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Equivalent Courses from Schoolcraft Coll

Course Gen Ed Requirements
Course Course name WSU equivalent Effective term
ACCT101 Intro To Accounting GEN1XXX
ACCT102 Intro To Accounting GEN1XXX
ACCT103 Intro To Accounting GEN1XXX
ACCT138 Income Tax Preparation. ACC1XXX
ACCT139 Michigan Taxes. ACC1XXX
ACCT201 Prin Of Accounting I ACC3010
ACCT202 Prin Of Accounting Ii ACC3020
ACCT205 Accounting Internship Does not transfer
ACCT221 Interm Accounting I (1/2). ACC5XXX
ACCT222 Interm Accounting Ii (2/2). ACC5XXX
ACCT225 Cost Accounting GEN1XXX
ACCT226 Cost Accounting. ACC5160
ACCT238 Federal Tax Accounting. ACC5170
ACCT240 Computerized Accounting GEN2XXX
ACCT260 Computer Based Accounting GEN2XXX
ACCT261 Computerized Accounting GEN2XXX
ACCT262 Payroll Accounting GEN2XXX
ACCT263 Comptrzd Acct Quickbooks GEN2XXX
ACCT330 Managerial Acct Food Serv Op GEN3XXX
AHE101 Intro To Health Care IHS1XXX
ANTH112 Intro Anthropology ANT1100
ANTH117 Intro To Archaeology. ANT1XXX
ANTH120 Intro To Physical Anthro ANT2110
ANTH201 Cultural Anthropology ANT2XXX
ANTH211 Myth,Magic,World Relign ANT2XXX
ANTH214 Native American Traditions ANT2XXX
ANTH290 Indiv & Community ANT2XXX
AO003 Academic Options Does not transfer
AO012 Academic Options Does not transfer
AO204 English Comp ENG1020
AO205 Creative Writing Does not transfer
AO206 Journalism Does not transfer
AO207 Business English Does not transfer
AO208 Literature ENG1XXX
AO209 Film Does not transfer
AO210 Newspaper Practice Does not transfer
AO211 Linguistics Does not transfer
AO212 Political Science PS2XXX
AO216 Sociology SOC2XXX
AO217 Industrial Security Does not transfer
AO218 Law Enforcement Does not transfer
AO219 Labor Studies Does not transfer
AO220 Psychology PSY2XXX
AO221 Child Care Does not transfer
AO223 Business History Does not transfer
AO224 History HIS2XXX
AO225 Futures Does not transfer
AO228 Economics Does not transfer
AO232 Speech Does not transfer
AO233 Interpretive Reading Does not transfer
AO234 Communication For Leaders Does not transfer
AO235 Interperson Communication Does not transfer
AO236 Philosophy PHI2XXX
AO240 Cultural Anthro ANT2XXX
AO243 Architectural Technology Does not transfer
AO244 Art Does not transfer
AO245 Design Does not transfer
AO246 Art History Does not transfer
AO247 Art Appreciation Does not transfer
AO248 Music Does not transfer
AO249 Music History Does not transfer
AO250 Music Appreciation Does not transfer
AO252 Health Phy Ed Recreation Does not transfer
AO255 Television Production Does not transfer
AO256 Theater Does not transfer
AO260 French Does not transfer
AO264 German Does not transfer
AO268 Spanish Does not transfer
AO272 Geography Does not transfer
AO273 Conservation Does not transfer
AO274 Marketing Does not transfer
AO275 Accounting Does not transfer
AO276 Business Does not transfer
AO280 Biology Does not transfer
AO281 Anatomy And Physiology Does not transfer
AO282 Botany Does not transfer
AO284 Mathematics Does not transfer
AO288 Physics Does not transfer
AO290 Astronomy Does not transfer
AO292 Chemistry Does not transfer
AO296 Geology Does not transfer
AO297 Electronics Does not transfer
AO298 Technology Does not transfer
AO299 Seminar Does not transfer
ARB101 Elementary Arabic 1 ARB1010
ARB102 Elementary Arabic 2 ARB1020
ARB201 Intermediate Arabic 1. ARB2010
ARB202 Intermediate Arabic 2. ARB2020
ARCH103 Construction Systems I AIA1610
ARCH109 Architectural Drawing I AIA1XXX
ARCH110 Architectural Drawing Ii AIA1XXX
ARCH113 Residential Planning AIA1XXX
ARCH200 Site Development AIA2XXX
ARCH203 Construction Systems Ii AIA2XXX
ARCH214 Environmental Systems AIA2XXX
ARCH224 Construction Development AIA2XXX
ARCH225 Presentation Drawing AID3310
ARCH230 Arch Comp Aided Drfg I AIA2XXX
ARCH240 Arch Comp Aided Drfg Ii AIA2XXX
ARCO117 Intro To Archaeology ANT1XXX
ART103 Basic Drawing I ADR1050
ART104 Basic Design I ACO1200
ART105 Basic Drawing. ADR1050
ART106 Basic Design I. ACO1200
ART107 Ceramics I ACR2550
ART108 Ceramics Ii ACR2560
ART109 Three Dimensional Design. ACO1230
ART110 Illustration. ADR1XXX
ART111 Art Education AED1XXX
ART113 Art Education. AED1XXX
ART115 Art History I AH1110
ART116 Art History Ii AH1120
ART118 Ceramics 1. ACR2550
ART119 Ceramics 2. ACR2560
ART120 Drawing: Theory/Elements. ADR1050
ART121 2D Design. ACO1200
ART122 3D Design. ACO1230
ART123 Basic Drawing Ii ADR1060
ART124 Basic Design Ii ADE1210
ART125 Life Drawing 1 ADR2070
ART126 Basic Design 2. ADE1210
ART127 Illustration: Theory/Elements. AGD2XXX
ART128 Human Figure In Art 1. ADR2070
ART133 Ceramics 1: Theory/Elements. ACR2550
ART134 Ceramics 2: Theory/Elements. ACR2560
ART140 New Tech For Caad AGD1XXX
ART145 Business Trends For Art ART1XXX
ART160 Prin-Graphic Communicat AGD1XXX
ART164 Graphic Communicat Pract AGD1XXX
ART172 Intro Comp Aid Art/Dsgn ADE5220
ART201 Art Appreciation AH1000
ART205 Life Drawing 2. ADR3070
ART210 Water Color Painting APA2110
ART211 Watercolor Painting 1. APA2110
ART212 Watercolor Painting 2. APA3110
ART214 Graphic Fundamentals I APR2300
ART215 Graphic Fundamentals Ii APR2XXX
ART216 Women In Art AH3XXX
ART218 Ceramics 3. ACR3550
ART219 Ceramics 4. ACR4XXX
ART221 Watercolor Paint 1:Thry/Elem. APA2110
ART222 Watercolor Paint 2:Thry/Elem. APA3110
ART228 Human Figure In Art 2. ADR3070
ART230 Printmaking I APR2XXX
ART231 Painting 1: Theory/Elements. APA2000
ART233 Ceramics 3: Theory/Elements. ACR3550
ART234 Ceramics 4: Theory/Elements. ACR4XXX
ART235 Painting 2: Theory/Elements. APA3000
ART236 Painting 1. APA2000
ART237 Painting I APA2100
ART238 Painting Ii APA2120
ART239 Painting 2. APA3000
ART240 Media App For Caad GEN1XXX
ART241 Sculpture I ASL2150
ART242 Sculpture Ii ASL3160
ART243 Sculpture 1. ASL2150
ART244 Sculpture 2. ASL3150
ART245 Career And Human Factor GEN1XXX
ART246 Sculpture 1:Theory/Elements. ASL2150
ART247 Sculpture 2:Theory/Elements. ASL3150
ART248 Portfolio Prep ACS3XXX
ART250 Desktop Publishing AGD2XXX
ART272 Intro Comp Aid/Design ADE5220
ART280 Advanced Caad GEN1XXX
ASL101 American Sign Language SLP1010
AUTO104 Auto Bus Org Mgt Does not transfer
AUTO107 Basic Auto Elect Does not transfer
AUTO108 Basic Auto Electricity Does not transfer
AUTO111 Auto Engines Does not transfer
AUTO113 Auto Service Orientation Does not transfer
AUTO114 Suspension/Brakes I Does not transfer
AUTO116 Auto Accessories Does not transfer
AUTO125 Driveability/Tune-Up Does not transfer
AUTO126 Start/Charg System Does not transfer
AUTO127 Customer Service Does not transfer
AUTO128 Diagnosis And Repair Does not transfer
AUTO131 Ser Merch & Est Does not transfer
AUTO136 Fuel Systems Does not transfer
AUTO164 Air Conditioning Does not transfer
AUTO203 Auto Pers Manage Does not transfer
AUTO208 Auto Employment Skills Does not transfer
AUTO242 Automotive Transmission Does not transfer
AVM101 Intro To Aviation Industry GEN1XXX Fall 2003
AVM101 Perspectives In Aviation GEN1XXX Fall 2006
AVM102 Aviation History GEN1XXX Fall 2007
AVM103 Aviation Meteorology GEN1XXX Fall 2007
AVM104 Aviation Legislation GEN1XXX Fall 2007
AVM105 Private Pilot Ground School GEN1XXX
AVM201 Aviation Law GEN2XXX Fall 2007
AVM202 Aviation Maintenance Mgt GEN2XXX Fall 2007
AVM203 Airport Planning & Management GEN2XXX Fall 2007
AVM204 Corporate Aviation Management GEN2XXX Fall 2007
BDT101 Brewing Science GEN1XXX
BDT110 Brewhouse Ops & Tech GEN1XXX
BDT120 Beer Styles & Flavors GEN1XXX
BDT140 Mktg & Operations Mgmt GEN1XXX
BDT210 Cellaring Packaging & Qm GEN2XXX
BDT220 Adv Brewing & Distillation GEN2XXX
BDT230 Beverage Mgmt & Service GEN2XXX
BIOL050 Basic Biology Does not transfer
BIOL051 Basic Biology Does not transfer
BIOL100 Introduction To Biology BIO1050
BIOL101 General Biology. BIO1050
BIOL102 General Biology Ii (+Lab) BIO1500
BIOL102 General Biology Ii (+Lab) BIO1501
BIOL103 Health Education HE1XXX
BIOL104 Conservation/Natural BIO1030
BIOL105 Basic Human Anatomy/Physiology BIO1XXX
BIOL106 Life Sci Elementary Teach BIO1030
BIOL107 Intro To Microbiology BIO1XXX
BIOL114 Basic Human Nutrition NFS1XXX
BIOL115 Nutrition NFS2030
BIOL120 Princ Of Biology 1. BIO1510
BIOL120 Princ Of Biology 1. BIO1511
BIOL130 Princ Of Biology 2 +Lab. BIO1500
BIOL130 Princ Of Biology 2 +Lab. BIO1501
BIOL131 Zoology 2/2 1500 BIO1XXX
BIOL132 Botany (+Lab) 1/2 1500 BIO1XXX
BIOL140 Scanning Electron Mcrscpy. BIO2XXX
BIOL211 Zoology (+Lab) 2/2 1500 BIO2XXX
BIOL212 Botany (+Lab) 1/2 1500 BIO2XXX
BIOL233 Compar Vert Anatomy +Lab BIO2XXX
BIOL235 Anatomy & Physiolgy +Lab BIO2870
BIOL236 Human Anatomy & Physiol (+Lab) BIO2870
BIOL237 Hum Ant/Phy I (1/2 2870) BIO2XXX
BIOL238 Hum Ant/Phy Ii (2/2 2870) BIO2XXX
BIOL240 Review Anatomy/Physiology Does not transfer
BIOL243 Microbiology BIO2270
BIOL243 Microbiology BIO2271
BIOL290 Life Sci Lab Techniq Intern Does not transfer
