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Equivalent Courses from Henry Ford College

Course Gen Ed Requirements
Course Course name WSU equivalent Effective term
ACC031 Accounting I ACC3010
ACC032 Accounting Ii ACC3020
ACC051 Business Law BLW2510
ACT101 Fndmtls Of Architecture ET1XXX
ACT103 Wood Deck/Patio Construct ET1XXX
ACT104 Community Construction Apps. ET1XXX
ACT108 Deconstruction ET1XXX
ACT109 Resident Energy Efficiency. CMT1XXX
ACT110 Intro To Architecture AIA1610
ACT110 Intro To Architecture ET1XXX
ACT112 Computer Architect AIA1XXX
ACT112 Computer Architect ET1XXX
ACT115 Basic Architectural Drafting. AIA1XXX
ACT116 Basic Arch Cad. AIA2600
ACT116 Basic Arch Cad. ET2140
ACT120 Residential Construction ET1XXX
ACT121 Residential Construction Matl. AIA5620
ACT121 Residential Construction Matl. ET1XXX
ACT124 Construction Systems 1. CMT2X20
ACT128 Visual Communication AIA1XXX
ACT130 Architectural Graphics AIA1XXX
ACT130 Architectural Graphics ET1XXX
ACT135 Intermediate Architecture. AIA1XXX
ACT136 Intermediate Architectural Cad AIA1XXX
ACT136 Intermediate Architectural Cad ET1XXX
ACT140 Residential Construction ET1XXX
ACT141 Residential Construction. ET1XXX
ACT145 Adv Residential Construct ET1XXX
ACT150 Residential Detailing AIA1XXX
ACT150 Residential Detailing ET1XXX
ACT175 Environmental Building Systems ET1XXX
ACT190 Arch/Construction Co-Op Does not transfer
ACT205 Advanced Arch Cad ET2XXX
ACT210 Commercial Construction ET1XXX
ACT211 Commercial Construction System ET1XXX
ACT220 Residentail Design. AIA2XXX
ACT222 Sustain Energy Design ET2XXX
ACT224 Construction Systems 2 ET1XXX
ACT228 Visual Comms 2 ET2XXX
ACT232 Commercial Detailing ET1XXX
ACT233 Commercial Detailing. ET1XXX
ACT235 Basic Surveying ET1XXX
ACT241 Adv Residential Construct GEN2XXX
ACT245 Construction Estimating ET1XXX
ACT246 Construction Estimating. ET1XXX
ACT255 Adv Architectural Graphic ET1XXX
ACT256 Adv Architectural Graphic GEN2XXX
ACT258 Comp Architectural Rend. AIA3XXX
ACT260 Commercial Design Development ET1XXX
ACT290 Arch/Construction Co-Op Does not transfer
ACT297 Spec Topics In Arch Con GEN2XXX
ACT298 Spec Topics In Arch Con GEN2XXX
AD10 Basic Architectural Draft. AIA1610
AD10 Basic Architectural Draft. ET1XXX
AD11 Graphics-Letter Presentn. ET1XXX
AD12 Architectural Design Detail. ET1XXX
AD13 Mech & Elect Design. ET1XXX
AD14 Residential Design. ET1XXX
AD15 Structural Drafting I. ET1XXX
AD16 Commercial Design. ET1XXX
AD17 Structural Drafting Ii. ET1XXX
AERO110 Private Pilot Ground Does not transfer
AH090 Calc Med Dosage I GEN1XXX
AH091 Calc Med Dosage Ii GEN1XXX
AH092 Calc Pedmed Dosage GEN1XXX
AH10 Medical Terminology GEN1XXX
AH100 Medical Terminology CLS3330
AH1000 Medical Terminology CLS3330
AH101 Intro To Health Careers IHS2XXX
AH105 Basic Life Support GEN1XXX
AH111 Interpretation Of Ekg's GEN1XXX
AH116 Interpreting Med Lab Rpts GEN1XXX
AH120 Pharmacology-Allied Healt GEN1XXX
AH121 Basic Lact Concepts GEN1XXX
AH122 Appl Principles Of Breastfeed GEN1XXX
AH123 Lact Consult Pract Path 2 GEN1XXX
AH124 Lact Consult Pract Path 3 GEN1XXX
AH125 Computer Medical Info Sys GEN1XXX
AH128 Dynamics Of Dementia GEN1XXX
AH130 Medico Legal Principles GEN1XXX
AH131 Medico Legal Princ GEN1XXX
AH135 Fndmntl Cncpts-Cancer/Care GEN1XXX
AH141 Intro Public Health. PH2100
AH145 Culture-Sensitive Healthcare PH1XXX
AH150 Pathophysiology GEN1XXX
AH151 Intro To Cmmty Hlth HE1XXX
AH203 Intro Critical Care I GEN1XXX
AH204 Intro Critical Care Ii GEN1XXX
AH250 Adv Cardiac Life Support GEN1XXX
AH270 Pps Coding-Practioners GEN1XXX
AH271 Cpt-4 Coding-Practioners GEN1XXX
AM13 Estimate/Office Practice GEN1XXX
AN31 Intro Anthropology ANT1100
ANT154 Food, Culture & Economy ANT1XXX
ANTH090 Supplement-Anthropology Does not transfer
ANTH131 Intro Anthropology ANT1100
ANTH131H Honors Intro Anthr0 ANT1100
ANTH151 Cultures Of North America ANT1XXX
ANTH152 Mid East People/Cult NE3550
ANTH153 Intro To Archaeology ANT2200
ANTH154 Food, Culture, And Economy ANT2400
ARA130 Pre-Elementary Arabic ARB1XXX
ARA131 Elem Modern Arabic I ARB1010
ARA132 Elem Modern Arabic Ii ARB1020
ARA141 Arabic Elemen Conversation. ARB1XXX
ARA231 Second Year Arabic ARB2010
ARA232 Second Year Arabic, Cont. ARB2020
ARA290 Study Abroad Arabic Lang ARB2XXX
ARA295 Directed Study In Arabic ARB2XXX
ARA296 Directed Study In Arabic ARB2XXX
ARA297 Directed Study In Arabic ARB2XXX
ARD296 Clinical Education GEN2XXX
ART10 Intro To Drawing ADR1XXX
ART100 Intro To Calligraphy ACO1XXX
ART101 Two-Dimensional Design. ACO1200
ART102 Drawing I. ADR1050
ART102H Basic Drawing ADR1050
ART104 Color Theory ACO12XX
ART105 Three-Dimensional Desgn. ACO1230
ART106 Computer Art I AIN1XXX
ART107 Photoshop APH2420
ART108 Intro To Animation ADA2XXX
ART108 Intro To Animation. ADA2210 Fall 2015
ART109 Quarkxpress. AGD2XXX
ART110 In Design. AGD2XXX
ART111 Digital Media ACO1270
ART112 Drawing Ii. ADR1060
ART113 Life Drawing I. ADR2070
ART114 Grphc Dsgn Studio 1. AGD2240
ART115 Intermediate Perspective ADR1XXX
ART116 Painting I. APA2000
ART117 Concept Animat Techniq ADA1XXX
ART118 Watercolor I APA2110
ART119 Art Education-Elem Teach AED1XXX
ART12 Painting. APA1XXX
ART120 Art Appreciation AH1000
ART121 Art Hist Survey I AH1110
ART122 Art Hist Survey Ii. AH1120
ART123 Hist Of Modern Art AH3700
ART123H Hist Of Modern Art AH3700
ART124 20Th Century American Art AH1XXX
ART125 Oriental Art AH1XXX
ART126 Hist Arch & Inter AH1XXX
