Information Systems Management (BSBA)

What is Information Systems Management?

Information systems management fuses business management with contemporary information systems to collect, track, store, organize, interpret and apply information to provide support and direction for an organization. Information systems management professionals are needed to help their organizations be more productive and profitable, gain competitive advantage, reach more customers and improve service to existing customers, provide data security, spot trends, maintain inventory, understand client base and identify potential new markets. Business professionals who can make sound decisions when choosing, implementing, and using these systems are invaluable.

Information Systems Management is offered full-time/part-time, on-campus, and online.

What can I do with an Information Systems Management Degree? 

At Wayne State University's Mike Ilitch School of Business, information systems management students learn the ins and outs of network and IT security, e-commerce, SAP, and even Big Data strategies to drive business success on a global scale. Thanks to our extensive connections with Detroit powerhouses, internship opportunities are plentiful, and our alumni frequently find career opportunities at the likes of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Ford, and Quicken Loans. 

  Schoolcraft College Course planning

Choose an area of study (associate degree), earn Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), and complete pathway courses. The below pathway outlines the required Schoolcraft College courses. Courses not taken or transferred from Schoolcraft College can be completed at Wayne State University

Choose an area of study

Associate Degree
Business Information Technology -Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
Programming (AAS)
*Computer Systems Support (AAS)
*Cybersecurity (AAS)
*Networking Specialist (AAS)

*Satisfies up to 6 credit hours of ISM elective/major credit. 

*Due to the requirements associated with these programs the total amount of credit earned will likely exceed the minimum bachelor's degree requirement.

Earn the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

MTA Requirement/Specific Course Credit Hours Notes
*ENG 101 English Composition I (ENG1020)   3  
*ENG 102 English Composition II (ENG3010)   3  
*MATH 122 Elementary Statistics (BA 2300)      4  
Approved Natural Science (see MTA) 3-4  
Approved Natural Science with lab (see MTA) 4-5 Second science must be from different discipline with lab
*ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics (ECO 2010)   4  
Approved Social Science (see MTA) 3 Second Social Science must be from different discipline
*COMA 103 Fundamentals of Speech (COM 1010)     3  
Approved Humanities/Fine Arts (see MTA) 3 Second Humanities/Art must be from different discipline
Total 30 credits min.  

*Meets MTA requirements and/or satisfies Wayne State degree requirements (prerequisites may be required, see Schoolcraft advisor).

Complete pathway courses

Course Credit Hours
ACCT 201 Principles Accounting I (ACC 3010) 4
ACCT 202 Principles Accounting 2 (ACC 3020)    4
CIS 120 Software Applications (BA 1500)   3
BUS 207 Business Law I (BLW 2510)     3
ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics (ECO 2020)                       4
BUS 226 Principles of Marketing (MKT 2300)   3
BUS 217 Business Management (MGT 2530)    3
Total      24 credits

   Course planning 

The following courses are required to finish the degree requirements.  Any pathway course(s) not completed at the community college can be completed at Wayne State University. 

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Information Systems Management

Business Foundation and Core Courses Credit Hours
BA 1000 Student Success/Career Development 1
COM 3300 Bus & Profession Presentations 3
BA 3400 Quantitative Methods II   3
FIN 3290 Business Finance 3
GSC 3600 Operations and Supply Chains 3
ISM 3630 Business Info Systems   3
MGT 6890 Strategic Management/Bus Policy               3
Total 19 credits (minimum)
Information Systems Management Major Credit Hours
ISM 6997 Info Systems Policy and Mgt. Supplemental 3
ISM Major requirements (see WSU Business Advisor) 15
Total 18 credits (12 minimum)

*18 credit hours required for the major; 12 minimum completed at WSU.

 Transfer credit summary

 Transfer credit summary Credits
Schoolcraft College transferrable credits 83 credits

Required Wayne State University Business Foundation & Core

Business Major (see WSU advisor)

19 credits (minimum)

18 credits (12 minimum)

Total credits required to complete bachelor's degree 120 credits (transferred or WSU)
  • WSU requires a minimum of 30 hours in residency. 
  • You can review how courses transfer using the course equivalency tool for other acceptable equivalences.

How do I get started?

  • Join Wayne State Transfer Pathways
  • Schedule a WSU Transfer Success Appointment         
  • Meet with your academic advisors and track your academic progress 


  • The pathway allows multiple associate degree options with the flexibility to customize your degree path. The minimum eligibility to participate in the Wayne State Transfer Pathways is a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above, Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), and an associate degree (earned or Reverse Transfer).  
  • All college-level (non-developmental), non-duplicated courses with a 2.0 (C) grade point average (GPA) or above will be considered for transfer credit.  Earned credit will transfer as 1) direct course equivalency, 2) major/department credit, or 3) elective credit. Credits not earned at Schoolcraft College will need to be taken at WSU.  
  • These pathways do not replace the importance of Schoolcraft College and Wayne State academic advising. The pathway provides a general roadmap to degree completion. 

Primary contacts

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