BIOL295 Life Sci Lab Direct Reser Inte Does not transfer
BIT100 Intro To Medical Terminology CLS1XXX
BMET115 Biomed Instrumentation ET1XXX
BMET116 Biomed Instru Term & Safe 1 ET1XXX
BMET125 Laser Safety Concepts. EET1XXX
BMET203 Transducers ET2XXX
BMET204 Biomed Instru Term & Safe 2 ET2XXX
BMET254 Biomed Equipment Internship 1 ET2XXX
BMET255 Biomed Equipment Internship 2 ET2XXX
BUS101 Introduction To Business. BA2020
BUS103 Organizing A Small Business. MGT5650
BUS104 Operating A Small Business. BA1XXX
BUS105 Business Mathematics GEN1XXX
BUS109 Fund Transcription GEN1XXX
BUS110 Machine Sh Theory GEN1XXX
BUS113 Mach Shorthand Theory GEN1XXX
BUS114 Court Report I GEN1XXX
BUS115 Prin Data Processing GEN1XXX
BUS120 Strategic Selling. BA1XXX
BUS122 Advertising. BA1XXX
BUS123 Consumer Behavior. MKT5450
BUS124 Program Language Basic GEN1XXX
BUS129 Comp Programming: Basic GEN1XXX
BUS131 Intro Shorthand GEN1XXX
BUS132 Intermed Shorthand GEN1XXX
BUS141 Intro Typewriting GEN1XXX
BUS142 Inter Typewriting GEN1XXX
BUS143 Adv Typewriting GEN1XXX
BUS157 Co-Op Distribut Train I Does not transfer
BUS158 Co-Op Distribut Train Ii Does not transfer
BUS161 Retail Principles & Practices GEN1XXX
BUS162 Retail Merchandising GEN1XXX
BUS169 Comp Programming/Practice GEN1XXX
BUS174 Comp Programming Rpg Ii GEN1XXX
BUS177 Business Fortran GEN1XXX
BUS185 Comp Programming Pascal GEN1XXX
BUS195 Basic Word Processing GEN1XXX
BUS196 Word Processing Ii GEN1XXX
BUS201 Business Statistics. STA1020
BUS202 Business Ethics. BA1XXX
BUS204 Personal Finance. BA1200
BUS205 Personal Investing GEN2XXX
BUS206 Foundation Business Info Tech. BA1XXX
BUS207 Business Law 1 BLW2510
BUS208 Business Law 2 GEN2XXX
BUS215 Business On The Web BA1XXX
BUS217 Business Management MGT2530
BUS220 Supervision. BA1XXX
BUS221 Stat Interfrnce Mgmt Decisions BA2XXX
BUS223 Culinary Business Law GEN2XXX
BUS226 Principles Of Marketing MKT2300
BUS230 Hum Resource Management. MGT2XXX
BUS240 International Business. BA1XXX
BUS251 Adv Co-Op Office Training Does not transfer
BUS257 Co-Op Distributive Train Does not transfer
BUS258 Independent Study Co-Op Does not transfer
BUS265 Comp Programming: Cobol GEN2XXX
BUS270 Comp Program Assembler GEN2XXX
BUS271 Comp Program I GEN2XXX
BUS272 Comp Program Ii GEN2XXX
BUS273 Syst Development & Design GEN2XXX
BUS275 Advanced Cobol GEN2XXX
BUS280 Adv Programming Concepts GEN2XXX
BUS291 Business Internship Not Reviewed
BUS303 Entrepreneurship 1 GEN3XXX
BUS304 Entrepreneurship 2 GEN3XXX
BUS426 Marketing Strategies GEN4XXX
CAAD230 Elec/Publishing Ii Does not transfer
CAB100 Student Success Seminar Does not transfer
CAB101 Student Success Does not transfer
CAB102 Stud Success & Career Dvlpmnt Does not transfer
CAD100 Intro Computer Graphics ET2140
CAD101 Intro Computer Aided Drafting. ET2140
CAD102 Advanced Topics In Cad. ET2140
CAD103 Engineering Graphics. ET1140
CAD103 Engineering Graphics. ME2050
CAD104 Computer Aided Product ET1XXX
CAD105 Mechanical Engineering Drawing ET1XXX
CAD106 Adv Drawing Views/Desc Geo. ET2140
CAD107 Detailing. ET2140
CAD109 Computer Aided Tool Detail ET1XXX
CAD110 Three Dimensional Techniques ET1XXX
CAD113 Electric Schematic Layout ET1XXX
CAD120 Blueprint Reading CMT1XXX
CAD135 Assemble And Components ET1XXX
CAD140 2D Autocad ET1XXX
CAD201 I-Deas Level 1. ET1XXX
CAD202 I-Deas Level 2 ET1XXX
CAD204 I-Deas Generative Machining ET1XXX
CAD209 I-Deas Graph Finte Elmnt Model ET1XXX
CAD211 Catia - Level 1. ET2140
CAD212 Catia - Surfacing ET1XXX
CAD213 Catia - Knowledgeware ET1XXX
CAD221 Solidworks. ET2140
CAD240 Cad Die Design App ET2XXX
CAD260 Jig & Fixture Application ET2XXX
CAD290 Computer-Aided Dsgn Intern Does not transfer
CAM102 Intro Computer Numeric Control ET1XXX
CAM103 Comp Numeric Control - Program ET1XXX
CAM201 Coding & Materials Processing ET1XXX
CAM204 Comp. Aided Machining ET1XXX
CAM205 Cad/Cam - Comp Aid Machining ET2140
CAP090 Intro Prof Cooking Skill Does not transfer
CAP102 Culinary Sanitation GEN1XXX
CAP103 Intro Prof Cook Skill & Tech GEN1XXX
CAP104 Culinary Tech & Research GEN1XXX
CAP124 Breakfast & Pantry GEN1XXX
CAP125 Pastries 1 GEN1XXX
CAP128 Intro To Food Techniques GEN1XXX
CAP130 Culinary Arts 1 GEN1XXX
CAP131 Baking GEN1XXX
CAP132 Breakfast & Pantry Cooker GEN1XXX
CAP133 Pastries GEN1XXX
CAP134 Intro To Food Tech GEN1XXX
CAP135 Culinary Arts Ii GEN1XXX
CAP136 Butchery GEN1XXX
CAP137 Quantity Foods GEN1XXX
CAP139 Dining Room Service GEN1XXX
CAP140 Baking GEN1XXX
CAP141 Culinary Sanitation GEN1XXX
CAP142 Butchery GEN1XXX
CAP143 Dining Room Service GEN1XXX
CAP144 Baking GEN1XXX
CAP190 Externship Does not transfer
CAP191 Externship Does not transfer
CAP214 Charcuterie GEN2XXX
CAP215 Charcuterie GEN2XXX
CAP227 Restaurant Cooking & Prep GEN2XXX
CAP229 International Cuisine GEN2XXX
CAP230 Culinary Arts Ii GEN2XXX
CAP231 Restaurant Operation GEN2XXX
CAP232 International Cuisine GEN2XXX
CAP235 Culinary Arts Iv GEN2XXX
CAP236 Din Room GEN2XXX
CAP237 Pasteries Ii GEN2XXX
CAP238 Culinary Arts Iv GEN2XXX
CAP239 Storeroom Operation GEN2XXX
CAP240 Pastries 2 GEN2XXX
CAP241 Culinary Nutrition GEN2XXX
CAP242 A La Carte GEN2XXX
CAP243 Storeroom Operations GEN2XXX
CAP244 Interntnl & American Cuisine GEN2XXX
CAP247 Banquets & Catering GEN2XXX
CAP260 Competitive Ice Carving GEN2XXX
CAP265 Adv Competitive Ice Carving GEN2XXX
CAP266 Chocolatier GEN2XXX
CAP267 Chocolatier GEN2XXX
CAP295 Salon Competition 1 GEN2XXX
CAP296 Salon Competition Ii GEN2XXX
CAP297 Salon Competition 2 GEN2XXX
CAPA209 Introduction To Brigade GEN2XXX
CAPA210 Restuarant Demonstration Week GEN2XXX
CAPA215 Saucier & Saute GEN2XXX
CAPA216 Fish & Hot Appetizer GEN2XXX
CAPA217 Garde Manger & Vegetable Cook GEN2XXX
CAPA218 Roast & Meat Butchery GEN2XXX
CAPA219 Grill & Meat Butchery GEN2XXX
CAPA220 Restaurant Desserts GEN2XXX
CAPA235 European Study Tour GEN2XXX
CBPA091 Intro Baking Pastry Does not transfer
CBPA103 Intro-Bake & Pastry Skill/Tech GEN1XXX
CBPA125 Pastries GEN1XXX
CBPA144 Baking GEN1XXX
CCD100 Introduction To Child Welfare GEN1XXX
CCD101 Preschool Child Care GEN1XXX
CCD102 Foundations Early Childhd Ed GEN1XXX
CCD105 Intro Developmental Disabil GEN1XXX
CCD113 Special Ed & Supported Living GEN1XXX
CCD115 School-Age Child Care GEN1XXX
CCD116 Child Development GEN1XXX
CCD118 Infant & Toddler Care GEN1XXX
CCD121 The Adolescent GEN1XXX
CCD126 Creative Activities GEN1XXX
CCD130 Learning Disabilities GEN1XXX
CCD140 Emotional Impairment GEN1XXX
CCD150 Child Care Practicum GEN1XXX
CCD151 Practicum Module I Does not transfer
CCD152 Practicum Module Ii Does not transfer
CCD153 Practicum Module Iii Does not transfer
CCD155 Cda Assessment Preparation Does not transfer
CCD170 Behavior Mangment GEN1XXX
CCD200 Child Care Practicum 2 Does not transfer
CCD211 Children & Youth In Groups GEN2XXX
CCD214 Oper/Maint Child Care Facility GEN2XXX
CCD215 Methods/Curricula Dev Disabil GEN2XXX
CCD216 The Child With Special Needs GEN2XXX
CCD217 Children With Special Needs GEN2XXX
CCD218 Practicum 2-Special Edu Focus Does not transfer
CCD221 Early Litercy & Numrical Think GEN2XXX
CCD224 Emerging Educator GEN2XXX
CCT109 Design Concepts ADN1XXX
CE0236 Behavioral Science GEN2XXX
CE1135 Office Proc & Management GEN1XXX
CE1136 Business Law GEN1XXX
CE1139 Accounting Review GEN1XXX
CE1140 Sec Skill Decision Make GEN1XXX
CE1141 Economics GEN1XXX
CE1157 Office Procedure Cps GEN1XXX
CES3065 Begin Conversate Russian GEN1XXX
CGT100 Freehand ART1XXX
CGT101 Illustrator ART1XXX
CGT102 Pagemaker ART1XXX
CGT103 Quark Xpress ART1XXX
CGT104 Photoshop-Mac ART1XXX
CGT105 Macromedia Director. AIN1XXX
CGT106 Harvard Graphics ART1XXX
CGT107 Power Point Ibm ART1XXX
CGT108 Web Graphics ART1XXX
CGT109 Dsgn Cncpts & Technology ACO1200
CGT110 Graphics Current Software. AGD1XXX
CGT111 Graphics Current Software ART1XXX
CGT112 Page Layout Curr Software ART1XXX
CGT113 Page Layout Cur Software. AGD1XXX
CGT120 Electronic Imaging ART1XXX
CGT121 Publishing/Pagemaker. AGD1XXX
CGT123 Illustration - Illustrator AGD1XXX
CGT125 Digital Img I - Photoshop APH2420
CGT127 Publishing - Indesign AGD1XXX
CGT130 Electronic Publishing ART1XXX
CGT135 Web Graphics AGD1XXX
CGT136 Web Design & Develop ADA2XXX
CGT140 New Tech For Comp Graphic ART1XXX
CGT141 Intro 2D Animt & Interact Medi ADA3220
CGT145 Bus Trends Comp Trends ART1XXX
CGT149 Typography AGD2230
CGT150 Typography AGD1XXX
CGT151 Survey Of Design AGD1XXX
CGT152 Design Electronic AGD1XXX
CGT153 Portfolio Preparation. AGD1XXX
CGT154 Sound Edit For Graphic Artists AGD1XXX
CGT155 Storyboarding AGD1XXX
CGT156 Photography APH1XXX
CGT157 Prepress. AGD3XXX
CGT158 Sound Design ADA3XXX
CGT161 Hist Of Graphic Dsgn AGD3700
CGT162 Xhmtl - Css Standards. AGD2XXX
CGT163 Web Design & Develop 2 ADA3XXX
CGT166 Photography APH2400
CGT168 Storyboarding ADA3XXX