ART127 History Of Furniture AIA1XXX
ART128 History Of Photography APH3400
ART129 Role Of Women In Art AH1XXX
ART130 History Of Graphic Dsgn. AGD3700
ART131 Sculpture I ASL2150
ART132 Sculpture Ii ASL3160
ART133 American Art AH1XXX
ART134 Figurative Sculpture ASL3170
ART135 Art Appreciation. AH1000
ART138 Jewelry I. AME2600
ART141 Ceramics I. ACR2550
ART142 Ceramics Ii. ACR2560
ART143 History Of Ceramics ACR1XXX
ART150 Intro Digital Photography. APH2400
ART151 Intro To Printmaking. APR2300
ART152 Lithography APR3490
ART153 Silkscreen APR3500
ART154 Etching APR3480
ART155 Relief Printing APR3510
ART156 Printmaking Ii APR3510
ART161 Black & White Photography APH2XXX Fall 2014
ART161 Photography I. APH2410
ART162 Basic Color Photography APH4430
ART163 Color Photography. APH3XXX
ART165 Typography AGD2230
ART165 Typography. AGD2XXX Fall 2010
ART166 Desktop Publishing I AGD1XXX
ART171 Princ-Interior Design I AIA2600
ART172 Color Theory. ACO1200
ART173 Materials/Construction AIA2610
ART174 Lighting-Interior Design AIA1XXX
ART175 Textiles/Floor Covering AFA2410
ART176 Hist-Architct/Interior I AIA1XXX
ART177 Hist-Architct/Interior Ii AIA1XXX
ART180 Design And User Needs AGD2XXX
ART181 Interior Design-Studio I AIA2610
ART182 Interior Des Materials AIA5610
ART183 Interior Des Studio Ii AIA2XXX
ART183 Perspective Draw/Rend. AIA2XXX Fall 2010
ART184 Textiles For Interiors AFA2410
ART20 Intro Letter Itali ACO2XXX
ART206 Computer Art Ii AIN2220
ART208 Lightwave. AIN3XXX
ART209 3-D Animation. ADA6250 Fall 2015
ART209 3D Animation ADA4XXX
ART211 Director. AIN3XXX
ART213 Life Drawing Ii. ADR3070
ART214 Grphc Dsgn Studio 2. AGD225X
ART216 Painting Ii. APA3000
ART218 Watercolor Ii APA3110
ART220 Figure Painting APA3140
ART221 Medieval Art. AH3410
ART222 Ceramic Sculpture ACR2XXX
ART223 History-Contemporary Art AH2XXX
ART224 Art Of Islam. AH31XX
ART225 Asian Art:india/Se Asia. AH3XXX
ART226 African/Afro Amr Art. AH3750
ART227 Hist Arab Art/Architecture. AH3XXX
ART228 Arabic Calligraphy ACS1XXX
ART229 Survey Of Contemp Art AH3700
ART230 Motion Graphics ADA2220
ART234 Topics In Art ACS2XXX
ART238 Jewelry Ii. AME3600
ART242 Ceramics Iii. ACR3550
ART243 Raku Firing ACR2XXX
ART244 Ceramic Glazes ACR2XXX
ART245 Interactive Design. ADA3XXX
ART250 Intermed Digital Photo. APH3420
ART255 Animation Basics. ADA42XX
ART261 Intermed B&W Photography APH3410
ART264 Color Photographic Print APH2XXX
ART265 Illustration. ADA2XXX
ART266 Desktop Publishing Ii AGD2XXX
ART267 Graphic Design Ii AGD4250
ART269 Portfolio Preparation AGD2XXX
ART271 Prin Interior Design Ii AIA2XXX
ART273 Studio Art Capstone ACS2XXX
ART275 Advanced Projects ACS3XXX
ART277 Interior Design Studio AIA2XXX
ART278 Interior Design:studio Ii AIA2XXX
ART280 His Styles:arch,Intr&Furn AID6320
ART281 Interior Des-Studio Iii AIA4610
ART282 Interior Des-Envirn Syst AIA4600
ART283 Lghtng-Intr Des-Stu Iv AIA5630
ART285 Profess Prac Int Des-V AIA6650
ART287 Interior Des Syn-Stu-Vi AIA5997
ART290 Study Abroad Art Hist. AH2XXX
ART2901 Directed Study - Art History. AH2XXX
ART2902 Directed Study - Art History. AH2XXX
ART2903 Directed Study - Art History. AH3XXX
ART291 Graphic Design Internship. AGD5990
ART2911 Directed Study Comp Art GEN1XXX
ART2913 Directed Study Comp Art APA3XXX
ART2923 Directed Study Watercolor. APA3XXX
ART293 Interior Design Internshp ART2XXX
ART293 Topics Studio Art ART2XXX Fall 2014
ART2931 Directed Study - Drawing. ADR3XXX
ART2932 Directed Study - Drawing. ADR3XXX
ART2933 Dir Study - Drawing. ADR3XXX
ART2936 Topics In Studio Art ACS3XXX
ART2951 Directed Study Ceramics. ACR3XXX
ART2952 Directed Study - Ceramics. ACR3XXX
ART2953 Directed Study - Ceramics. ACR3XXX
ART2971 Direct Study-B&W Photo. APH3XXX
ART2972 Directed Study - B&W Photo. APH3XXX
ART2973 Directed Study-B&W Photo. APH3XXX
ART298 Directed Study-Comp Art ART2XXX
ART2983 Directed Study Comp Art ART2XXX
ART299 Topics In Fine Arts. ART3XXX
ART2991 Dir Study Spec Pro. AIA3XXX
ART2993 Directed Study. AIA3XXX
ART30 Art Appreciation AH1000
ART32.1 Basic Drawing ADR1050
ART32.2 Drawing Advanced ADR1060
ART33 Basic Design Two Dim ACO1200
ART34 Basic Design Three Dim ADE2200
ART35.1 Commercial Art I AGD2XXX
ART35.2 Commercial Art Ii. AGD2XXX
ART36.1 Paint I Acryl And Oil APA2100
ART36.2 Paint Ii Acryl And Oil APA3120
ART36.3 More Info From Student ART1XXX
ART37.1 Watercolor I APA2110
ART37.2 Watercolor Ii APA3110
ART38.1 Life Drawing I ADR2070
ART38.2 Life Drawing Ii ADR3070
ART39.1 Sculpture I ASL3160
ART40.1 Ceramics I. ACR2550
ART40.2 Ceramics Ii. ACR2560
ART41.1 Printmaking I APR3500
ART41.2 Printmaking Ii APR3510
ART44 Basic Color Photography. APH2XXX
ART44.1 Black/White Photography APH2410
ART49.1 Art His Anc To Ren AH1110
ART49.2 Art His Ren-19Th Cen AH1XXX
ART49.3 Hist Contemp Art AH1120
ART49.6 Oriental Art AH1030
ART51.1 Interior Design I AIA2600
ART51.3 Prin Interior Design AIA1XXX
ART51.4 Prin Interior Designii AIA4350
ART51.5 Color Theory Application AIA1XXX
ART51.6 Hist Arch Interiors AH1XXX
ART51.8 Lighting For Interior AIA4370
ART51.9 Textiles And Ornaments AFA2410
ART52.2 History Of Furniture AIA5600
ART55 Directed Study ART1XXX
ASL130 Deaf Culture/Community. ASL1XXX
ASL131 Elem American Sign Lang I ASE1XXX
ASL132 Elem American Sign Lang Ii ASE1XXX
ASL135 Fingerspelling & Numbering SLP1XXX
ASL137 Ling & Asl Straucture SLP1XXX
ASL141 Convo Amer Sign Lang SLP1XXX
ASL231 2Nd Yr Sign Lang Iii ASL2XXX
