requirements and directions that must be followed to ensure applicants submit all required materials. It is an applicant's responsibility to know and fulfill the requirements of the PA programs they wish to apply to. 

To read about the application requirements WSU Pathologists' Assistant program, please visit the 'How to Apply' webpage for the program. 

The PMHSC advisors provide application assistance to students through one-on-one appointments, scheduled through STARS.  Application assistance includes: 

  • Answering questions about the WSU graduate application 
  • Reviewing requirements with students to ensure completion  
  • Professional statement review and suggestions 
  • Providing a plan of work for students to submit 
  • Discuss professional recommended options and talk about how to ask a professional for a recommendation 
  • Evaluation of competitiveness for program (based on statistics provided by class profile)