CGT204 Photoshop Ii ART2XXX
CGT205 Macromedia Director Ii ART2XXX
CGT206 Multimedia-Lingo COM1XXX
CGT206 Script Intermedia/Game Design. AIN2XXX Fall 2005
CGT208 Digital Vid Production ADA2220
CGT210 Visual Effects Production. ADA3XXX
CGT211 Flash AGD2XXX
CGT212 Adv Interactive Media ADA4220
CGT213 Adv 2D Animation ADA4220
CGT215 Motion Graph I After Effects ADA2XXX
CGT220 Electronic Imaging Ii ART2XXX
CGT225 Digital Imaging ART2XXX
CGT226 Digital Img 2 - Photoshop APH2420
CGT230 Electronic Publishing Ii ART2XXX
CGT231 Electronic Publishing AGD2420
CGT234 Web Design & Develop 3 ADA3XXX
CGT235 Web Design ART2XXX
CGT236 Web Design AGD2XXX
CGT237 Dynamic Web Design Coldfusion AGD1XXX
CGT238 Rich Internet Apps Adobeflex. AIN3XXX
CGT240 Media Applications ART2XXX
CGT241 Multimedia ART2XXX
CGT242 Adv Inter Media/Game Design COM2XXX
CGT244 History Of Animation ADA2XXX
CGT245 Career And Human Factors ART2XXX
CGT246 Motion Graph 2 - After Effects ADA4XXX
CGT247 3D Animation Intro ADA2210
CGT248 3D Animation-Model Building AGD2XXX
CGT249 3D Animation-Texture & Light AGD2XXX
CGT250 Practical Applications. ADA3XXX
CGT251 Practical Applications AGD2XXX
CGT252 3D Animation - Animating ADA4230
CGT253 3D Compositing AGD2XXX
CGT254 3D Animat Adv Mod Textures ADA4XXX
CGT256 Portfolio 3D-Reel Development AGD2XXX
CGT257 Portfolio Preparation. ART2XXX
CGT270 Internship AGD2XXX
CGT298 Honors Studies AGD2XXX
CHEM051 Basic Chemistry Does not transfer
CHEM100 Introduction Chemistry Of Food NFS2130
CHEM100 Introduction Chemistry Of Food NFS2140
CHEM104 Fndmtls Of Chemistry. CHM1020
CHEM111 General Chemistry 1 CHM1100
CHEM111 General Chemistry 1 CHM1130
CHEM117 Gen Chem/Qual Anly (+Lab) CHM1140
CHEM117 Gen Chem/Qual Anly (+Lab) CHM1150
CHEM120 Organic & Biochemistry CHM1030
CHEM125 Organic And Biochem CHM1030
CHEM126 Organic And Biochem Lab CHM1XXX
CHEM212 Organic Chemistry CHM1240
CHEM213 Organic Chemistry 1 (+Lab) CHM1240
CHEM213 Organic Chemistry 1 (+Lab) CHM1250
CHEM214 Organic Chemistry 2 (+Lab) CHM2220
CHEM214 Organic Chemistry 2 (+Lab) CHM2230
CHEM216 Organic Chem Lab I CHM1250
CHIN101 Elementary Chinese 1. CHI1005
CHIN102 Elementary Chinese 2. CHI1010
CHIN201 Intermed Chinese I CHI2010
CHIN202 Intermed Chinese Ii CHI2020
CIM102 Hydraulics/Pneumatics. MCT1XXX
CIM202 Electric Motor Hydraulics ET2XXX
CIM217 Robotics/Auto Manufactur Does not transfer
CIM230 Interfacing/Computers Does not transfer
CIM243 Work Cell Application Does not transfer
CIM245 Three Dimension Modeling Does not transfer
CIS105 Computer Orientation GEN1XXX
CIS110 Survey Info System CSC1000
CIS115 Intro Comp Based Sys. CSC1000
CIS120 Software Apps BA1500
CIS122 Microsoft Outlook. GEN1XXX
CIS123 Intro To E-Commerce GEN1XXX
CIS125 Principles Of Info Security GEN1XXX
CIS129 Basic CSC1000
CIS129 Intro To Programming Logic. CSC1XXX Fall 2009
CIS130 Intermediate Basic CSC1000
CIS140 Pascal CSC1100
CIS150 Business Fortran CSC1120
CIS160 Introduction To Dos GEN1XXX
CIS165 Microsoft Word 97 GEN1XXX
CIS169 Assembler. CSC3100
CIS170 Microsoft Windows. GEN1XXX
CIS171 Intro To Networking CSC3XXX
CIS172 Network Security Fundamentals. GEN1XXX
CIS173 Wireless Local Area Networks. GEN1XXX
CIS175 Visual Basic CSC1000
CIS176 Visual CSC1XXX
CIS178 Technical Microsoft Windows GEN1XXX
CIS180 Spreadsheet Apps-Current Softw GEN1XXX
CIS185 Intro To Html. CSC3750
CIS205 Obj Oriented Prog Delphi GEN2XXX
CIS210 Programming With "C" CSC1100
CIS211 Introc++ (1/2 1100+1101) CSC1XXX
CIS212 Intro To Gui Using Perl. CSC2XXX
CIS215 Adv Software Appl BA1500
CIS220 Cobol 1/2 CSC1140
CIS221 Adv C++.(2/2 1100 + 1101) CSC1XXX
CIS223 Introduction To C#. CSC2XXX
CIS225 Database Management Systems CSC2XXX
CIS227 Intro Structured Query Lang. CSC2XXX
CIS230 Cobol Ii 2/2 CSC1140
CIS233 Active Server Pages. CSC2XXX
CIS235 Managing Trblshooting Pcs. CSC1XXX Fall 2010
CIS235 Microcomputer Operations. GEN2XXX
CIS238 Javascript GEN2XXX
CIS239 Advanced C# CSC2XXX
CIS250 Sys Develop/Design CSC2XXX
CIS251 It Project Management. CSC1XXX
CIS253 Field Experience: Cis GEN2XXX
CIS255 Introduction To Linux GEN2XXX
CIS256 Introduction To Xml. CSC2XXX
CIS260 Introduction To Unix. CSC1XXX
CIS265 Networking 1 GEN2XXX
CIS267 Home Technology Integration. GEN2XXX
CIS271 Local Area Networks CSC1XXX Fall 2009
CIS271 Netprep Local Area Netwrks. CSC2XXX
CIS272 Netprep Wide Area GEN2XXX
CIS272 Wide Area Networks CSC2XXX Fall 2008
CIS273 Netprep Tcp/Ip Netw GEN2XXX
CIS273 Tcp/Ip Network Architectures. CSC3XXX Fall 2008
CIS274 Adv Linux GEN2XXX
CIS275 Advanced Visual GEN2XXX
CIS276 Networking 2 GEN2XXX
CIS277 Networking Infrastructure. GEN2XXX
CIS278 Network Environment. GEN2XXX
CIS280 Adv Programming Concepts GEN2XXX
CIS281 Data Structures Windows. CSC2XXX
CIS283 Netprep Intro To In GEN2XXX
CIS284 Netprep Internetwor GEN2XXX
CIS285 Netprep Process/Pro GEN2XXX
CIS286 Netprep Network Ana GEN2XXX
CIS290 Object Oriented Prog W/Java. CSC2XXX
CJ101 Intro/Orient Law Enforce CRJ1010
CJ102 Org/Admin Law Enforce Agencies CRJ1XXX
CJ104 Introduction To Security. CRJ1XXX
CJ107 Police Field Operations GEN2XXX
CJ109 Intro To Private Security. CRJ1XXX
CJ110 Intro To Corrections CRJ1XXX
CJ113 Intro Criminal Justice CRJ1010
CJ114 Intro To Terrorism CRJ1XXX
CJ201 Criminal Investigation CRJ3260
CJ209 Basic Criminalistic CRJ4220
CJ210 Criminal Procedure CRJ2XXX
CJ211 Criminal Law & Procedures CRJ2XXX
CJ212 Criminology CRJ2XXX
CJ221 Juvenile Justice CRJ4410
CJ222 Client Relations In Correction CRJ2XXX
CJ226 Client Growth & Development. CRJ2XXX
CJ285 Police Academy GEN2XXX
CJ286 Police Academy GEN2XXX
CJ287 Police Academy. GEN2XXX
CM107 Food And Culture GEN1XXX
CM108 Intro Hotel/Hospitality GEN1XXX
CM109 Hospitality Law NFS1XXX
CM203 Restaurant Concept/Design GEN2XXX
CM210 Wine And Spirits GEN2XXX
CM211 Cul Mkt Rest Industry GEN2XXX
CM213 Cul Mkt Rest Operations GEN2XXX
CM220 Beer Styles & Flavors GEN2XXX
CM222 Managment Acct Rest Indus GEN2XXX
CM230 Beverage Mgmt & Service GEN2XXX
CM309 Culinary Law GEN3XXX
CNT115 Cybersec Fndmntls GEN1XXX
CNT130 Comp Hardware & Troubleshoot GEN1XXX
CNT133 Comp Software & Troubleshoot GEN1XXX
CNT136 Comp User Support GEN1XXX
CNT173 Wireless Local Area Networks GEN1XXX
CNT176 Cloud Network Tech GEN1XXX
CNT179 Physical Networking GEN1XXX
CNT180 Ethical Hacking & Syst Defense GEN1XXX
CNT210 Ccna Networking 1 GEN2XXX
CNT220 Ccna Netowrking 2 GEN2XXX
CNT230 Ccna Networking 3 GEN2XXX
CNT240 Ccna Networking 4 GEN2XXX
CNT262 Perimeter Defense GEN2XXX
COLL050 Learning Power Does not transfer
COLL051 Building Reading Skills Does not transfer
COLL053 Critical Thinking Applic Does not transfer
COLL055 College Notetaking Does not transfer
COLL057 Applied Study Skill Does not transfer
COLL101 College Success Does not transfer
COLL105 Learning Skills I Does not transfer
COLL106 Learning Skills Ii Does not transfer
COLL107 Learning Skills Iii Does not transfer
COLL108 Learning Skills Iv Does not transfer
COLL130 Applied Learning Theory Does not transfer
COLL210 Learning Theory Does not transfer
COLLS045 Esl Reading & Word Power Does not transfer
COLLS049 Critical Reading & Think Apps Does not transfer
COLLS050 College Reading Does not transfer
COLLS053 Critical Thinking Applications Does not transfer
COLLS055 College Notetaking Does not transfer
COLLS101 College Success Does not transfer
COLLS105 Learning Skills 1 Does not transfer
COLLS109 Learning Skills Ii-Edu Majors Does not transfer
COLLS110 Learning Skills Ld Does not transfer
COLLS111 Electronic Portfolio Does not transfer
COLLS130 Applied Learn Theory - Nursing Does not transfer
COLLS211 Elect Portfolio-Exit Course Does not transfer
COMA103 Fund Of Speech COM1010
COMA105 Intro To Comm Studies COM2000
COMA126 Parliamentary Procedure COM1XXX
COMA200 Interperson Communication COM2200
COMA201 Discussion COM2XXX
COMA203 Public Address COM3400
COMA205 Argumentation/Persuasion COM2170
COMA210 Communication For Leaders COM2XXX
COMA215 Intro To Public Relations COM2XXX
COMA220 Oral Interpretation-Lit COM2500
COMA230 Intro Mass Communictns COM1500
COMA240 Intercultural Comm COM2300
COMP124 Intro Pc Comp Software CSC1000
COMP125 Technical Programming. EET1XXX
COMP126 Technical Programming GEN1XXX
COMP145 Computer Service/Repair GEN1XXX
COMP146 Comp Perip Service/Repair ET1XXX
COMP147 Comp Perip Maint Mg GEN1XXX
COMP246 Comp Perip Service/Repair ET2XXX
COMP265 Cir Analysis Rep Internsp ET2XXX
COMPS124 Intro To Pcs & Software CSC1XXX
COMPS126 Technical Programmg CSC1XXX
COMPS147 Computer/Peripherial Main CSC1XXX
CON101 Conservat-Nat Resour BIO1030
COR110 Intro To Corrections CRJ3350
COR120 Correct Facilit-Org/Admin CRJ1XXX
COR150 Client Growth/Development GEN1XXX
COR160 Client Relations-Correct GEN1XXX
COR211 Legal Issues-Corrections CRJ2XXX
COR231 Parole And Probation CRJ2XXX