ASL232 2Nd Yr Sign Lang Iv SLP2XXX
ASL235 Visual & Gestural Comm SLP2XXX
ASL237 Transliterating & Signing Moda SLP2XXX
ASL240 Asl Interpret I SLP2XXX
ASL242 Asl Interpret Ii SLP2XXX
ASL244 Asl Ed Interpret SLP2XXX
ASL246 Asl Interpret Iii SLP2XXX
ASL280 Mi Cert Prep SLP2XXX
ASL290 Asl Pract I: Ed Setting SLP2XXX
ASL292 Asl Pract Ii: Cmmty Setting SLP2XXX
ASTR131 Descriptve Astr AST2010
ASTR133 Intro Astro Lb AST2011
ASTR231 General Astronomy AST2XXX
ASTR31 Descriptve Astronomy AST2010
ATMS131 Weather And Climate GEL1370
AUSV135 Shop Mathematics ET1XXX
AUT130 Auto Ignition Systems ET1XXX
AUT170 Related Technical Automotive ET1XXX
AUT180 Technical Automotive Welding ET1XXX
AUT210 Auto Engine Dynamo ET1XXX
AUT220 Auto Air Condition ET1XXX
AUT230 Auto Diesel Prin Does not transfer
AUTO100 Internal Combustion Engin ET1XXX
AUTO101 Automotive Fundamentals. MCT1XXX
AUTO102 Related Technical Automotive. MCT1XXX
AUTO105 Internal Combustion Engines. MCT1XXX
AUTO108 Basic Electrical ET1XXX
AUTO110 Automotive Electricity ET1XXX
AUTO120 Fuel Management Systems ET1XXX
AUTO130 Automotive Ignition Sys ET1XXX
AUTO131 Automotive Ignition Sys ET1XXX
AUTO132 Computerized Ignition Sys ET1XXX
AUTO135 Mat For The Technician ET1XXX
AUTO140 Automotive Transmissions ET1XXX
AUTO142 Electronically Controlled ET1XXX
AUTO145 Manual Trans & Driveline. ET1XXX
AUTO150 Diagnosing Engine Evaluat ET1XXX
AUTO160 Automotive Chassis Units ET1XXX
AUTO162 Abs Brakes ET1XXX
AUTO165 Electronic Steerg & Suspension ET1XXX
AUTO167 Brake Clinic ET1XXX
AUTO170 Related Technical Auto ET1XXX
AUTO180 Tech Automotive Welding ET1XXX
AUTO181 Technical Automotive Welding. MCT1XXX
AUTO187 Automotive Engine Tune-Up ET1XXX
AUTO190 Automotive Tech Co-Op ET1XXX
AUTO191 Auto Service Co-Op ET1XXX
AUTO192 Automotive Service Co-Op ET1XXX
AUTO210 Auto Engine Dynamometer ET1XXX
AUTO215 Auto Engine Dynamometer. CMT1XXX
AUTO217 Auto Alignment Clinic ET1XXX
AUTO220 Auto Air Conditioning ET1XXX
AUTO224 Auto Air Conditioning ET1XXX
AUTO225 Auto Air Conditioning. ET1XXX
AUTO227 Auto Air Conditioning ET1XXX
AUTO230 Auto Diesel Principles ET1XXX
AUTO231 Diesel Engine Perf & Diag ET1XXX
AUTO237 Computerized Engine/Vehic ET1XXX
AUTO247 Auto Emission Control ET1XXX
AUTO260 Alt Auto Propulsion Systems. MCT1XXX
AUTO267 Small Engines ET1XXX
AUTO287 Adv Automotive Tune-Up ET1XXX
AUTO290 Automotive Technology Co-Op ET1XXX
AUTO291 Automotive Service Co-Op ET1XXX
AUTO292 Automotive Service Co-Op Does not transfer
AUTO293 Auto Tech Service Exp Lab I ET1XXX
AUTO294 Auto Tech Service Exp Lab Ii ET1XXX
AUTO297 Spec Topics Auto Tech Does not transfer
AUTO298 Spec Topics Auto Tech Does not transfer
BAC031 Principles Of Accounting ACC3010
BAC10 Practical Accounting GEN1XXX
BAC110 Practical Accounting GEN1XXX
BAC112 Bookkeeping. GEN1XXX
BAC115 Finan Accounting Hospty GEN1XXX
BAC120 Intro Payroll Accounting GEN1XXX
BAC131 Intro Financial Accounting ACC3010
BAC132 Intro Managerial Accounting ACC3020
BAC141 Comp Account-Quickbooks. BA1XXX Fall 2010
BAC141 Microcomp Accounting Appl GEN1XXX
BAC144 Accounting Spreadsht Appl GEN1XXX
BAC146 Comp Account-Peachtree. BA1XXX Fall 2010
BAC146 Computerized Accounting GEN1XXX
BAC231 Asset Accounting ACC5100
BAC232 Equity Accounting GEN2XXX
BAC234 Equity Accounting GEN2XXX
BAC235 Tax Accounting. ACC5170
BAC251 Intermed Accounting GEN2XXX
BAC252 Cost Accounting GEN2XXX
BAC261 Intermed Accounting GEN2XXX
BAC262 Cost Accounting. ACC5160
BAC31 Principles Of Accounting ACC3010
BAC32 Prin Of Acct Cont ACC3020
BAC51 Intermediate Accounting GEN1XXX
BAD211 Business Law BLW2510
BAD232 Bus Communication BA2XXX
BAD311 Prin/Accounting ACC3020
BBA031 Intro To Business MGT1XXX
BBA049 Personal Word Processing GEN1XXX
BBA050 Personal Word Process I GEN1XXX
BBA106 Intro To Windows ET1XXX
BBA109 Document Production GEN1XXX
BBA110 Business Language Skills GEN1XXX
BBA121 Intro To Internet ET1XXX
BBA123 Web Pages GEN1XXX
BBA131 Intro To Business MGT1XXX
BBA133 Business Behavior/Commun GEN1XXX
BBA140 Microcomp Apps 1/2 (263) ET1XXX
BBA140 Microcomp Apps 1/2 (263) ISM2630
BBA143 Word Processing I GEN1XXX
BBA144 Word Processing Ii GEN1XXX
BBA145 Micro Application ISM2630
BBA148 Adv Business Data Base ET1XXX
BBA149 Desktop Publishing ET1XXX
BBA150 Presentation Software GEN1XXX
BBA151 Microcomputer Spreadsheet ET1XXX
BBA153 Customer Service. BA1XXX
BBA155 Customer Service/Sales GEN1XXX
BBA157 Call Center/Help Desk GEN1XXX
BBA159 Contact Center/Help Desk. GEN1XXX
BBA161 Intro Indstrl Distribution. GEN1XXX
BBA164 Intro Indstrl Distribution. BA1XXX
BBA170 Contemporary Selling. BA1XXX
BBA210 Prof Office Procedures GEN2XXX
BBA231 Business Office Communica GEN2XXX
BBA232 Business Office Co GEN2XXX
BBA235 Office Systems And Admin GEN2XXX
BBA250 Intro To Intl Business BA1XXX
BBA251 Human Resources Managemnt GEN2XXX
BBA252 Principles Of Marketing. MKT2300
BBA253 Principles Of Finance GEN2XXX
BBA254 Logistics And Supply Chain. BA1XXX
BBA290 Study Abroad Intl Bus GEN2XXX
BBA31 Intro To Business MGT1XXX
BBA52 Principles Of Marketing MKT1XXX
BBA53 Principles Of Finance FIN1XXX
BCA090 Basic Elem Comp/Software GEN1XXX
BCA101 Computer Keyboarding GEN1XXX
BCA102 Business Keyboarding Ii GEN1XXX
BCA106 Intro To Windows GEN1XXX
BCA121 Intro To Internet GEN1XXX
BCA123 Web Pages GEN1XXX
BCA125 Intro To Internet & Web GEN1XXX
BCA140 Software Applications. BA1500
BCA143 Word Processing I GEN1XXX
BCA144 Word Processing Ii GEN1XXX
