Pre-nursing academics

The courses below are prerequisites for admission to the WSU Traditional BSN program.

  • BIO 1510/1511 Basic Life Mechanisms

  • BIO 2870 Anatomy & Physiology

  • CHM 1060 - General, Organic and Biochemistry

  • ENG 1020 Introductory College Writing

  • PSY 1020 Elements of Psychology or PSY 1010 Introduction to Psychology*

  • PSY 2410 Health Psychology or PSY 2400 Developmental Psychology*

  • NFS 2030 Nutrition and Health

  • Quantitative Experience (QE)

*Candidates may take one or the other course, however, if you receive a grade below a "C" in one course and take the other in order to meet the requirement, it will count as a repeat.

Investigating nursing programs

Due to the limited capacity of WSU's College of Nursing, it is important to consider other nursing programs as well. While most nursing schools generally require similar coursework and admission requirements, some variation can arise within particular schools and programs.  While pre-nursing advisors are well-versed in the admissions requirements for a large number of nursing programs, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to be aware of the requirements for all programs for which they plan to apply.