COR251 Prisoner Serv: Treatment GEN2XXX
COR261 Interview/Interrogat Tech GEN2XXX
CRS118 Custodial Serv Rep Does not transfer
CST101 Basic Refrig ET1XXX
CST102 Hermnetic Systems ET1XXX
CST103 Elect Fund-Cst ET1XXX
CT117 Civil Drafting I Does not transfer
CUL102 Culinary Sanitation GEN1XXX
CUL103 Intro Prof Cook Skills GEN1XXX
CUL124 Breakfast & Pantry GEN1XXX
CUL125 Pastries 1 GEN1XXX
CUL128 Intro Food Techniques GEN1XXX
CUL142 Butchery GEN1XXX
CUL143 Dining Room Service GEN1XXX
CUL144 Baking GEN1XXX
CUL215 Charcuterie GEN2XXX
CUL227 Restaurant Cooking/Prep GEN2XXX
CUL240 Pastries 2 GEN2XXX
CUL241 Culinary Nutrition GEN2XXX
CUL242 A La Carte GEN2XXX
CUL243 Storeroom Operations GEN2XXX
CUL244 Intl & American Cuisine GEN2XXX
CUL247 Banquets & Catering GEN2XXX
CUL260 Competitive Ice Carving GEN2XXX
CUL267 Chocolatier GEN2XXX
CUL295 Salon Competition 1 GEN2XXX
CUL297 Salon Competition 2 GEN2XXX
CUL303 Culinary Program Practicals GEN3XXX
CUL350 Food Safety Management GEN3XXX
CUL360 Purchasing Control GEN3XXX
CUL495 Culinary Diet Oper Capstone Does not transfer
DHE1200 Diesel Eng Tune Up & Diagnosis Does not transfer
DHE1250 Diesel Engine Fuel Inject Syst Does not transfer
DRFG051 Industrial Drawing ET1XXX
DRFG100 Basic Projections ET1XXX
DRFG101 Technical Drawing Does not transfer
DRFG102 Machine Trade Print Reading ET1XXX
DRFG103 Adv Tech Drawing ET1XXX
DRFG104 Product Detailing ET1XXX
DRFG106 Fundamentals Of Drafting ET1XXX
DRFG109 Tool Detailing ET1XXX
DRFG111 Engineering Drawing ET1140
DRFG112 Descriptive Geometry Does not transfer
DRFG114 Descriptive Geometry Does not transfer
DRFG124 Sheet Metal Draft ET1XXX
DRFG200 Geometric Dimension Tol ET2XXX
DRFG240 Die Design ET2XXX
DRFG260 Jig & Fixture Design ET2XXX
DSGN113 Hydraulic/Pneumaatic/Elec Does not transfer
DSGN180 Machine Elements Design ET1XXX
DSGN200 Geo Dimension/Tolerancing AID2XXX
DSGN240 Tool And Die Design ET2XXX
DSGN250 Tool Die & Fixture Design ET2140
DSGN260 Jig And Fixture Design ET2XXX
DSGN280 Capstone Project ET2XXX
EARTH110 Earth Systems ESG1010
ECE100 Fndtns Early Childhood Edu ED1XXX
ECE110 Child Development ED1XXX
ECE120 Creative Activities ED1XXX
ECE130 Preschool Edu W/Field Exp ED1XXX
ECE135 Preschool Field Exp ED1XXX
ECE140 Infant & Toddler Edu ED1XXX
ECE145 Infant Toddler Exp ED1XXX
ECE150 Before/After School Program ED1XXX
ECE160 Cda Credential Assessment ED1XXX
ECE170 Curriculum Assess & Tech ED1XXX
ECE180 Child & Family Welfare Serv ED1XXX
ECE230 Classroom Behavior ED1XXX
ECE240 Admin Of Early Child Program ED1XXX
ECE250 Literacy & Numerical Think GEN1XXX
ECE260 Early Child Adv Pract Exp GEN1XXX
ECE265 Adv Practical Exp ED2XXX
ECE280 Emerging Educator ED2XXX
ECON101 Intro Economics I ECO1000
ECON102 Intro Economics Ii ECO1000
ECON103 Introductory Economics ECO1000
ECON201 Prin Of Macroeconomics ECO2020
ECON202 Prin Of Microeconomics ECO2010
ECT2020 Basics Of Ip Telephony Does not transfer
ECT2080 Intro To Microcontrollers Does not transfer
ECT2150 Pc Depot/It/Remote Spprt Tech Does not transfer
EDUC101 Intro To Education. TED2250
EDUC110 Child Development. EDP1XXX
EDUC200 Children W/ Special Needs. SED5010
EDUC201 Capstone Portfolio Prep Does not transfer
EDUC205 Promoting Learning. ELE6070
EDUC210 Elementary Instruct Strats. GEN2XXX
EDUC220 Secondary Instruct Strats. GEN2XXX
EDUC230 Teach Literacy Elem Class 1 GEN2XXX
EDUC240 Teach Literacy Elem Class 2 GEN2XXX
EDUC250 Teach Lit Secondary School GEN2XXX
EDUC260 The Professional Educator. GEN2XXX
EDUC270 Instructional Technology TED6020
EDUC290 Fieldwork Practicum Does not transfer
ELEC081 Dc Fundamentals EET1XXX
ELEC100 Dc/Ac Funds Seminar EET2000
ELEC101 Dc Fundamentals EET1XXX
ELEC104 Math For Electronics EET1XXX
ELEC106 Math For Electronics EET1XXX
ELEC107 Electfabrication Does not transfer
ELEC108 Basic Measurment Rep. Ski EET1XXX
ELEC110 Electronic Graphics EET1XXX
ELEC111 Ac Fundamentals EET1XXX
ELEC112 Electronics EET1XXX
ELEC114 Intro To Microprcessors EET1XXX
ELEC115 Biomed Term & Safe Does not transfer
ELEC116 Diodes/Transistors EET1XXX
ELEC118 Filters And Solid EET1XXX
ELEC120 Math Electronics I EET1XXX
ELEC121 Math/Elect/Ii EET1XXX
ELEC122 Dc Circuit/Math Modeling. EET1XXX
ELEC123 Ac Circuits/Math Mod EET1XXX
ELEC124 Diodes And Transistors EET1XXX
ELEC126 Electronic Fabrication As EET1XXX
ELEC130 Solid State Devices Amps EET1XXX
ELEC200 Elec,Electronics,Exp 2. EET1XXX
ELEC202 Electronics Service EET2XXX
ELEC204 Microcomputer Interface EET2720
ELEC209 Amplifiers EET2XXX
ELEC211 Electronic Devices Does not transfer
ELEC213 Operational Amplif EET2XXX
ELEC222 Digital Net Analysis EET2XXX
ELEC223 Digital Logic EET2XXX
ELEC224 Digital Logic Cicuits EET2XXX
ELEC225 Elec,Electronics,Exp 3. EET1XXX
ELEC227 Linear Intergrated Circui EET2XXX
ELEC230 Industrial Controls EET2XXX
ELEC231 Measure And Test Euip EET2XXX
ELEC232 Measure/Test Equipmnt EET2XXX
ELEC240 Electronical Data Comm EET2XXX
ELECT119 Basic Measure/Report Skills. EET1XXX
ELECT125 Electrical, Electronics Exper EET1XXX
ELECT127 Dc Circ/Math Model (1/2 2000). EET1XXX
ELECT128 Ac Circ/Math Model (2/2 2000). EET1XXX
ELECT129 Diodes And Transistors. EET1XXX
ELECT131 Basic Measure/Report Skills EET1XXX
ELECT133 Intro Battery Tech EET1XXX
ELECT134 Intro To Microcontrollers. EET2720
ELECT135 Fluid Power. EET1XXX
ELECT137 Dc Circ/Math Model (1/2 2000) EET2XXX
ELECT138 Ac Circ/Math Model (2/2 2000) EET2XXX
ELECT139 Diodes And Transistors EET1XXX
ELECT144 Intro To Microcontrollers EET2720
ELECT145 Fluid Power EET1XXX
ELECT180 Labview Program Core EET1XXX
ELECT206 Operational Amplifiers. EET2XXX
ELECT207 Ac/Dc Motors. EET2XXX
ELECT215 Operational Amplifiers EET2XXX
ELECT218 Ac/Dc Motors EET2XXX
ELECT219 Digital Logic Circuits EET2100
ELECT226 Digital Logic Circuits. EET2100
ELECT228 Electronic Troubleshooting Does not transfer
ELECT229 Electronic Troubleshooting. EET2XXX
ELECT237 Prog Logic And Indust Ctrls ET2XXX
ELECT239 Program Logic System Design EET2XXX
ELECT241 Electronics Projects. EET2XXX
ELECT250 Indiv Student Projects EET2XXX
ELECT251 Prog Logic & Indust Ctrls ET2XXX
ELECT252 Program Logic System Design EET2XXX
ELECT253 Indiv Student Projects EET2XXX
EMT105 Emergency Med Tech GEN1XXX
EMT107 Emergency Med Tech: Basic GEN1XXX
EMT108 Emergency Med Tech Basic GEN1XXX
EMT113 Emergency Med Tech Ii GEN1XXX
EMT114 Emergency Med Tech Specialist GEN1XXX
EMT115 Emergency Medical Tech-Basic GEN1XXX
EMT120 Emergency Med Tech-Specialist GEN1XXX
EMT155 Paramedic Tech GEN1XXX
EMT201 Paramedic Technology 1 GEN2XXX
EMT202 Paramedic Technology 2 GEN2XXX
EMT203 Internship Experience GEN2XXX
EMT210 Paramedic Technology 1 GEN2XXX
EMT220 Paramedic Technology 2 GEN2XXX
EMT230 Paramedic Technology 3 GEN2XXX
EMT290 Paramedic Field Internship Does not transfer
ENG050 Modern English Grammar Does not transfer
ENG051 Basic English Does not transfer
ENG052 English Grammar-2Nd Lang Does not transfer
ENG055 Building Writing Skills Does not transfer
ENG061 Communication Skills Does not transfer
ENG10 English Composition Does not transfer
ENG100 Communication Skills Does not transfer
ENG101 English Composition 1 ENG1020
ENG102 English Composition 2 ENG3010
ENG106 Business English Does not transfer
ENG107 Intro To Journalism COM2XXX
ENG110 Journalism Practice Does not transfer
ENG111 Journalism Practice Does not transfer
ENG116 Technical Writing ENG3050
ENG120 Intro To Lit ENG3100
ENG170 Lit By & About Women ENG2570
ENG170 Modrn Lit By & About Women. ENG2XXX Fall 2010
ENG200 Intro To Film ENG2450
ENG203 Children's Literature ELE6200
ENG205 Creative Writing ENG2800
ENG206 Creative Writing ENG3800
ENG210 Journalism Practice Does not transfer
ENG211 Journalism Practice Does not transfer
ENG221 Advanced Composition ENG3010
ENG222 Tutoring English Composition. ENG2XXX
ENG243 Intro Lit: Short Fiction ENG2XXX
ENG244 Intro Lit: Poetry ENG2100
ENG245 Intro Lit: Drama ENG2XXX
ENG246 Intro Lit: Novel ENG2XXX
ENG248 Intro Lit: Shakespeare ENG2200
ENG251 Amer Lit Colonial/Civil ENG3130
ENG252 Amer Lit: Late 19Th/Pres ENG3140
ENG275 World Lit Casebook Stud. ENG2XXX
ENG280 The Nature Of Language ENG2XXX
ENG2880 Advanced Screen Writing COM2XXX
ENGR100 Intro Engg & Technolgy. BE1200
ENGR201 Statics. ME2410
ENGR202 Mech Of Matls. ME2420
ENGR203 Dynamics. ME3400
ENVR107 Soil Mechanics ESG1XXX
ENVR202 Environment Microbiology ESG2XXX
ENVR204 Introductory Surveying ESG2XXX
ENVR206 Environmental Law ESG2XXX
ENVR211 Hlth Safe Train Hazardous ESG2XXX
ENVR213 Enviroment Economics ESG2XXX
ENVR215 Enviromental Seminar Does not transfer
ENVR217 Enviromental Hydrology ESG2XXX
ENVR218 Environmental Hydrology ESG2XXX
ENVR230 Energy Resources ESG2XXX
ENVR231 Environmental Field Experience Does not transfer
ENVR232 Field Experience Does not transfer