BCA145 Spreadsht Apps: Exc GEN1XXX
BCA146 Microcomputer Spreadsheet GEN1XXX
BCA147 Database Appp: Acce GEN1XXX
BCA148 Adv Business Data Base GEN1XXX
BCA149 Desktop Publishing GEN1XXX
BCA152 Presentation Software GEN1XXX
BCA153 Desktop Publishing GEN1XXX
BCA165 Microsoft Project Software GEN1XXX
BCK051 Business Comp Keyboard I GEN1XXX
BCK053 Advanced Comp Keyboard Ii GEN1XXX
BCK101 Computer Keyboarding GEN1XXX
BCK102 Business Keyboarding Ii GEN1XXX
BCO01 Business Cooperative Does not transfer
BCO1 Business Cooperative Does not transfer
BCO190 Co-Op In Business Does not transfer
BCO191 Co-Op In Business Does not transfer
BCO192 Business Cooperative Ed Does not transfer
BCO193 Business Cooperative Ed Does not transfer
BCO194 Business Cooperative Ed Does not transfer
BCO290 Co-Op In Business Does not transfer
BCO292 Business Cooperative Ed Does not transfer
BCO294 Business Cooperative Ed Does not transfer
BDLA110 Visual Comm AIA1XXX
BEC131 Economic History Of Us ECO1XXX
BEC133 Basic Economics ECO1000
BEC151 Prin-Macro Economics ECO2020
BEC152 Prin-Micro Economics ECO2010
BEC31 Economic Histroy Of Us ECO1XXX
BEC51 Prin-Macro Economics ECO2020
BEC52 Prin-Micro Economics ECO2010
BEC60 Basic Economics ECO1000
BEO210 Elec Office Procedure GEN2XXX
BEP156 Inter Typewriting GEN1XXX
BFN130 Beginning Investment GEN1XXX
BFN141 Personal Finance GEN1XXX
BFN253 Principles Of Finance GEN2XXX
BI51 Microbiology BIO2870
BIO034 Essn Anat & Phys Does not transfer
BIO035 Anat/Phys I (+Lab) 2870 BIO1XXX
BIO036 Anat/Phys Ii (+Lab) 2870 BIO1XXX
BIO090 Basic Principles Of Biology. Does not transfer
BIO110 Biotechnology & Human Affairs BIO1XXX
BIO130 Evolution And Behav BIO2700
BIO131 Intro Biology BIO1050
BIO133 Human Anatomy/Physiology BIO1XXX
BIO134 Essential-Anatomy/Physiol BIO2870
BIO135 Microbiol Hlth Sci BIO2270
BIO135 Microbiol Hlth Sci BIO2271
BIO137 Environmentl Science BIO1030
BIO138 Environmental Science. ESG1500
BIO139 Enviro Sci Lab. BIO1XXX
BIO141 Botany (+Lab) BIO1XXX
BIO143 Zoology (+Lab) BIO1XXX
BIO143H Honors-Zoology (+Lab) BIO1XXX
BIO147 Field Ecology (+Lab) BIO3120
BIO150 Organisms Genes & Ecology BIO1500
BIO150 Organisms Genes & Ecology BIO1501
BIO152 Cells/Molecular Bio BIO1510
BIO152 Cells/Molecular Bio BIO1511
BIO205 Genetics (+Lab). BIO3070
BIO233 Anat/Phy I+Lab (1/2 2870) BIO2XXX
BIO234 Anat/Phy Ii+Lab (2/2 2870) BIO2XXX
BIO234H Hon-Anat/Phys Ii (+Lab) BIO2XXX
BIO243 Comparative Anatomy(+Lab) BIO2710
BIO251 Microbiology BIO2270
BIO251 Microbiology BIO2271
BIO261 Nucleic Acids BIO3XXX
BIO262 Proteins BIO3XXX
BIO263 Biotechnology Internship BIO2XXX
BIO270 Exercise Physiology BIO2XXX
BIO295 Hon Direct Stdy-Aqua Env BIO3990
BIO296 Hon Direct Stdy-Microbio BIO3990
BIO297 Hon Direct Stdy-Microbio BIO3990
BIO32 Intro Biology BIO1510
BIO33 Human Anat & Physiol BIO1XXX
BIO35 Anat/Physio (1/2) 2870 BIO2XXX
BIO36 Anat/Physio (2/2) 2870 BIO2XXX
BIO38 Evolution & Behavior BIO2XXX
BIO41 Botany (+Lab) 1/2 1500 BIO2XXX
BIO43 Zoology (+Lab) 2/2 1500 BIO2XXX
BIO51 Microbiology BIO2270
BIO51 Microbiology BIO2271
BIO56 Genetics (+Lab) BIO3070
BIO565 Genetics (+Lab) BIO3070
BLDA100 Visual Cmmunications Studio AIA1XXX
BLDA110 Visual Communication CMT1XXX
BLDA120 Introduction To Carpentry CMT1000
BLDA120 Introduction To Carpentry CMT1XXX
BLDA130 Introduction To Re CMT1XXX
BLDA140 Construction Systems CMT2X10
BLDA150 Environmental Building Systems CMT1XXX
BLDA230 Residential Studio CMT2XXX
BLDA240 Construction Systems Ii CMT2XXX
BLDA250 Surveying And Site Design CMT2XXX
BLDA260 Construction Estimate CMT2XXX
BLDA270 Commercial Design CMT2XXX
BLDA280 Building Science Capstone CMT2XXX
BLDE100 Energy Indust Fndmntls Does not transfer
BLDE105 Energy Indust Basic (Eib) Does not transfer
BLDE106 Energy Indust Safety Does not transfer
BLDE110 Ac/Dc Electricity Does not transfer
BLDE115 Heating Tech Does not transfer
BLDE120 Intro To Rach - Refreg I Does not transfer
BLDE125 Sheet Metal Fabrication Does not transfer
BLDE130 Heat & Cool Mech Codes Does not transfer
BLDE135 Hvac Instal & Start Up Does not transfer
BLDE140 Refreg Tech Does not transfer
BLDE145 A/C Tech Does not transfer
BLDE150 Cnst Blueprint Rdg Does not transfer
BLDE155 Steam Hot Wtr Heat Syst Does not transfer
BLDE202 Electric Field Svc Meter Does not transfer
BLDE203 Nat Gas Distr Maint Does not transfer
BLDE207 Underground Distr Does not transfer
BLDE208 Overhead Distr Does not transfer
BLDE210 Light Commercial Heat Does not transfer
BLDE215 Commercial Refrig Does not transfer
BLDE220 Rach Lgt Commerc Syst/Ctrl Does not transfer
BLDE260 Energy Syst Mgmt Does not transfer
BLDE265 Energy Syst Dsgn Does not transfer
BLDE270 Cnst Proj Mgmt Does not transfer
BLDE275 Energy Audit/Weather Cert Does not transfer
BLDE280 Mich Mech Constractor Does not transfer
BLDE282 Substation Oper Maint Does not transfer
BLDE290 Nate Core Essent Test Prep Does not transfer
BLDE291 Nate Ac Heat Pump Test Prep Does not transfer
BLDE292 Nate Gas Oil Heat Test Prep Does not transfer
BLDE298 Sp Topics Energy Tech Does not transfer
BLDE299 Sp Topics Energy Tech Does not transfer
BLW153 Principles-Business Law BLW2510
BLW253 Business Law/Legal Env BLW2510
BLW53 Principles-Business Law BLW2510
BMA10 Business Mathematics Does not transfer
BMA110 Business Mathematics Does not transfer
BMT10 Machine Transcription GEN1XXX
BMT109 Machine Transcription GEN1XXX
BOC131 Bus Office Communication GEN1XXX
