Transferring to WSU brings Ilitch School student Morgan Starosciak closer to home

Morgan Starosciak
Morgan Starosciak

Marketing major Morgan Starosciak was missing her home while studying at Grand Valley State University. The school was a three-hour drive from her hometown in Macomb, which was one of the things that helped her decide it was time for a change.

“I was at GVSU because they had offered me scholarships for music, academics and hockey,” says Starosciak. “It was at peak-COVID….and I was feeling disconnected form my family. I have had a lot of loss in my family the last couple years (and) was planning on staying home. I looked into the School of Business here and it was a perfect match. I love the city, I’m down here all the time for concerts, and I do photography over at St. Andrew’s Hall. I’m so glad I made the choice I did.”

Starosciak was initially worried that it would be too late for her to transfer as she came to decision mid-summer, but she found that she made the request just in time.

“Transferring was really easy,” she says. “I did some of my own research, messaged an advisor and immediately got the information from the (Transfer Student Success Center). They set up a Zoom call; I explained my situation and asked about my options. They got my transcript and I was accepted within  10 days. I got sent scholarship options and how to apply to those, all my classes got set up and I was all set to go.

“It was extremely easy. I had three advisors messaging me at all times to make sure I’m good. The orientation program was really good and all my questions got answered. It was all really easy.”

For Starosciak, studying marketing and advertising is a way to turn a passion into a profession.

“My mom’s photography business worked with NASCAR, and I loved the marketing side of things and how they did their ads,” she says. “I feel like social media marketing is in need of people in that field, and this combines the business aspect and art. I won’t get bored if I have to work every day.”

Aiding her in this path, she says, are the various opportunities available to students at WSU.

“There’s tons of opportunities here,” says Starosciak. “I get emails constantly with internship opportunities, job openings and events. I do sign up for the business school’s town halls and lectures over Zoom. I really like those things because I’m not banded in a club or anything, but I can take extra learning opportunities when I have the time.”

One opportunity that appeared to her was meeting a fellow student who is a photographer for the Red Wings and Tigers.

“I met her and learned her whole story and how she got started. Now I get these emails from her and Wayne about different teams that are hiring sports photographers and interns, so I want to finish off my job at home and then get one of those jobs next summer. I’m meeting real professional contacts who are working in the field.

“I love the campus, I like how easy it is to get to and get around. It feels like I’m living my own life. When I walk to class here there’s people walking and driving around, there’s people who aren’t students, it feels like there’s life going around me.

“I’m working toward a career in the city, not just hanging out in class. I tell all of my friends about how great Wayne is, how easy the transfer process is. I can get appointments set up in hours, it’s a great professional environment and I’m glad I made the switch.”

By Jacob Stocking, Educational Outreach communications associate

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