ENVR235 Geo Methods Appld Env Problm ESG2XXX
ESL050 Communications-Cult Does not transfer
ESL051 Eng Lang Skill-Com, Spk & List Does not transfer
ESL052 Eng Gram & Basic Write Skills Does not transfer
ESL060 Reading & Vocab 1 Does not transfer
ESL064 Listening & Speaking 1 Does not transfer
ESL067 Grammar & Writing 1 Does not transfer
ESL070 Reading & Vocab 2 Does not transfer
ESL074 Listening & Speaking 2 Does not transfer
ESL077 Grammar & Writing 2 Does not transfer
ESL080 Reading & Vocab 3 Does not transfer
ESL084 Listening & Speaking 3 Does not transfer
ESL087 Grammar & Writing 3 Does not transfer
ESL100 English Communication Skills Does not transfer
ESL101 Eng Writng & Readng Skills Does not transfer
ESL102 English Writing/Read Skills Does not transfer
ESL110 Reading & Vocab 4 Does not transfer
ESL114 Listening & Speaking 4 Does not transfer
ESL117 Grammar & Writing 4 Does not transfer
ESL130 Capstone Course Does not transfer
ESL78 Engl For Business Purposes Does not transfer
ESL79 Amer Engl Pronunciation Does not transfer
FIN420 Financial Management FIN4XXX
FIRE101 Principles Of Emergen Svc GEN1XXX
FIRE105 Fire Behavior & Combustion GEN1XXX
FIRE112 Fire Fighter 1 - Basic GEN1XXX
FIRE118 Firefighter Ii GEN1XXX
FIRE119 Fire Fighter 2 - Advanced GEN1XXX
FIRE122 Basic Fire Academy GEN1XXX
FIRE123 Fire Academy GEN1XXX
FIRE124 Fire Academy GEN1XXX
FIRE125 Bldg Constr For Fire Srvce GEN1XXX
FIRE126 Hazardous Materials-Oper GEN1XXX
FIRE128 Fire Fighting - Hydraulics GEN1XXX
FIRE130 Fire Fighting - Tactics GEN1XXX
FIRE131 Fire Fighting - Tactics Strgy GEN1XXX
FIRE132 Fire Prevention GEN1XXX
FIRE135 Fire Protection Systems GEN1XXX
FIRE136 Fire Protection Syst GEN1XXX
FIRE140 Special Topics GEN1XXX
FIRE141 Special - Incident Command GEN1XXX
FIRE142 Special - Terrorism Awareness GEN1XXX
FIRE200 Fire & Arson Investigation GEN2XXX
FIRE205 Fire Dept Org & Admin GEN2XXX
FIRE207 Fire Company Officer GEN2XXX
FIRE210 Cult Diversity Pub Safety GEN2XXX
FR101 Elementary French 1 FRE1010
FR102 Elementary French 2 FRE1020
FR201 Intermediate French 1 FRE2010
FR202 Intermediate French 2 FRE2100
GEOG105 Earth Science Elem Teacher SCE1XXX
GEOG130 Physical Geography GPH1XXX
GEOG133 World Reg Geography GPH1100
GEOG135 Earth Systems GPH1XXX
GEOG203 Weather And Climate PHY1XXX
GEOG212 Environmental Science ESG2XXX
GEOG217 Water Resources GPH2XXX
GEOG225 Intro Geog Info Sys-Gis GPH3XXX
GEOG235 Economic Geography GPH2XXX
GEOG236 Geog -International Business GEN2XXX
GEOG240 European Geography GPH3200
GEOG241 Geography Field Trip-Latin Am Does not transfer
GEOL120 Geology Of Michigan GEL1XXX
GEOL133 Physical Geology GEL1010
GEOL134 Historical Geology (Lab) GEL1020
GEOL140 Regional Geology GEL1XXX
GEOL141 Regional Geology GEL1XXX
GEOL142 Regional Geology GEL1XXX
GEOL143 Regional Geology GEL1XXX
GEOL144 Regional Geology GEL1XXX
GEOL145 Regional Geology GEL1XXX
GEOL146 Regional Geology GEL1XXX
GEOL147 Regional Geology GEL1XXX
GEOL148 Regional Geology GEL1XXX
GEOL149 Regional Geology GEL1XXX
GEOL237 Mineralogy GEL2XXX
GER101 Elementary German 1 GER1010
GER102 Elementary German 2 GER1020
GER103 Elementary German GER1010
GER104 Element German Col Stud GER1020
GER201 College German/Bus Term GER2XXX
GER201 Intermediate German 1. GER2010 Fall 2002
GER202 Adv College German/Bus Term GER2XXX
GER202 Intermediate German 2. GER2020 Fall 2002
HDS101 Human Potential Seminar Does not transfer
HDS110 Career Decision Making Does not transfer
HIST111 Trad Wrld Civilization HIS1XXX
HIST131 Western Civil I HIS1000
HIST132 Western Civil Ii HIS1000
HIST133 20Th Century World HIS1300
HIST134 Ancient World HIS1000
HIST137 Early Modern World. HIS1300
HIST138 Contemporary World HIS1400
HIST141 History Michigan & Great Lakes HIS2240
HIST151 Early America - Us History HIS2040
HIST152 19Th Century America - Us Hist HIS2050
HIST153 Contemp America - Us History HIS1XXX
HIST201 Origins Of Republic-Us HIS2040
HIST202 19Th Century America-Us HIS2050
HIST203 20Th Century America-Us HIS2050
HIST230 Us Business History 1865/Pres. HIS2XXX
HIST260 Future Studies HIS2XXX
HIT100 Intro Medical Terminology CLS2200
HIT104 Medical Terminology CLS3330
HIT109 Principles Of Hlth Info Mgmt GEN1XXX
HIT110 Human Diseases GEN1XXX
HIT111 Icd-9-Cm Classification GEN1XXX
HIT112 Basic Labs & Diagnotics Tests GEN1XXX
HIT113 Human Diseases GEN1XXX
HIT114 Pharmacology For Hlth Prof GEN1XXX
HIT115 Legal Aspects Of Health Info GEN1XXX
HIT116 Legal Aspects Of Health Info GEN1XXX
HIT117 Icd-10-Cm/Pcs GEN1XXX
HIT118 Human Diseases PH1XXX
HIT120 Foundation Hlth Info Mgmt Tech GEN1XXX
HIT130 Legal Aspects Of Hlth Info PH1XXX
HIT152 Comp Apps In Hlthcare GEN1XXX
HIT153 Health Record Practicum Does not transfer
HIT154 Hlth Record Practicum Does not transfer
HIT155 Clinical Affiliation Does not transfer
HIT156 Clinical Affiliation I Does not transfer
HIT158 Clinical Affiliation Does not transfer
HIT210 Hlthcare Stats For Info Mgmt PH2XXX
HIT213 Hlth Info Tech Seminar Does not transfer
HIT214 Quality Assuarance GEN2XXX
HIT215 Cur Procedural Terminolog GEN2XXX
HIT216 Hlthcare Delivery Systems PH2XXX
HIT217 Quality Mgmt In Hlthcare GEN2XXX
HIT218 Basic Ambulatory Co GEN2XXX
HIT219 Org & Mgmt GEN2XXX
HIT220 Legal Aspects Of Hlth Info GEN2XXX
HIT221 Basic Ambulatory Coding GEN2XXX
HIT222 Basic Ambulatory Coding GEN2XXX
HIT224 Qlty Mgmt In Healthcare GEN2XXX
HIT225 Adv Clinical Topics GEN2XXX
HIT226 Intermediate Icd-9- GEN2XXX
HIT227 Intermediate Icd-9-Cm Coding GEN2XXX
HIT229 Intermediate Ambulatory Coding GEN2XXX
HIT230 Icd-9-Cm Coding Practicum GEN2XXX
HIT231 Ambulatory Coding Practicum GEN2XXX
HIT232 Computer Apps In Healthcare GEN2XXX
HIT233 Inter Icd-9-Cm Coding GEN2XXX
HIT234 Inter Ambulatory Coding GEN2XXX
HIT235 Intermediate Icd-10-Cm/Pcs GEN2XXX
HIT236 Icd-10-Cm/Pcs Coding Pract GEN2XXX
HIT240 Healthcare Reimbursement GEN2XXX
HIT242 Org And Mgmt PH2XXX
HIT255 Health Info Tech Pract PH2XXX
HIT256 Clinical Affiliation 2 Does not transfer
HIT258 Clinical Affiliation 3 Does not transfer
HIT261 Deseases Of Human Body GEN2XXX
HIT271 Human Diseases GEN2XXX
HS101 Intro To Homeland Security GEN1XXX
HS102 Understanding Terrorism GEN1XXX
HS103 Transport & Border Security GEN1XXX
HS201 Org & Facility Security GEN2XXX
HS202 Intro Emergency Mgmt CRJ2XXX
HS203 Intro To Intelligence Systems GEN2XXX
HS490 Topics In Chem Dep HE4XXX
HUM106 Intro To Art & Music ART1XXX
HUM150 World Masterpieces AH1XXX
HUM190 Indiv Humanism Honors PHI1XXX
HUM201 Art/Music West Civ England MUH1340
HUM202 Art/Music West Civ France FRE2XXX
HUM203 Art/Mus W Civ Italy. ITA2710
HUM204 Art/Music West Civ Spain SPA2XXX
HUM210 Art Of Being Human PHI2XXX
HUM212 Mass Media/ Popular Culture. COM1500
HUM215 Humanities Through Arts ART2XXX
HUM231 Hum West Culture Thru Ren AH2XXX
HUM232 Hum West Cult Baroque/Pres AH2XXX
INTE201 The French Experience FRE2XXX
ITAL101 Elementary Italian 1. ITA1010
ITAL102 Elementary Italian 2. ITA1020
ITS181 Safty Awareness & Ac Prev HE1XXX
LAC051 Listening Note Taking Does not transfer
LAC055 Studying Textbooks Does not transfer
LASR101 Intro To Lasers ET1XXX
LASR102 Laser Optics Comp ET1XXX
LASR103 Laser Concepts EET1XXX
LASR104 Laser Optics & Components. EET1XXX
LASR125 Laser Safety Concepts GEN1XXX Fall 2007
LASR125 Laser Safety Concepts. EET1XXX
LASR222 Laser Optics/Comp ET2XXX
LASR231 Laser Sys/Automatic ET2XXX
LASR232 Laser Systems & Applications. EET1XXX
LE101 Intro Orient Law Enforce CRJ1010
LE102 Org Adm Law Enforcement CRJ1XXX
LE107 Traffic And Patrol CRJ1XXX
LE201 Criminal Investigation CRJ2XXX
LE211 Crim Law And Procedure CRJ2XXX
LE212 Crimonology CRJ2XXX
LE221 Juvenile Del And Behavior CRJ2XXX
LR101 Library Research Methods Does not transfer
LR110 Electronic Research Does not transfer
LR135 Strat For Digital Research Does not transfer
MA110 Phlebotomy GEN1XXX
MA115 Phlebotomy GEN1XXX
MA134 Medical Insurance Coding GEN1XXX
MA140 Medical Office Procedures GEN1XXX
MA151 Med Pathology GEN1XXX
MA155 Medical Insurance Billing GEN1XXX
MA160 Phlebotomy Internship Does not transfer
MA161 Phlebotomy Intern Does not transfer
MA172 Med Lab Orientation Does not transfer
MA174 Medical Lab Techniques GEN1XXX
MA175 Medical Lab Techniques GEN1XXX
MA180 Med Office Clinical Procedures GEN1XXX
MA195 Office Practicum Does not transfer
MAS101 Theory & Fund-Massage Therapy GEN1XXX
MAS102 Basic Massage Applications GEN1XXX
MAS103 Fundamental-Anatomy & Physio GEN1XXX
MAS104 Intermediate Massage App GEN1XXX
MAS105 Systems Of Support & Movement GEN1XXX
MAS106 Palpatory Skills GEN1XXX
MAS107 Organ System Anatomy & Physio GEN1XXX
MAS108 Massage Therapy Externship Does not transfer
MAS109 Systems Of Support & Movement GEN1XXX
MAS110 Massage Therapy Student Clinic GEN1XXX
MAS111 Massage Therapy Intern Does not transfer