BOC31 Bus Office Communication GEN1XXX
BOM10 Office Machines GEN1XXX
BOM110 Office Machines GEN1XXX
BOS109 Document Production GEN1XXX
BOS110 Business Language Skills GEN1XXX
BOS111 Intermediate Keyboard GEN1XXX
BOS210 Prof Offic Procedures GEN2XXX
BOS212 Text Edit/Prod Managemnt GEN2XXX
BOS251 Office Management GEN2XXX
BOT31 Elem Of Botany 1/2 1500 BIO1XXX
BPF041 Personal Finance Does not transfer
BPF141 Personal Finance GEN1XXX
BPF41 Personal Finance GEN1XXX
BRE151 Prin Real Estate GEN1XXX
BRL110 Fund Of Retailing GEN1XXX
BRL111 Fund Retail Sales GEN1XXX
BSC110 Intro Supply Chain Mgmt BA1XXX
BSC120 Tech Fndtn Of Logistics GEN1XXX
BSC130 Tech Fndtn Log &Mgmt GEN1XXX
BSC147 Elem Anat/Physio BIO2870
BSC230 Logistics & Dist Strategy GSC5600
BSC240 Ops & Supply Chain Mgmt BA1XXX
BSC250 Purchasing & Supply Chain Mgmt GSC5650
BSC260 Global Log & Supply Chain Mgmt GSC5620
BSH011 Beginning Shorthand Does not transfer
BSH049 Bus Shorthand Rev GEN1XXX
BSH10 Beginning Shorthand GEN1XXX
BSH10.1 Beg Shrthd 1St Half GEN1XXX
BSH10.2 Beg Shrthd 2Nd Half GEN1XXX
BSH11 Beginning Shorthand GEN1XXX
BSH110 Beginning Shorthand GEN1XXX
BSH111 Beginning Shorthand Cont GEN1XXX
BSH12 Medium Dictation GEN1XXX
BSS10 Secretarial Science GEN1XXX
BSW110 Speedwriting I GEN1XXX
BSW111 Speedwriting Ii GEN1XXX
BTY051 Personal Typewriting GEN1XXX
BTY1 Personal Typewriting GEN1XXX
BTY10 Business Typewriting GEN1XXX
BTY11 Intermediate Typewriting GEN1XXX
BTY11.2 Inter Typing 2Nd Ha GEN1XXX
BTY110 Business Typewriting GEN1XXX
BTY111 Interm Typewriting GEN1XXX
BTY12 Advanced Typewriting GEN1XXX
BUS031 Intro Business Admin MGT1XXX
BUS051 Business Law BLW2510
BUS052 Business Law Cont GEN1XXX
BWP049 Wordperfect GEN1XXX
BWP10 Word Process Concepts GEN1XXX
BWP11 Keyboarding Punctuation GEN1XXX
BWP110 Word Processing Concepts GEN1XXX
BWP111 Keyboarding/Punctuation GEN1XXX
BWP12 Auto Keyboarting/Text GEN1XXX
BWP212 Auto Keyboarding/Text GEN1XXX
BWP214 Advanced Keyboard Funct GEN1XXX
CDL177 Intro To Cdl GEN1XXX
CDL178 Tractor-Trailer Operations GEN1XXX
CDL179 Tractor-Trailer Driving Lab GEN1XXX
CDL190 Tractor-Trailer Driving Intern GEN1XXX
CDL195 Cdl Independent Study GEN1XXX
CHD201 Child Development GEN2XXX
CHD202 Child Development GEN2XXX
CHD203 Intro Early Chld Ed Birth-8 GEN2XXX
CHD205 Infant/Toddler Care & Develop ELE2XXX
CHD206 Intro Preschool Develop/Care GEN2XXX
CHD211 Exploring Early Childhood GEN2XXX
CHD215 Nurturing Infant & Toddler GEN2XXX
CHD221 Child Dev/School Age Competenc GEN2XXX
CHD222 Child Dev/School-Age Portfolio GEN2XXX
CHD231 Inquiry-Based Preschool Curric GEN2XXX
CHD232 Obsrv/Assmnt In Ece GEN2XXX
CHD233 Obsv/Assmnt In Ece Prac GEN2XXX
CHD234 Preschool Curriculum-Pract GEN2XXX
CHD241 Dev App Prac-Child Care Admin GEN2XXX
CHD242 Lang/Lit Experiences Birth-5 GEN2XXX
CHEM028 Preparatory Chemistry Does not transfer
CHEM041 Prin Of General CHM1100
CHEM041 Prin Of General CHM1130
CHEM091 Preparatory Chemistry Does not transfer
CHEM095 Chemical Skills Does not transfer
CHEM111 Chem Skls Pre-Prof Prog. CHM1040
CHEM131 Princ Of Chemistry CHM1020
CHEM132 Princ Org/Biol Chem(+Lab) CHM1030
CHEM141 Princ-Inorg Chem (Both) CHM1100
CHEM141 Princ-Inorg Chem (Both) CHM1130
CHEM142 Prin-Gen/Inorg-Cont(+Lab) CHM1140
CHEM142 Prin-Gen/Inorg-Cont(+Lab) CHM1150
CHEM151 Chem Instrument/Lab Tech. CHM1XXX
CHEM20 Technical Chemistry Does not transfer
CHEM220 Intro Quantitative Analysis. CHM2XXX
CHEM241 Organic Chemistry I. CHM1240
CHEM242 Organic Chemistry Ii. CHM2220
CHEM243 Organic Chemistry Lab I. CHM1250
CHEM244 Organic Chemistry Lab Ii. CHM2230
CHEM28 Preparatory Chemistry Does not transfer
CHEM31 Prin Qual Analysis CHM1030
CHEM35 Prin Of Chemistry CHM1020
CHEM36 Prin Org/Biol Chem (+Lab) CHM1030
CHEM41 Prin Of General CHM1100
CHEM41 Prin Of General CHM1130
CHEM42 Prin Of Gen&Inorg (+Lab) CHM1140
CHEM42 Prin Of Gen&Inorg (+Lab) CHM1150
CHEM53 Organic Chemistry CHM1240
CHN130 Pre- Elementary Mandarin CHI1XXX
CHN131 Elementary Mandarin Chinese I CHI1010
CHN132 Elem Mandarin Chn Cont CHI1020
CHN141 Elem Chinese Conv CHI1XXX
CHN290 Study Abroad Chin Lang CHI2XXX
CHN295 Directed Study Chinese CHI2XXX
CHN296 Directed Study Chinese CHI2XXX
CHN297 Directed Study Chinese CHI2XXX
CIMEL100 Intro Basic Electricity EET1XXX
CIMEL101 Instruments EET1XXX
CIMEL102 Ctrl Circuits & Components EET1XXX
CIMEL103 Solid State Devices EET1XXX
CIMEL104 Ctrls/Instrument-Fndmtls EET1XXX
CIMEL105 Sensors & Photoeyes EET1XXX
CIMEL106 Calibration & Loop Train EET1XXX
CIMEL107 Final Ctrl Elements EET1XXX
CIMEL108 Intro To Plcs EET1XXX
CIMEL109 Plc Hardware & Software EET1XXX
CIMEL110 Programming Plcs EET1XXX
CIMEL111 Plc Communication EET1XXX
CIMEL112 Intro To Robotics EET1XXX
CIMEL113 Program/Edit Robots EET1XXX
CIMEL114 Robot Maint & Pm EET1XXX
CIMEL115 Error Codes & Troubleshoot EET1XXX
CIMEL116 Integration Plcs & Robots EET1XXX
CIMEL117 Intro Siemens Plcs EET1XXX
CIMEL118 Op & Intro Program Siemens EET1XXX
CIMEL119 Siemens Plc Programming EET1XXX
CIMEL120 Siemens Program Logic Ctlr EET1XXX
CIMHP100 Hyraulics/Pneumatics Does not transfer
CIMHP101 Fluids, Fluid Stor Does not transfer
CIMHP102 Fluid Conductors Does not transfer
CIMHP103 Pumps, Actuators Does not transfer
CIMHP104 Valves Does not transfer
CIMHP105 Electrohydraulics Does not transfer
CIMHP111 Fndmtls Fluid Power ET1XXX
CIMHP112 Flow Direction Pressure ET1XXX
CIMHP113 Pumps Actuators Accumulators ET1XXX
CIMHP114 Reservoirs Fluids Filters ET1XXX
