Mechanical Engineering (BS)

What is Mechanical Engineering? 

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and most versatile of the engineering disciplines. Students in the BSME program have abundant career opportunities, even if they choose not to pursue advanced degrees. With our emphasis on human-centered design as well as the multidisciplinary nature of the curriculum and the university-wide initiative on sustainability, Wayne State's ME program prepares graduates for evolving industry needs. 

What can I do with a Mechanical Engineering Degree? 

A mechanical engineering degree provides a solid technical foundation for careers in fields as diverse as automotive, autonomous vehicles, control and automation of manufacturing processes, nanotechnology, alternative energy, advanced materials, medical devices, aerospace, and patent law. A successful mechanical engineer is a creative problem-solver with a solid background in science and strong communication and teamwork skills. According to the United States Department of Labor, the median annual wage for mechanical engineers was $90,160 in May 2020.

  Schoolcraft College Course planning

Choose an area of study (associate degree), earn Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), and complete pathway courses. The below pathway outlines the required Schoolcraft College courses. Courses not taken or transferred from Schoolcraft College can be completed at Wayne State University.

Choose an area of study

Associate Degree
Engineering -Associate in Engineering (AE)
Associate in Science (AS)
Associate in General Studies (AGS)

Earn the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

MTA Requirement/Specific Course Credit Hours Notes
*ENG 101 English Composition I (ENG 1020)   3  
*ENG 102 English Composition II (ENG 3010)   3  
*MATH 150 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (MAT 2010) 5  
*PHYS 211 Physics for Scientists & Engineering 1 (PHY 2175) 5  
*CHEM 111 General Chemistry I (CHM 1070) 4  
Approved Social Science (see MTA)   3  
Approved Social Science (see MTA) 3 Second Social Science must be from different discipline
Approved Humanities/Fine Arts (see MTA) 3  
Approved Humanities/Fine Arts (see MTA) 1-3 Second Humanities/Art must be from different discipline
Total 30 credits min.  

*Meets MTA requirements and/or satisfies Wayne State degree requirement (prerequisites may be required, see Schoolcraft advisor).

Complete pathway courses

Course Credit Hours
ENGR 100 Intro to Engineering & Tech (BE 1200) 3
ENGR 201 Statics (ME 2410)   3
ENGR 202 Mechanics of Materials (ME 2420) 3
ENGR 203 Dynamics (ME 3400) 4
ENG 116 Technical Writing (ENG 3050)                     3
MATH 151 Calculus with Analytic Geometry 2 (MAT 2020) 5
MATH 240 Calculus with Analytic Geometry 3 (MAT 2030) 5
PHYS 212 Physics for Scientists & Engineering 2 (PHY 2185) 5
Total      31 credits

    Course planning 

The following courses are required to finish the degree requirements.  Any pathway course(s) not completed at the community college can be completed at Wayne State University. 

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechanical Engineering 

Course Credit Hours Notes
BE 1300 Basic Engineering 3  
BE 1310 Materials Science Lab  1  
BE 1500 Intro Programming & Computation Engineering 3  
BE 2100 Basic Engineering III: Prob & Stats 3  
ENG 3060 Technical Writing II: Presentation 3  
MAT 2150 Differential Equations/Matrix Algebra 4 Schoolcraft MATH 252 and 230 = MAT 2150
ME 2500 Numerical Methods 2  
ECE 3300 Intro to Electrical Circuits 4  
ME 2200 Thermodynamics        3  
ME 3300 Fluid Mechanics: Theory and Lab  4  
ME 3450 Manufacturing Processes I 3  
ME 4210 Heat Transfer: Theory and Lab   4  
ME 4150 Design of Machine Elements 4  
ME 4410 Vibrations: Theory and Lab   4  
ME 4300 or 5330 4  
ME 4420 Dynamic Modeling and Control  4  
ME Tech Elective (ME 5XXX)   8  
ME 4500 or 5500   4  
PHI 1120 Professional Ethics 3  
Total 68 credits  

  Transfer credit summary

Transfer credit summary Credits
Schoolcraft College transferrable credits 61 credits
Required Wayne State University credits 68 credits 
Total credits required to complete bachelor's degree 129 Credits (123 minimum)
  •  WSU requires a minimum of 30 hours in residency. 
  • You can review how courses transfer using the course equivalency tool for other acceptable equivalences. 

How do I get started?

  • Join Wayne State Transfer Pathways
  • Schedule a WSU Transfer Success Appointment         
  • Meet with your academic advisors and track your academic progress 


  • The pathway allows multiple associate degree options with the flexibility to customize your degree path. The minimum eligibility to participate in the Wayne State Transfer Pathways is a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above, Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), and an associate degree (earned or Reverse Transfer).  
  • All college-level (non-developmental), non-duplicated courses with a 2.0 (C) grade point average (GPA) or above will be considered for transfer credit.  Earned credit will transfer as 1) direct course equivalency, 2) major/department credit, or 3) elective credit. Credits not earned at Schoolcraft College will need to be taken at WSU.  
  • These pathways do not replace the importance of Schoolcraft College and Wayne State academic advising. The pathway provides a general roadmap to degree completion. 

Primary contacts

  Schoolcraft College   Schoolcraft College
     Academic Advising
     734-462-4429 |


Transfer Student Success Center
313-577-2487 |
College of Engineering
313-577-3780 | Academic Advising   

Career insights

This tool provides a broad overview of how major selection can lead to careers and is provided without any implied promise of employment. Some careers will require further education, skills, or competencies. Actual salaries may vary significantly between similar employers and could change by graduation, as could employment opportunities and job titles.