MAS112 Massage Techniques 1 GEN1XXX
MAS113 Comp Study Human Body Sys 1 GEN1XXX
MAS114 Clinical Foundations GEN1XXX
MAS115 Business & Prof Skills 1 GEN1XXX
MAS122 Massage Techniques 2 GEN1XXX
MAS123 Comp Study Human Body Sys 2 GEN1XXX
MAS124 Student Clinic 1 Does not transfer
MAS125 Business & Prof Skills 2 GEN1XXX
MAS132 Massage Techniques 3 GEN1XXX
MAS133 Comp Study Human Body Sys 3 GEN1XXX
MAS134 Student Clinic 2 Does not transfer
MAS135 Business & Prof Skills 3 GEN1XXX
MAT113 Intermed Alg For Coll Stdnts Does not transfer
MATH011 App Util Math Sup Does not transfer
MATH022 Elem Stats Support Does not transfer
MATH045 Basic Mathematics Does not transfer
MATH047 Pre-Algebra Does not transfer
MATH050 Foundation: Power Of Math Does not transfer
MATH051 Basic Algebra-Colleg Stud Does not transfer
MATH053 Beginning Algebra Does not transfer
MATH055 Plane Geometry Does not transfer
MATH060 Scientific Cal/Use Does not transfer
MATH101 Business Mathematics Does not transfer
MATH102 Technical Mathematics. Does not transfer
MATH105 Math For Elem Teachers 1 MAT1110
MATH106 Math For Elem Teachers 2 MAT1120
MATH110 Appl: Utility Of Math Does not transfer
MATH111 Applications - Utility Of Math BA1XXX
MATH112 Intermediate Algebra Does not transfer
MATH113 Intermed Algebra Does not transfer
MATH114 Technical Math I Does not transfer
MATH115 Technical Math Ii Does not transfer
MATH116 Finite Mathematics MAT1500
MATH118 Calculus - Bus & Soc Sci MAT1XXX
MATH119 Trigonometry (1/2 1800) MAT1XXX
MATH122 Elementary Statistics STA1020
MATH126 Coll Algebra (2/2 1800) MAT1500
MATH128 Pre-Calc W/O Trig(2/2 1800 MAT1XXX
MATH129 Precalculus MAT1800
MATH135 Finite Mathematics MAT1500
MATH145 Calculus -Business/Soc Sci MAT1XXX
MATH150 Calc - Analytic Geom 1 MAT2010
MATH151 Calc - Analytic Geom 2 MAT2020
MATH210 Comp Programming-Fortran. CSC2XXX
MATH211 Comp Prog-Fortran 77 BE1010
MATH230 Linear Algebra MAT2250
MATH240 Calc - Analytic Geom 3 MAT2030
MATH252 Differential Equations MAT2350
MET102 Intro To Materials Science ET2200
MET103 Intro To Material Sci ET2200
MET112 Prin Of Physic Met MIT1XXX
MET114 Adv Materials App. (+Lab) BE1300
MET114 Adv Materials App. (+Lab) MIT1XXX
MET114 Engineering Materials ET2200 Winter 2006
MET115 Profession Vocation Orien MIT1XXX
MET116 Intro To Physical Metallurgy ET1XXX
MET120 Hazardous Materials Mgt ET1XXX
MET125 Coopertive Metallurgical MIT1XXX
MET150 Structures Properties Lab MIT1XXX
MET152 Structure & Properties Lab. ET1XXX
MET153 Metallography ET1XXX
MET160 Composite Materials MIT1XXX
MET211 Physical Metallurgy Structures MIT2XXX
MET212 Heat Treatment ET2XXX
MET215 Mechanical Properties Metals MCT2XXX
MET216 Mechanical Testing MCT2XXX
MET217 Computer Apps In Matl Science MCT2XXX
MET222 Special Problems Mat Sci MCT2XXX
MET223 Mechanical Properties Lab MCT2XXX
MET230 Compacted Part Met Sci MCT2XXX
MET248 Electron Microscopy Image Anal MCT2XXX
MET271 Corrosion & Corrosion Analysis ET2XXX
MET272 Corrosion Testing ET2XXX
MET280 Special Problems Materials Sci ET2XXX
MET281 Special Problems In Mat Sci ET2XXX
MET290 Metallurgy Internship Does not transfer
MFG101 Geom Dimension MIT1XXX
MFG102 Basic Machine Measure MIT1XXX
MFG102 Basic Machining Processes MIT3510 Winter 2006
MFG103 Basic Cnc. MIT1XXX
MFG104 Man. Methods & Evaluation MIT3510
MFG105 Manufacturing Processes. MIT3520
MFG106 Basic Mastercam. MIT1XXX
MFG110 Geom Dimension MIT1XXX
MFG130 Intro Plastic Material Does not transfer
MFG131 Intro Plastic Procedure Does not transfer
MFG150 Industrial Managment MIT1XXX
MFG165 Machinery Handbook MIT1XXX
MFG180 Industrial Entrepreneurship ET1XXX
MFG203 Cnc Advanced Mfg Operations ET1XXX
MFG205 Statistics & Quality Code MIT2XXX
MFG206 Advanced Mastercam. MIT1XXX
MFG211 3D Cnc Machining. MIT1XXX
MFG240 Time & Motion Study MIT2XXX
MFG241 Quantitative Metrology ET1XXX
MFG243 Mfg Systems Analysis MIT2XXX
MFG244 Product/Cost Estimating MIT2XXX
MFG290 Manufacturing Internship Does not transfer
MR101 Medical Terminology CLS1XXX
MR102 Med Terminology CLS1XXX
MR104 Medical Terminology CLS1XXX
MR107 Medical Transcript I GEN1XXX
MR109 Prin Med Record Sci I GEN1XXX
MR111 Code/Index Dis/Operation GEN1XXX
MR150 Directed Practice GEN1XXX
MR153 Medical Record Practice GEN1XXX
MR155 Clinic Affiliation I GEN1XXX
MR210 Prin Med Rec Sc Ii GEN2XXX
MR212 Med Rec Sci Seminar Does not transfer
MR251 Directed Practice Does not transfer
MR252 Directed Practice Does not transfer
MR261 Prin Of Disease GEN2XXX
MT102 Intro Materials & Science GEN1XXX
MT106 Principles Med Transcription GEN1XXX
MT107 Medical Transcrition I GEN1XXX
MT108 Physician Office Transcription GEN1XXX
MT114 Adv Materials Application GEN1XXX
MT156 Interpretation Med Test GEN1XXX
MT157 Medical Transcription Seminar GEN1XXX
MT158 Hospital Med Transcription 1 GEN1XXX
MT159 Hospital Med Transcription 2 GEN1XXX
MTH116 Finite Mathematics MAT1500
MTH118 Calculus - Bus & Soc Sci MAT1XXX
MUS2303 Music Appreciation MUH2XXX
MUSIC102 Music On The Pc. MUA5610
MUSIC103 Basic Materials - Music Theory MUT1100
MUSIC104 Basic Matls In Music Theory. MUT1100
MUSIC105 Music Appreciation MUH1370
MUSIC107 Music For Elementary Teachers MED1XXX
MUSIC109 Architecture Of Music. MUH1370
MUSIC110 Vocal Jazz Ensemble MUA1XXX
MUSIC111 Choir MUA2840
MUSIC112 Choir MUA2840
MUSIC114 Voice Class 1 - Beginners. MUA2720
MUSIC116 Voice Class 2 - Intermediate. MUA2720
MUSIC117 Choir 1 MUA2840
MUSIC118 Choir 2 MUA2840
MUSIC120 Vocal Jazz Ensemble MUA1XXX
MUSIC121 Class Piano 1. MUA1710
MUSIC122 Class Piano 2. MUA1795
MUSIC123 Keyboard Skills Recording Eng MUT1XXX
MUSIC124 Chamber Singers 1. MUA2850
MUSIC125 Chamber Singers MUA2850
MUSIC126 Chamber Singers MUA2850
MUSIC127 Chamber Singers 2. MUA2850
MUSIC128 Sight Singing/Ear Training 1 MUT1150
MUSIC129 Sight Singing/Ear Training 2 MUT1170
MUSIC130 Ear Training For Recording Eng MUT1XXX
MUSIC131 Applied Music - Piano 1. MUP1211
MUSIC132 Applied Music - Piano 2. MUP1212
MUSIC133 Applied Music - Voice 1. MUP1221
MUSIC134 Applied Music - Voice 2. MUP1222
MUSIC135 Applied Music - Instrumental 1 MUP1XXX
MUSIC136 Applied Music - Instrumental 2 MUP1XXX
MUSIC137 Sight Singing & Ear Training 1 MUT1150
MUSIC138 Sight Singing & Ear Training 2 MUT1170
MUSIC139 History Of Popular Music In Us MUH1XXX
MUSIC140 Jazz Lab Band - Improv 1. MUA2820
MUSIC141 Wind Ensemble 1. MUA2800
MUSIC142 Jazz Band 1. MUA2820
MUSIC143 Practicum Piano Teaching 1 MUT1XXX
MUSIC144 Practicum Piano Teaching 2 MUT1XXX
MUSIC149 Pop Music Cult In America. MUH1350
MUSIC150 Intro Music Entre MUA1XXX
MUSIC151 Music Theory MUT1140
MUSIC152 Music Theory MUT1160
MUSIC153 Music Theory 1 MUT1140
MUSIC154 Music Theory 2 MUT1160
MUSIC155 History Of Broadway. MUH1XXX
MUSIC160 World Music MUH1340
MUSIC161 Music History MUH3320
MUSIC162 Music History MUH3330
MUSIC164 Music History 1 MUH3320
MUSIC165 Music History 2 MUH3330
MUSIC168 Synthesizer Ensemble 1. MUA5641
MUSIC169 Synthesizer Ensemble 2. MUA5641
MUSIC170 Intro Electronic Music MUA5610
MUSIC171 Music Tech 1. 1/2 Mua 5610 MUA2XXX
MUSIC172 Inter Midi/Sampling-Sound. MUA5630
MUSIC172 Music Tech 2. 2/2 Mua 5610 MUA2XXX Fall 2008
MUSIC173 Basic Studio Techniques 1 MUA1XXX
MUSIC174 Basic Studio Techniques 2 MUA1XXX
MUSIC175 Ear Train For Recording Eng. MUT1XXX
MUSIC201 Keyboard Skills Piano Teach 1 MUT2XXX
MUSIC202 Keyboard Skills Piano Teach 2 MUT2XXX
MUSIC204 Keybrd Skills Piano Teach 3. MUT2XXX
MUSIC205 Keybrd Skills Piano Teach 4. MUT2XXX
MUSIC210 Vocal Jazz Ensemble MUA2XXX
MUSIC211 Choir MUA2840
MUSIC212 Choir MUA2840
MUSIC214 Voice Class 3 Performance Adv. MUA2720
MUSIC216 Voice Class 4 Performance Adv. MUA2720
MUSIC217 Choir 3 MUA2840
MUSIC218 Choir 4 MUA2840
MUSIC220 Vocal Jazz Ensemble MUA2XXX
MUSIC224 Chamber Singers 3 MUA2850
MUSIC225 Chamber Singers MUA2850
MUSIC226 Chamber Singers MUA2850
MUSIC227 Chamber Singers 4 MUA2850
MUSIC228 Sight Singing & Ear Training MUT2150
MUSIC231 Applied Music - Piano 3. MUP1213
MUSIC232 Applied Music - Piano 4. MUP1214
MUSIC233 Applied Music - Voice 3. MUP1221
MUSIC234 Applied Music - Voice 4. MUP1222
MUSIC235 Applied Music - Instrumental 3 MUP2XXX
MUSIC236 Applied Music - Instrumental 4 MUP2XXX
MUSIC240 Jazz Lab Band - Improv 2. MUA2820
MUSIC241 Wind Ensemble 2. MUA2800
MUSIC242 Jazz Band 2 MUA2820
MUSIC243 Practicum Piano Teaching 3 Does not transfer
MUSIC244 Practicum Piano Teaching 4 Does not transfer
MUSIC245 Wind Ensemble 3 MUA2800
MUSIC246 Wind Ensemble 4 MUA2800
MUSIC247 Piano Teaching Tech & Mat 1 MUA2XXX
MUSIC248 Jazz Band 3 MUA2820
MUSIC249 Jazz Band 4 MUA2820
MUSIC250 Music Theory 3. MUT2140
MUSIC252 Music Theory 4 MUT2160
MUSIC253 Practicum Piano Teach 5. MUA2XXX
MUSIC256 Practicum Piano Teach 6. MUA2XXX
MUSIC257 Piano Teach Tech & Mat 2. MUT2XXX
MUSIC258 Jazz Lab Band Improv 3. MUA2820