CIMHP115 Hose Piping Tubing ET1XXX
CIMHP116 Electrohydraulics/Pneumatics ET1XXX
CIMHP117 Systems Troubleshoot ET1XXX
CIMMT100 Intro Machining Ops ET1XXX
CIMMT101 Measuring & Layout Tools ET1XXX
CIMMT102 Hand & Power Tools ET1XXX
CIMMT103 Power Saws & Drill Presses ET1XXX
CIMMT104 Engine Lathe Operation ET1XXX
CIMMT105 Vertical Mill Ops ET1XXX
CIMPR100 Drafting Fundamentals ET1XXX
CIMPR101 Orthographic Interp ET1XXX
CIMTA100 Basic Osha Safety ET1XXX
CIMTA101 First Aid,Cpr & Aed ET1XXX
CIMTA102 Hoists & Cranes ET1XXX
CIMTA103 Rig Aware & Fndmtls ET1XXX
CIMTA104 Basic Prevent Maint ET1XXX
CIMTA105 Adv Technologies ET1XXX
CIMTA106 Basic Mech Power Sys ET1XXX
CIMTA107 Flexible Drives ET1XXX
CIMTA108 Couplings & Alignment ET1XXX
CIMTA109 Bearing,Shafts,&Seals ET1XXX
CIMTA110 Brakes & Clutches ET1XXX
CIMTA111 Gears And Cams ET1XXX
CIMTA112 System Technology ET1XXX
CIMWD100 Safety/Joint Design ET1XXX
CIMWD101 Weld Code/Measure/Hand Tools ET1XXX
CIMWD102 Mat Cutting Grind Fab ET1XXX
CIMWD110 Smaw (Flat & Horizon) ET1XXX
CIMWD111 Smaw (Vertical Welding) ET1XXX
CIMWD112 Smaw (Overhead Welding) ET1XXX
CIMWD120 Gtaw (Safety & Tech) ET1XXX
CIMWD121 Gtaw (Steel-Flat/Horizon) ET1XXX
CIMWD122 Gtaw (Steel-Vertical) ET1XXX
CIMWD123 Gtaw (Aluminum) ET1XXX
CIMWD130 Gmaw (Flat/Horizon) ET1XXX
CIMWD131 Gmaw (Vertical/Overhead) ET1XXX
CIMWD140 Weld Metallurgy(Ferrous) ET1XXX
CIMWD141 Weld Metallurgy(Non-Ferrous) ET1XXX
CIMWD142 Weld Metallurgy(Weld Testing) ET1XXX
CIMWD210 Pipe Weld (2G & 5G) ET2XXX
CIMWD211 Pipe Weld (6G) ET2XXX
CIMWD212 Pipe Weld (Socket/Flange) ET2XXX
CIMWD220 Tool & Die Weld(Technology) ET2XXX
CIMWD221 Tool & Die Weld (Gtaw) ET2XXX
CIMWD222 Tool & Die Weld (Smaw) ET2XXX
CIMWD230 Smaw Aws Certification ET2XXX
CIMWD231 Smaw Aws Cert(Practical) ET2XXX
CIMWD240 Gtaw Aws Cert(Prep/Pract) ET2XXX
CIMWD241 Gtaw Aws Cert(Practical) ET2XXX
CIMWD250 Gmaw Aws Cert(Prep/Pract) ET2XXX
CIMWD251 Gmaw Aws Cert(Practical) ET2XXX
CIMWD260 Weld Fab Proj(Plan/Dsgn) ET2XXX
CIMWD261 Weld Fab Proj(Fabricate) ET2XXX
CIMWD262 Weld Fab Proj(Assembly) ET2XXX
CIS020 Rpg Ii-Report Program Gen GEN1XXX
CIS10 Data Processing CSC1000
CIS100 Intro To Info Tech. BA1500
CIS102 Microcomputers And Dos. ET1XXX
CIS104 Microcomputers/Adv Dos GEN1XXX
CIS105 Desktop Operating System CSC1XXX
CIS106 Introduction To Windows. ET1XXX
CIS107 Hard/Software Installation. ET1XXX
CIS108 Intro To Unix. CSC1XXX
CIS109 Apple Support. GEN1XXX
CIS11 Prin Programming L GEN1XXX
CIS110 Prin Prog Logic GEN1XXX
CIS111 Microcomputer Database Prog. EET1XXX
CIS111 Sql For Database Develop. CSC2XXX Fall 2012
CIS112 Intro To Networking. ET1XXX
CIS112 Intro To Networking. GEN1XXX
CIS113 Wireless Lan's. GEN1XXX
CIS114 Intro To Novell Netware Admin. ET1XXX
CIS115 Basic Lang Program CSC1000
CIS115 Basic Lang Program CSC1100 Fall 2002
CIS116 Adv Local Area Network CSC1XXX
CIS118 Advanced Unix GEN1XXX
CIS12 Prin Prog Fortran CSC1120
CIS120 Prin Prog Fortran CSC1120
CIS121 Intro To The Internet. ET1XXX
CIS122 Web/Internet Technologies. CSC3750
CIS123 Web Pages. GEN1XXX
CIS124 Into Window Nt Server. GEN1XXX
CIS125 Prin-Fortran Prog BE1600
CIS126 Advanced Html. ET1XXX
CIS126 Xhtml/Html/Css Web Program. CSC3750 Fall 2011
CIS129 Intro Unix Shell W/ Script. CSC1050
CIS129 Intro Unix Shell W/ Script. EET1XXX
CIS130 C# Programming CSC2XXX
CIS132 Active Servr Programming. CSC1XXX
CIS14 Computer Operation GEN1XXX
CIS141 Intro To Mobile Appl Dvlpmnt EET1XXX
CIS150 Oprtr Sys/Cncpt GEN1XXX
CIS157 A+: Hardware CSC1XXX
CIS158 A+: Operating Syst CSC1XXX
CIS16 Cobol Programming. GEN1XXX
CIS160 Cobol Programming. CSC1140 Fall 2011
CIS160 Strct Cob I 1/2 1140 CSC1XXX
CIS162 Perl Programming. GEN1XXX
CIS170 "C" Programming CSC1100
CIS171 Java Programming. CSC3020
CIS172 Java Script Programming. CSC1XXX
CIS175 Digital Forensics I GEN1XXX
CIS18 Adv Stru Cobol Prog. CSC1140
CIS186 Game Programming. CSC3XXX
CIS190 Co-Op In Comp Info Syst GEN1XXX
CIS20 Rpg-Report Prog G GEN1XXX
CIS200 Rpg Ii-Report Program Gen GEN2XXX
CIS210 Adv Cob Prog(2/2)114 CSC1XXX
CIS211 Web Server Administration ISM2XXX
CIS212 Networking Ii. GEN2XXX
CIS215 Advanced Visual Basic CSC2XXX
CIS220 System Analysis & Design. CSC2XXX
CIS220 System Analysis & Design. EET1XXX
CIS221 It Elementary Tchrs. TED2020
CIS222 Web Database Develop Php CSC3XXX
CIS223 It For Secondary Teachers. TED2XXX
CIS224 Web Multimedia GEN2XXX
CIS224 Web Multimedia. Does not transfer Winter 2002
CIS225 Web Framework EET2XXX
CIS225 Web Framework ISM5994
CIS227 Web Authoring CSC2XXX
CIS228 Unix System Administratio GEN2XXX
CIS229 Unix Syst Administration. CSC1050
CIS230 C++ Programming CSC2110
CIS230 C++ Programming CSC2111
CIS232 C# Programming CSC1XXX
CIS234 Advanced Flash. GEN2XXX
CIS235 Advanced Flash GEN2XXX
CIS24 Assembley Lang Prog CSC3100
CIS240 Assembler Lang Prog CSC3100
CIS241 Adv Mobile Appl Dvlpmnt EET2XXX
CIS241 Adv Mobile Appl Dvlpmnt ISM2XXX
CIS242 Voice Over Ip. ISM2XXX
CIS244 Nas & Virtualization. ISM2XXX
CIS26 Basic Lang Program CSC1000
CIS270 Data Base Systems GEN2XXX
CIS270 Oracle Database Admin. Does not transfer Fall 2011
CIS271 Adv Java Programming. CSC3020
CIS272 Project Management. CSC2XXX
CIS275 Digital Forensics Ii GEN2XXX
CIS276 Digital Forensics ISM2XXX
CIS280 Info Assurance & Security. Does not transfer Fall 2006
CIS280 Strc Pl/I Prog Lan I CSC1100
CIS280 Strc Pl/I Prog Lan I CSC1101
CIS290 Co-Op In Comp Info Syst GEN2XXX
