Law (BA)

What is Law? 

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Law provides a distinctive, interdisciplinary program for those with an interest in law. Students will emerge with a strong foundation in law, critical thinking and writing, ethics, political and legal theory, and legal and justice systems that will make them competitive for innovative and emerging employment opportunities in a variety of fields and industries or for pursuing graduate studies. Moreover, this program will build on the distinctive training associated with law school combined with the expertise of Wayne State's liberal arts programs to promote informed, well-rounded, and civic-minded undergraduates who will be well-prepared to be the leaders of the future.

What can I do with a Law Degree? 

There are numerous careers for which formal legal education is beneficial, but for which a J.D. is not required. These career opportunities are in all levels of federal, state and local governments, business, compliance, insurance, law enforcement and many legal or civically engaged organizations. Successful graduates of the program will develop a "skill toolkit" that will differentiate them and will make them competitive for innovative and emerging employment opportunities in a variety of fields and industries or for pursuing graduate studies.

  Schoolcraft College Course planning

Choose an area of study (associate degree), earn Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), and complete pathway courses. The below pathway outlines the required Schoolcraft College courses. Courses not taken or transferred from Schoolcraft College can be completed at Wayne State University.

Choose an area of study

Associate Degree
Associate in Arts (AA)
Associate in Science (AS)
Associate in General Studies (AGS)

Earn the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

MTA Requirement/Specific Course Credit Hours Notes
*ENG 101 English Composition I (ENG 1020)   3  
*ENG 102 English Composition II (ENG 3010)   3  
Approved Mathematics (see MTA) 4  
Approved Natural Science (see MTA) 3-4  
Approved Natural Science with lab (see MTA)  4-5  
*POLS 105 American Government (PS 1010) 3  
Approved Social Science (see MTA) 3 Second Social Science must be from different discipline
+*Foreign Language (ARB 101, CHIN 101, FR 101, GER 101, ITAL 101 or SPAN 101) 4 1 of 2 required foreign language proficiency
*PHIL 247 Logic (PHI 1050)  3  
Total 30 credits min.  

*Meets MTA requirements and/or satisfies Wayne State degree requirements (prerequisites may be required, see Schoolcraft advisor).

Complete pathway courses

Course Credit Hours Notes
Choose two (2) of the following Skills courses: 6  
     ENG 116 Technical (ENG 3050)    
     PHIL 257 Bioethics (PHI 1110)    
     PHIL 277 Ethical Problems (PHI 2320)    
Choose two (2) of the following Elective courses:                    6  
     BUS 207 Business Law (BLW 2510)    
     CJ 113 Intro to Criminal Justice System (CRJ 1010)    
     POLS 109 State and Local Government (PS 3070)    
     POLS 207 Comparative Government (PS 2710)    
+*Foreign Language (ARB 101, CHIN 101, FR 101, GER 101, ITAL 101 or SPAN 101) 4 2 of 2 required foreign language proficiency, same language
Total      16 credits  

+Meets required WSU College of Liberal Arts foreign language requirements (two-semester sequence in a single foreign language).

     Course planning 

The following courses are required to finish the degree requirements.  Any pathway course(s) not completed at the community college can be completed at Wayne State University. 

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Law

Course Credit Hours
Required LEX Courses -Students must have junior status to enroll in LEX courses 15
LEX 5000 Law in Social Context 3
LEX 5010 Law and Harm 3
LEX 5020 Legal Procedure 3
LEX 5030 Law and Transactions 3
LEX 5100 Law and Regulation  3
Choose two (2) of the following courses: 6-8 
     CRJ/PS 3120 Politics of the Criminal Justice Process  
     PHI 2330 Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy  
     PHI 2390 Philosophy of Human Rights  
     PHI 3270 Foundations of Law  
     PS 3520 Theories of Justice  
     PS 3530 Great Political Thinkers I  
     PS 3540 Great Political Thinkers II  
     PS 5850 Human Rights  
Choose one (1) of the following courses: 3-4
     CRJ 3700 The Judicial Process  
     CRJ 4740 Constitutional Criminal Procedure  
     PS 3040 The Legislative Process  
     PS 3100 American Legal Systems and Processes  
     PS 4710 Democracy  
     PS 5110 Constitutional Law  
     PS 5120 Constitutional Rights and Liberties  
     PS 5820 International Law  
Total 24-27 credits

 Transfer credit summary

Transfer credit summary Credits
Schoolcraft College transferable credits 60 credits

Required Wayne State University Major credits

Minor (CLAS requirement: See WSU advisor)

WSU Electives (See WSU advisor)

24-27 credits 

18-24 credits

9-18 credits

Total credits required to complete bachelor's degree 120 credits (transferred or WSU)
  • WSU requires a minimum of 30 hours in residency. 
  • You can review how courses transfer using the course equivalency tool for other acceptable equivalences.

How do I get started?

  • Join Wayne State Transfer Pathways
  • Schedule a WSU Transfer Success Appointment         
  • Meet with your academic advisors and track your academic progress 


  • The pathway allows multiple associate degree options with the flexibility to customize your degree path. The minimum eligibility to participate in the Wayne State Transfer Pathways is a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above, Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), and an associate degree (earned or Reverse Transfer).  
  • All college-level (non-developmental), non-duplicated courses with a 2.0 (C) grade point average (GPA) or above will be considered for transfer credit.  Earned credit will transfer as 1) direct course equivalency, 2) major/department credit, or 3) elective credit. Credits not earned at the community college will need to be taken at WSU.  
  • These pathways do not replace the importance of community college and Wayne State academic advising. The pathway provides a general roadmap to degree completion. 

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