MUSIC259 Jazz Lab Band Improv 4. MUA2820
MUSIC260 History Of Jazz MUH2XXX
MUSIC263 Practicum Piano Teach 7. MUA2XXX
MUSIC264 Practicum Piano Teach 8. MUA2XXX
MUSIC266 Jazz Theory MUT2XXX
MUSIC268 Synth Ensem 3 (1/2 Mua 5640). MUA5XXX
MUSIC269 Synth Ensem 4 (2/2 Mua 5640). MUA5XXX
MUSIC273 Advanced Studio Techniques 1 MUA2XXX
MUSIC274 Advanced Studio Techniques 2 MUA2XXX
MUSIC277 Piano Teach Tech & Mat 3. MUA2XXX
MUSIC282 Applied Music - Piano 5. MUP3211
MUSIC283 Applied Music - Piano 6. MUP3212
MUSIC284 Applied Music - Piano 7. MUP3213
MUSIC285 Applied Music - Piano 8. MUP3214
MUSIC286 Applied Music - Voice 5. MUP3221
MUSIC287 Applied Music - Voice 6. MUP3222
MUSIC288 Applied Music - Voice 7. MUP3223
MUSIC289 Applied Music - Voice 8. MUP3224
MUSIC290 Applied Music - Instr 5. MUP3XXX
MUSIC291 Applied Music - Instr 6. MUP3XXX
MUSIC292 Applied Music - Instr 7. MUP3XXX
MUSIC293 Applied Music - Instr 8. MUP3XXX
MUSIC298 Special Music Projects MUT2XXX
MUSIC299 Special Music Projects MUT2XXX
NATP110 Nursing Assistant Preparation Does not transfer
NATP115 Nursing Assistant Course Does not transfer
NFS320 Evolution Dietary Needs. NFS2030
NFS360 Ensuring Sustain Food Supply. NFS3XXX
NFS440 Exploring Specialized Diets. NFS4XXX
NFS480 Clinical Nutrition. Does not transfer
NFS490 Clinical Nutrition Internship. Does not transfer
NFS491 Clinical Nutrition Intern Does not transfer
NFS495 Culinary & Dietary Ops Cap. Does not transfer
NURS102 Nursing Informatics Does not transfer
NURS104 Pharmacology For Nurses Does not transfer
NURS105 Foundations Nursing Pract 1 Does not transfer
NURS106 Foundations Nursing Pract 2 Does not transfer
NURS107 Medical-Surgical Nursing Does not transfer
NURS108 Surgical-Medical Nursing Does not transfer
NURS110 Fundamentals Of Nursing Does not transfer
NURS111 Fund Of Nursing Does not transfer
NURS112 Care Of Phsycally Ill Does not transfer
NURS113 Psyciatric Mental Health Does not transfer
NURS115 Lpn To Rn Transition Does not transfer
NURS116 Fundamentals Of Nursing 1 Does not transfer
NURS117 Fundamentals Of Nursing 2 Does not transfer
NURS118 Pharmacology 1 Does not transfer
NURS119 Pharmacology 2 Does not transfer
NURS120 Adult Med - Surgical Nursing 1 Does not transfer
NURS121 Adult Med - Surgical Nursing 2 Does not transfer
NURS122 Psych Mental Health Nursing Does not transfer
NURS124 Medical Nursing Does not transfer
NURS125 Surgical Nursing Does not transfer
NURS128 Maternal-Child Nursing Does not transfer
NURS130 Lpn To Rn Transition Course Does not transfer
NURS131 Trans/Care Phy/Ill Does not transfer
NURS139 Adv Concepts In Pract Nursing Does not transfer
NURS205 Adv Medical Surgical Nursing Does not transfer
NURS208 Trends In Nursing Does not transfer
NURS210 Trends In Nursing Does not transfer
NURS211 Nurse Care Women/Childbearing Does not transfer
NURS212 Nurse Care Children & Families Does not transfer
NURS213 Adult Med - Surgical Nursing 3 Does not transfer
NURS214 Lead/Nurse Mgt Complex Clients Does not transfer
NURS220 Nursing Care Children Does not transfer
NURS221 Maternity Nursing Does not transfer
NURS224 Adv Maternity Nursing Lpn Does not transfer
NURS226 Adv Nursing Care Child Lp Does not transfer
NURS231 Med Surgical Refresher Does not transfer
NURS232 Med Surgical Rn Refresher Does not transfer
NURS233 Med Surgical Rn Refresher Does not transfer
NURS234 Care Of Physically Ill Does not transfer
NURS235 Prep Staff Nursing Does not transfer
NURS236 Prep Staff Nursing Does not transfer
NURS245 Adv Medical-Surgical Nursing Does not transfer
NURS246 Psych Mental Health Nursing Does not transfer
NURS248 Maternal Child Nursing Does not transfer
NURS250 Adv Concepts Reg Nursing Does not transfer
NURS259 Adv Concepts Registered Nurs Does not transfer
NURS270 Care Of Children Does not transfer
OIS100 Keyboarding 1 GEN1XXX
OIS102 Keyboarding 2 GEN1XXX
OIS105 Office Communication GEN1XXX
OIS125 Quicken Beg Financial So GEN1XXX
OIS126 Quicken GEN1XXX
OIS130 Speedwriting GEN1XXX
OIS131 Introduction Shorthand GEN1XXX
OIS132 Intermediate Shorthand GEN1XXX
OIS140 Word Processing I GEN1XXX
OIS141 Intro Typing GEN1XXX
OIS142 Interm Typewriting GEN1XXX
OIS143 Speedbuilding/Formatting GEN1XXX
OIS145 Begin Word Processing GEN1XXX
OIS148 Machine Transcription GEN1XXX
OIS151 Coop Office Training Does not transfer
OIS152 Coop Office Training Does not transfer
OIS165 Microsoft Word For Windows GEN1XXX
OIS171 Harvard Graphics GEN1XXX
OIS185 Business Presentation 1 - Fund GEN1XXX
OIS190 Bus Presentation Ii GEN1XXX
OIS195 Time & Project Management GEN1XXX
OIS209 Court Reporting Ii GEN2XXX
OIS210 Medical Testimony GEN2XXX
OIS211 Court Reporting Iii GEN2XXX
OIS212 Adv Medical Testimony GEN2XXX
OIS214 Court Reporting Iv GEN2XXX
OIS230 Basic Word Processing GEN2XXX
OIS232 Adv Shorthand Trnscript GEN2XXX
OIS233 Advanced Shorthand GEN2XXX
OIS235 Shorthand Transcription GEN2XXX
OIS243 Advanced Typewriting GEN1XXX
OIS245 Adv Word Pocessing GEN2XXX
OIS251 Adv Cooperative Training GEN2XXX
OIS252 Independent Study GEN2XXX
OIS255 Office Procedures GEN2XXX
OIS260 Office Administration GEN2XXX
OIS265 Adv Microsoft Word For Windows GEN2XXX
OIS280 Bus Presentation Iii GEN2XXX
OIS293 Office Mgmt Procedure GEN2XXX
OSH111 Occupational Safety Gen Ind GEN1XXX
OSH112 Occupational Safety Construct GEN1XXX
OT100 Orientation Does not transfer
OT104 Theory Practice Ia Child GEN1XXX
OT114 Theory/Practice Level Ib GEN1XXX
OT123 Human Development Analys GEN1XXX
OT125 Human Development Analys GEN1XXX
OT200 Muscle Function GEN2XXX
OT201 Clinical Condition Phys GEN2XXX
OT204 Theory/Practice Level Iib GEN2XXX
OT206 Phy Modalities Work Hard GEN2XXX
OT208 Phy Modalities Work Hard GEN2XXX
OT210 Group Skills GEN2XXX
OT212 Psy Dysfunction Condition GEN2XXX
OT214 Theory/Practice Level Iib GEN2XXX
OT216 Assisitive Technology GEN2XXX
OT220 Clinical Exp Iii Phy Dysf GEN2XXX
OT225 Clinical Exp Iii Phy Dysf GEN2XXX
PE100 Physical Fitness/Conditio LFA1XXX
PE101 Lifestyle Fitness LFA1XXX
PE104 Physical Fitness Conditio LFA1XXX
PE105 Beginning Resistance Training LFA1XXX
PE106 Beginning Swimming LFA1XXX
PE107 Beginning Swimming LFA1XXX
PE109 Bicycling LFA1XXX
PE111 Intro To Kinesiology KHS1000
PE112 Intro To Exercise Physiology KIN1XXX
PE114 Pilates Mat Work LFA1XXX
PE115 Aerobic Dance Fitness LFA1XXX
PE116 Intermediate Swimming LFA1XXX
PE117 Intermediate Swimming LFA1XXX
PE118 Total Aqua Toning Aerobic LFA1XXX
PE120 Aerobic Dance Fitness LFA1XXX
PE121 First Aid & Personal Safety LFA2330
PE123 Healthful Living HE2310
PE127 Begin Tennis LFA1XXX
PE128 Intermediate Tennis LFA1XXX
PE130 Cpr-Basic Life Support GEN2XXX
PE131 Golf LFA2XXX
PE132 Beginning Tennis LFA1XXX
PE140 Basketball LFA1XXX
PE141 Basketball LFA1XXX
PE143 Fitness Tests & Measurements KIN1XXX
PE147 Exercise Techniques KIN1XXX
PE150 Racquet Sports LFA1XXX
PE152 Racquet/Paddleball LFA1XXX
PE153 Volleyball LFA1XXX
PE154 Volleyball LFA1XXX
PE155 Beginning Gemnastics LFA1XXX
PE157 Paddleball/Racquetball LFA1XXX
PE164 Skin And Scuba Diving LFA1XXX
PE165 Begin Gymnastics I LFA1XXX
PE166 Self Defense LFA1XXX
PE169 Self Defense LFA1XXX
PE170 Skin And Scuba Diving LFA1XXX
PE173 Folk Square Disco Dance LFA1XXX
PE177 Begin Modern Dance DNC1XXX
PE194 Weight Training LFA1000
PE195 Weight Training LFA1XXX
PE201 Advanced Lifesaving LFA2XXX
PE202 Lifestyle Fitness HE2XXX
PE203 Advanced Swimming LFA2XXX
PE206 Advanced Swimming LFA1XXX
PE207 Facilities Operations SAM2XXX
PE212 Applied Exercise Physiology KIN2XXX
PE213 Water Safety Instruction LFA1XXX
PE214 Water Safety Instruction LFA2XXX
PE225 Motor Development KIN3400
PE233 Intermediate Tennis LFA1XXX
PE240 Phys Educ For Elem Tchrs. KIN2XXX
PE290 Fitness Leadership Internship KIN2XXX
PHARM101 Intro To Pharmacy Does not transfer
PHARM201 Capstone-Portfolio Prep Does not transfer
PHIL243 Intro To Philosophy PHI1010
PHIL247 Logic PHI1050
PHIL250 Advanced Logic PHI1850
PHIL257 Bioethics. PHI1110
PHIL260 Philosophical Questions PHI2XXX
PHIL277 Ethical Problems PHI2320
PHT101 Pharm & Hlthcare Syst GEN1XXX
PHT110 Pharmaceutical Calc GEN1XXX
PHT125 Pharm Syst - Appl Proced GEN1XXX
PHT140 Pharmacology For Pharm Tech GEN1XXX
PHT145 Pharm Syst - Techniq GEN1XXX
PHT175 Pharm Tech Pract I Does not transfer
PHT195 Pharm Tech Pract Ii Does not transfer
PHT199 Pharm Tech Cert Board Exam Pre Does not transfer
PHYS051 Basic Physics. PHY1020
PHYS104 Intro To Astronomy AST2010
PHYS104 Intro To Astronomy AST2011
PHYS123 Applied Physics PHY1020
PHYS181 General Physics 1 PHY2130
PHYS181 General Physics 1 PHY2131
PHYS182 General Physics 2 PHY2140
PHYS182 General Physics 2 PHY2141
PHYS211 Phys Scientists Engineer 1 PHY2170
PHYS211 Phys Scientists Engineer 1 PHY2171
PHYS212 Physics Scientist/Enggr 2. PHY2180
PHYS212 Physics Scientist/Enggr 2. PHY2181