CIS294 Software Engineering CSC3XXX
CIS294 Software Engineering EET2XXX
CIS295 Network Design & Implemt CSC2XXX
CIS296 Info Assurance Mthdlgy. ISM4575
CIS297 Special Topics In Cis. GEN2XXX
CIS298 Special Topics In Cis. GEN2XXX
CIS299 Special Topics CSC2XXX
CIT106 Wordperfect GEN1XXX
CJ31 Intro Law Enf/Crim Justic CRJ1010
CJ32 Police Administration CRJ1XXX
CJ33 Police Admin Patrol CRJ1XXX
CJ34 Criminal Investigation CRJ1XXX
CJ35 Juvenile Justice Admin CRJ1XXX
CJ36 Corrections I CRJ1XXX
CJ38 Probation & Parole CRJ1XXX
CJ55 Crim Just In CRJ2XXX
CLEAR31 Begin Ballroom DNC1XXX
CLT100 Computer Literacy Test GEN1XXX
CM10 Basic Construct Material. ET1XXX
CM11 Residential Construction. ET1XXX
CM12 Commercial Construction. ET1XXX
CM13 Estimating And Off Pract. ET1XXX
CM14 Architectural Model Construct. ET1XXX
CNT103 Network Infrastructure GEN1XXX
CNT105 Network Infrastructure Ip. GEN1XXX
CNT106 It Essentials GEN1XXX
CNT107 It Essentials. GEN1XXX
CNT110 Ccna: Networking I CSC1XXX
CNT115 Net Infrastructure Essentials. GEN1XXX
CNT120 Ccna: Networking Ii CSC1XXX
CNT210 Ccna: Networking Iii CSC1XXX
CNT215 Health Info Networking GEN2XXX
CNT220 Ccna: Networking Iv CSC1XXX
CNT231 Ccna: Security Specialization. CSC2XXX
CNT260 Net Security: Security + Prep. CSC1XXX
CNT270 Ccna Security. GEN2XXX
CNT281 Ccsp 1: Securing Networks. GEN2XXX
CNT282 Ccsp 2: Securing Hosts GEN2XXX
CNT291 Ccnp - Routing CSC2XXX
CNT292 Remote Access: Ccnp 2. CSC2XXX
CNT293 Ccnp - Switching CSC2XXX
CNT294 Net Troubleshooting: Ccnp 4. CSC2XXX
CNT295 Ccnp - Network Trblshtng CSC2XXX
CNT297 Ccnp: Optimizing Converged Net CSC2XXX
COLL101 College Success Does not transfer
COLL105 Lang Skill For Coll Does not transfer
COLL106 Math Skills College Success Does not transfer
COMM190 Co-Op In Communication Does not transfer
COMM290 Co-Op In Communication Does not transfer
COUN110 Human Potential Seminar Does not transfer
COUN111 Adv Human Potential Sem Does not transfer
COUN114 Stress Management Persona Does not transfer
COUN115 Assertiveness Training Does not transfer
COUN116 Assertiveness Daily Livng Does not transfer
COUN118 Assertiveness At Work Does not transfer
COUN119 Issues Personal Growth Does not transfer
COUN120 Career Exploration Does not transfer
COUN125 Life Work Planning Does not transfer
COUN127 Job Interview Counseling Does not transfer
COUN128 Active Parenting Does not transfer
COUN129 Relationships Does not transfer
CRJ090 Supplement-Criminal Just Does not transfer
CRJ101 Women And The Law GSW1XXX
CRJ102 Women Law And Society GSW1XXX
CRJ121 Compar Security Systems. CRJ1XXX
CRJ122 Princ-Loss Prevention CRJ1XXX
CRJ123 Security Admin-Function CRJ1XXX
CRJ124 Intro Private Investigat CRJ1XXX
CRJ125 Tech Legal Investigaation CRJ1XXX
CRJ126 Intro To Homeland Security CRJ1XXX
CRJ128 Invest Interview/Report. CRJ1XXX
CRJ131 Intro-Law Enforcemnt/Crim CRJ1010
CRJ132 Police Admin-Staff Oper CRJ1XXX
CRJ133 Police Admin-Patrol/Line CRJ1XXX
CRJ134 Criminal Investigation. CRJ3260
CRJ135 Juvenile Justice Admin CRJ1XXX
CRJ135 Juvenile Justice. CRJ3400 Spring/Summer 2006
CRJ136 Corrections I-Into To Cor CRJ1XXX
CRJ136 Intro To Corrections. CRJ3350 Spring/Summer 2006
CRJ137 Corrections Ii-Corr Inst CRJ1XXX
CRJ138 Probation & Parole CRJ1XXX
CRJ139 Human Relations-Crim Just CRJ1XXX
CRJ140 Identity Theft & Awareness CRJ1XXX
CRJ141 Corrections Clients-Gwth CRJ1XXX
CRJ221 Compare Security Systems CRJ2XXX
CRJ225 Legal Investigations. CRJ2XXX
CRJ234 Criminalistic:crim Invest CRJ2XXX
CRJ235 Comp Frnsc/Cyber Crime Invest. CRJ1XXX
CRJ251 Criminal Law CRJ2XXX
CRJ252 Criminal Procedure CRJ2XXX
CRJ253 Legal Issues-Corrections CRJ2XXX
CRJ254 Legal Issues In Security. CRJ2XXX
CRJ285 Topics Crim Justice CRJ2XXX
CRJ286 Topics Cor/Probat CRJ2XXX
CRJ287 Police Academy GEN2XXX Fall 2008
CRJ287 Top Security/Investigate. CRJ2XXX
CRJ291 Criminal Justice Internsh CRJ2XXX
CRJ292 Criminal Justice Internsh CRJ2XXX
CS020 Prin Of Data Processing ET1XXX
CS021 Rpg-Rep Program Generator ET1XXX
CS022 Computer Operation ET1XXX
CS023 Fortran CSC1120
CS024 Cobol Programming CSC1140
CS026 Basic Lang Program CSC1XXX
CS12 Assembly Lang Prog I. GEN1XXX
CS13 Assembly Lang Prog Ii. GEN1XXX
CS20 Prin Of Data (Af) ET1XXX
CS21 Rpg-Rep Prog Generator. GEN1XXX
CS22 Computer Operations. GEN1XXX
CS23 Fortran Iv. CSC1120
CS24 Cobol Programming CSC1140
CS27 Systems Analysis. CSC1XXX
CSCO100 "Csco" Networking Courses GEN1XXX
CSCO140 Internetworking I EET1XXX
CSCO190 Internetworking Ii EET1XXX
CSCO240 Internetworking Iii GEN2XXX
CSCO290 Internetworking Iv. ET1XXX
D10 Intro Indust Drafting GEN1XXX
D10.1 Intro Graph Interpretation ET1140
D11 Tech Descript Geometry GEN1XXX
D12 Basic Industrial Dsgn GEN1XXX
D13 Die Design GEN1XXX
D14 Machine Elem Drafting GEN1XXX
DNC110 Beginning Folk Dance DNC1XXX
DNC111 Intermediate Folk Dance DNC1XXX
DNC121 Beginning Tap DNC1XXX
DNC131 Begin Ballroom DNC1XXX
DNC132 Intermediate Ballroon DNC1XXX
DNC133 Advanced Ballroom DNC1XXX
DNC135 Dance Appreciation DNC1XXX
DNC141 Beginning Ballet DNC1XXX
DNC142 Intermediate Ballet DNC1XXX
DNC143 Advanced Ballet DNC3200
DNC151 Beginning Modern Dance DNC1XXX
DNC152 Intermed Modern Dance. DNC1020
DNC153 Advanced Modern Dance DNC4010
DNC161 Beginning Jazz Dance DNC2610
DNC162 Intermediate Jazz Dance DNC1XXX
DNC163 Advanced Jazz Dance DNC1XXX
DNC200 Dance History DNC2310
DNC210 Dance Production DNC3310
DNC221 College Dance Company DNC5610
DNC222 College Dance Company DNC5610