PLAST130 Intro To Plastic Materials ET1XXX
PLAST131 Intro To Plastic Processing ET1XXX
PLAST140 Plastics Materials Testing ET1XXX
PLAST150 Plastic Injection Molding Tech ET1XXX
PLAST160 Process Ctrl Syst Plast Mfg ET1XXX
PLAST210 Plastic Mold Dsgn Fundamental ET2XXX
PLAST220 Plastic Part Dsgn ET2XXX
PLAST240 Adv Plastic Processing ET2XXX
PLAST250 Adv Injection Molding ET2XXX
PN102 Fund Practical Nursing Does not transfer
PN107 Human Behavior Relationsh Does not transfer
PN111 Fund Of Practical Nursing Does not transfer Fall 2004
PN112 Nursing Dynamics Does not transfer Fall 2004
PN119 Mental Health Nursing Does not transfer
PN123 Nursing Adult Patients Does not transfer
PN124 Nursing Adult Patients Does not transfer Fall 2004
PN125 Mental Health Nursing Does not transfer Fall 2004
PN126 Maternal & Child Nursing Does not transfer Fall 2004
PN128 Trends Practical Nursing Does not transfer
PN129 Human Behavior Relationsh Does not transfer
PN130 Maternal & Child Nursing Does not transfer
PN135 Transition To Employment Does not transfer
PN137 Adv Concepts Practical Nursing Does not transfer Fall 2004
POLS105 Survey American Gov't PS1010
POLS107 National Government PS1010
POLS109 State & Local Government PS3070
POLS205 Political Parties PS2XXX
POLS207 Comparative Government PS2710
POLS209 International Relations PS2810
POLS298 Political Sci Honors Studies. PS2XXX
PSYC153 Human Relations PSY1XXX
PSYC201 General Psychology PSY1020
PSYC205 Psychology Of Adjustment PSY2300
PSYC207 Social Psychology PSY2600
PSYC209 Child Psychology PSY3440
PSYC219 Psychology Of Aging PSY3490
PSYC229 Life Span Develop PSY2400
PSYC239 Abnormal Psychology PSY3310
PSYC259 Sports Psych PSY2XXX
PSYC345 Abnormal Psychology PSY3310
PSYCH153 Human Relations PSY1XXX
PSYCH201 General Psychology PSY1020
PSYCH205 Psychology Of Adjustment PSY2300
PSYCH206 Human Sexuality. PSY3380
PSYCH207 Social Psychology PSY2600
PSYCH209 Child Psychology PSY3440
PSYCH219 Adult Development PSY3490
PSYCH229 Life-Span Develop. Psych PSY2400
PSYCH239 Abnormal Psychology PSY3310
PSYCH249 Educational Psychology. EDP3310
PSYCH252 Intro To Sport Psychology KIN2XXX
QM102 Analytical Methods GEN1XXX
QM103 Quality Planning GEN1XXX
QM104 Stat Process Control/Pc GEN1XXX
QM106 Intro To Qual Systems ET1XXX
QM107 Quality Plan And Team Building ET1XXX
QM108 Qual Stastical Methods ET3850
QM111 Quality Administration GEN1XXX
QM112 Six Sigma Meth In Qua Mgt ET1XXX
QM112 Six Sigma Meth In Qua Mgt GEN1XXX
QM112 Six Sigma In Quality Mgt Does not transfer Fall 2005
QM115 Metrology GEN1XXX
QM120 Non-Destructive Testing GEN1XXX
QM210 Intro To Design Experien GEN2XXX
QM215 Reliability Engineering GEN2XXX
QM225 Applied Statistics GEN2XXX
QM230 Stat Methods Internship Does not transfer
RAD100 Intro To Rad Sci GEN1XXX
RAD105 Rad Safety GEN1XXX
RBTS101 Intro To Robotics ET1XXX
RBTS102 Human Performance Tech ET1XXX
RE181 Real Estate Prin GEN1XXX
READ085 Speed Reading Does not transfer
RI090 Academic Pre- Apprentics ET1XXX
RI110 Shop Math ET1XXX
RI118 All About Metrics ET1XXX
RI120 Algebra ET1XXX
RI131 Plan/Solid Geometry ET1XXX
RI140 Right Angle Trigonometry ET1XXX
RI146 Adv. Trig ET1XXX
RI151 Compound Angles ET1XXX
RI213 Fund. Of Direct Current ET2XXX
RI215 Electrical Insrumentation ET2XXX
RI216 Adv. Electrical Instument ET2XXX
RI217 D.c. Generators Motors Co ET2XXX
RI218 Fund. Of Alt. Current ET2XXX
RI219 Polyphase Systems C/T ET2XXX
RI220 National Electric Code ET2XXX
RI222 Ac Motors Does not transfer
RI224 A.c. Controllers ET2XXX
RI225 Electrical Cons. Wiring ET2XXX
RI234 Electronic Devices ET2XXX
RI236 Intro Programmablr Contro ET2XXX
RI237 Intro Digital Electronics ET2XXX
RI251 Fund. Hydrolic,Pneumatic ET2XXX
RI253 Fluid Power Components ET2XXX
RI255 Industial Hydralic Circui ET2XXX
RI257 Industrial Pneumatic Circ ET2XXX
RI261 Air Logic & Fluidics ET2XXX
RI300 Industrial Shop Safety ET2XXX
RI301 Industrial First Aid ET2XXX
RI303 Maching Theory ET2XXX
RI305 Adv. Machine Theory ET2XXX
RI307 Machine Handbook ET2XXX
RI308 Manufacturing Measurments ET2XXX
RI310 Power Transmission System ET2XXX
RI313 Millwright Theory ET2XXX
RI315 Adv Millwright Theory ET2XXX
RI322 Die Thoery ,Non Drafting ET2XXX
RI354 Concepts Numerical Contro ET2XXX
RI360 Machine Opertations ET2XXX
RI364 Adv Mach Oper ET2XXX
RI365 Managing Statistics ET2XXX
RI370 Fund Of Plumbing ET2XXX
RI372 Plumbing Regulations ET2XXX
RI374 Steam& Condenstate ET2XXX
RI400 Machine Trade Print ET2XXX
RI402 Adv Machine Trade ET2XXX
RI407 Schematic Interpertation ET2XXX
RI408 Grades / Plans ET2XXX
RI411 Fund Drafting ET2XXX
RI413 Adv Drafting Applied Geo ET2XXX
RI421 Structural Drafting ET2XXX
RI424 Fund Of Detailing ET2XXX
RI441 Fund Of Die Design ET2XXX
RI444 Geometric Dimensioning To ET2XXX
RI500 Characteristics/Metal ET1XXX
RI502 Heat And Treatment ET2XXX
RI704 Food Finale I Does not transfer
RI705 Food Finale Ii Does not transfer
SCM100 Intro Supply Chain GSC1XXX
SCM200 Supply Chain Logistics And Dis GSC5600
SCM220 Supply Chain Purchasing GSC5650
SCM230 Supply Chain Ops GSC1XXX
SKEL101 Basic Electronics EET1XXX
SKEL102 Industrial Electronics EET1XXX
SKEL111 Conventional Controls EET1XXX
SKEL121 Advanced Controls I EET1XXX
SKEL122 Advanced Controls Ii EET1XXX
SKEL131 Ac/Dc Machinery EET1XXX
SKEL141 Electrical Shop EET1XXX
SKMA111 Appl Ingrtd Elec Math 1 EET1XXX
SKMA112 Appl Ingrtd Elec Math 2 EET1XXX
SKMA113 Appl Ingrtd Elec Math 3 EET1XXX
SM101 Introduction To Security CRJ1XXX
SM105 Security Administration CRJ1XXX
SM115 Phys Security/Loss Preven CRJ1XXX
SM135 Industrial Fire Safe/Prev GEN1XXX
SM145 Industrial Safety-Sec Man GEN1XXX
SM155 Security Managemt Intern GEN1XXX
SOC101 Intro To Social Work. SW1010
SOC201 Principles Of Sociology SOC1010
SOC205 Social Problems SOC1020
SOC209 Marriage & Family SOC2XXX
SOC210 Cultural Diversity SOC2XXX
SOC211 Soc Of Gender SOC2XXX
SOC220 Urban Sociology SOC2500
SOC260 Race Relations In America SOC2XXX
SOC290 Indiv & Comm: Honors. SOC2XXX
SP103 Fund Of Speech COM1010
SPAN101 Elementary Spanish 1 SPA1010
SPAN102 Elementary Spanish 2 SPA1020
SPAN201 Intermediate Spanish 1 SPA2010
SPAN202 Intermediate Spanish 2 SPA2025
SPE100 Children W/Special Needs. SED1XXX
SPE102 Intro To Autism Spect Disorder GEN1XXX
SPE105 Intro Develop Disabilities. GEN1XXX
SPE112 Appl Behavior Analysis GEN1XXX
SPE115 Special Edu Programs. GEN1XXX
SPE122 Asd Comm Strategies GEN1XXX
SPE125 Learning Disabilities. GEN1XXX
SPE132 Asd Instruct Proced GEN1XXX
SPE135 Emotional Impairment. GEN1XXX
SPE142 Asd Behavior Implications GEN1XXX
SPE145 Special Edu Pract Exp 1. Does not transfer
SPE210 Methods & Curricula. GEN2XXX
SPE220 Early Child Special Edu. GEN2XXX
SPE270 Special Edu Pract Exp 2. Does not transfer
SRT110 Keybrd Skills Record Engnrs MUA1XXX
SRT121 Basic Sound Record Tech 1 MUA1XXX
SRT122 Basic Sound Record Tech 2. MUA1XXX
SRT150 Ear Train Record Engnrs MUA1XXX
SRT221 Adv Audio Prod 1 (1/2 4310). COM4XXX
SRT222 Adv Audio Prod 2 (2/2 4310). COM4XXX
TASF171 Fund Of Speech COM1010
THEA101 Introduction To Theatre. THR1010
THEA120 Theatre Activities 1 THR2580
THEA121 Theatre Activities 2 THR2580
THEA204 Stage Makeup. THR1451
THEA207 Stagecraft & Lighting THR2130
THEA208 Acting 1 THR1211
THEA209 Acting 2 THR1215
THEA210 Acting 1-Theory/Elements. THR1211
THEA211 Acting 2-Theory/Elements. THR2XXX
THEA220 Theatre Activities 3. THR2580
THEA221 Theatre Activities 4. THR2580
THEA231 History Of Theatre 1 THR5841
THEA232 History Of Theatre 2. THR5842
THEA241 Oral Interpretation/Lit COM2500
WELD110 Intro Weld Basics For Fabric ASL2150
WELD110 Intro Weld Basics For Fabric ET1XXX
WELD111 Project Mathematics ET1XXX
WELD112 Contemp Metal Sculpture ASL3150
WELD112 Contemp Metal Sculpture ET1XXX
WELD113 Shielded Metallic Arc Welding. MIT1XXX
WELD115 Gas Metallic Arc Welding. MIT1XXX
WELD117 Welding Does not transfer
WELD118 Adhesive Joining Technology ET1XXX
WELD119 Gas Tungsten Inert Arc Weld. MIT1XXX
WELD120 Adv Processes-Stick Electrode. MIT1XXX
WELD130 Adv Process - Gas Tungsten MIT1XXX
WELD205 Welder's Print Reading. MIT1XXX
WELD206 Welding Inspection & Qual. MIT1XXX
WELD208 Adv Metal Sculpture ASL3XXX
WELD208 Adv Metal Sculpture ET2XXX
WELD209 Contemporary Metal Sculpt 2 ASL3XXX
WELD209 Contemporary Metal Sculpt 2 MIT2XXX
WELD210 Weld Cert Prep-Shield Met Arc MIT2XXX
WELD211 Prep Welder Cert In Gmaw. MIT1XXX
WELD212 Prep For Welder Cert In Gtaw. MIT1XXX
WELD213 Preparation Certification Does not transfer
WELD214 Prep Welder Cert Pipe Welding. MIT1XXX
WELD223 Fabrication ASL3190
WELD223 Fabrication MIT2XXX
WELD225 Pre-Apprenticeship Weld Cert MIT2XXX
WELD240 Cnc Shape Cutting & Automation MIT2XXX
WELD262 Welding Metallurgy ET1XXX
WELD290 Welding Internship Does not transfer

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