DNC223 College Dance Company DNC5610
DNC224 College Dance Company DNC5610
DNC225 Dance Improvisation DNC2XXX
DNC226 Special Tech Align Move DNC2XXX
DNC230 Begin Choreography DNC2500
DNC237 Dance In Musical Theatre DNC2XXX
DNC240 Method Teach Child Dance DNC2XXX
DNC250 Dance Teach Method Pract DNC2XXX
DNC265 Directed Study In Dance DNC2XXX
DNCA121 Beginning Tap DNC1XXX
DNCA131 Begin Ballroom DNC1XXX
DNCA132 Intermediate Ballroom DNC1XXX
DNCA133 Advanced Ballroom DNC1XXX
DNCA141 Beginning Ballet DNC1XXX
DNCA142 Intermediate Ballet DNC1XXX
DNCA143 Advanced Ballet DNC3200
DNCA151 Beginning Modern Dance DNC1XXX
DNCA152 Intermed Modern Dance. DNC1020
DNCA153 Advanced Modern Dance DNC4010
DNCA161 Beginning Jazz Dance DNC2610
DNCA162 Intermediate Jazz Dance DNC1XXX
DNCA163 Advanced Jazz Dance DNC1XXX
DNCA221 College Dance Company I DNC5610
DNCA222 College Dance Company Ii DNC5610
DNCA223 College Dance Company Iii DNC5610
DNCA224 College Dance Company Iv DNC5610
DNCA230 Begin Choreography DNC2500
DNCA253 Adv Modern Dance. DNC1020
DR31 Theatre Fundamentals THR1XXX
DR32 Acting And Directing THR1XXX
DR33 Technical Theatre THR1XXX
DR34.2 Character For Actors THR1XXX
DR37.1 Summer Theatre Workshp THR1XXX
DR39 More Info From Student GEN1XXX
DRAF100 Intro Graphic Interpretation ET1XXX
DRAF110 Intro Industrial Drafting ET2140
DRAF120 Intro To Cad. ET2140
DRAF122 Solidworks Level I GEN1XXX
DRAF123 Intro To Catia ET1XXX
DRAF124 Solidworks Level Ii-Adv GEN1XXX
DRAF125 Catia V5 Level Ii GEN1XXX
DRAF126 Solidworks Level Iii-Apps GEN1XXX
DRAF127 Catia V5 Level Iii GEN1XXX
DRAF130 Technical Descriptive Geometry ET1XXX
DRAF131 Ug Nx Level I-Intro ET1XXX
DRAF132 Ug Nx Level Ii-Intermed ET1XXX
DRAF133 Ug Nx Level Iii-Adv ET1XXX
DRAF134 Ug Nx Level Iv-Apps ET1XXX
DRAF140 Basic Industrial Detail ET1XXX
DRAF142 Industrial Detailing ET1XXX
DRAF210 Die Design ET1XXX
DRAF220 Mach Element Drafting ET1XXX
DRAF230 Jigs Fixtures Tool ET1XXX
DRAF240 Product Drawing ET1XXX
DRAF250 Advanced Cad Applications I. ET1XXX
DRAF255 Adv Techniques ET2XXX Fall 2014
DRAF255 Advanced Cad Applications Ii. ET1XXX
DRAF260 Advanced Cad Applications. ET2140
DRAF297 Spec Topics Ind Draft Tech GEN2XXX
DRAF298 Spec Topics Ind Draft Tech GEN2XXX
E10 Basic Electricity EET1XXX
E10.1 Related Electronic GEN1XXX
E11 Intro Semicnd & El EET1XXX
E12 Dir Curr Cir EET1XXX
E13 Intro Pulse/L EET1XXX
E14 Basic Electronic Circuitry EET1XXX
E15 Digitl Comp P EET2XXX
E16 Alt Curr Circ & Ma EET2XXX
E17 Advanced Circuit Analysis EET2XXX
E18 Industrial Electronics EET2XXX
E19 Intro To Micr EET2720
E22 Microprocesso GEN1XXX
EC60 Basic Economics ECO1000
ECN102 Economics ECO2010
ECO051 Prin Economics ECO2020
ECO052 Prin Economics ECO2010
ECOL30 Sci Tech And Society SOC1XXX
EDU201 Intro To Education. TED2200
EDU202 Intro To Education Prac. TED2205
EDU250 Humanities/Perform ED2XXX
EDU256 Educational Psychology EDP3310
EDU260 Hist/Civics In Elem Schools SSE5720
EDU295 Except Child Early Childhood SED2XXX
EDU296 Exceptional Child TED2220
EG31 Engineering Drawing ME1140
ELEC103 Basic Electricity. EET2000
ELEC105 Comp Servicing/Upgrading. EET1XXX
ELEC106 Basic Electronics EET1XXX
ELEC108 Survey Digital Electronic EET1XXX
ELEC110 Basic Electricity EET1XXX
ELEC115 Digital Circuits I. EET2100
ELEC120 Basic Hydraulics EET1XXX
ELEC125 Comp Serv Upgrade EET1XXX
ELEC130 Intro Semiconductor Devic EET1XXX
ELEC145 Ac/Dc Rotating Machines. EET1XXX
ELEC150 Computer Assisted Circuit EET1XXX
ELEC155 Analog Electronics. EET1XXX
ELEC160 Direct Current Circuits EET1XXX
ELEC170 Pneumatic Logic Circuits EET1XXX
ELEC175 Intro Pulse/Logic Circuit EET1XXX
ELEC180 Basic Electronic Circuit EET1XXX
ELEC185 Pneumatics EET1XXX
ELEC190 Electronics Tech Co-Op. Does not transfer
ELEC195 Ac/Dc Circuit Analysis. EET2000
ELEC200 Ladder Diag Motor Control. EET2XXX
ELEC205 Analog Electronics Ii EET2XXX
ELEC210 Alternating Current EET2XXX
ELEC215 Digital Circuits Ii. EET2XXX
ELEC220 Power Systems/Mechanical EET2XXX
ELEC230 Adv Circuit Analysis EET2XXX
ELEC240 Digital Computer Principl EET2XXX
ELEC245 Program Logic Controller. EET2720
ELEC255 Instrumentation Systems. EET2XXX
ELEC260 Automation Controls Robot EET2XXX
ELEC270 Instrumentation Ii EET2XXX
ELEC275 Industrial Electronic Sys EET2XXX
ELEC280 Intro Microprocessors EET2720
ELEC281 Automation/Robotics 2 EET2XXX
ELEC283 Instrument/Labview 2 EET2XXX
ELEC285 Microprocessor Systems EET2XXX
ELEC290 Co-Op Elec Tech Does not transfer
ELEC295 Microprocessor Systems. EET2720
ELEC297 Spec Topics Elect Tech Does not transfer
ELEC298 Spec Topics Elect Tech Does not transfer
ELI001 Ell Integrated Skills 1 Does not transfer
ELI002 Ell Integrated Skills 2 Does not transfer
ELI003 Ell Integrated Skills 3 Does not transfer
ELI004 Ell Integrated Skills 4 Does not transfer
ELI005 Ell Integrated Skills 5 Does not transfer
ELI006 Ell Integrated Skills 6 Does not transfer
ELI008 Comp Assisted Indiv Learn Does not transfer
ELI009 Pron & Conv Non-Native Speaker Does not transfer
ELI010 Pharmacy Coll Admiss Prep Test Does not transfer
ELI014 Advanced Reading & Vocabulary Does not transfer
ELI015 Advanced Grammar & Spelling Does not transfer
ELI041 Ell Intermediate I Does not transfer
ELI042 Ell Intermediate I Does not transfer
ELI043 Ell Intermediate I Does not transfer
ELI044 Ell Intermediate I Lis Does not transfer
ELI050 Interm Prep Reading/Writing Does not transfer
ELI060 Advanced Prep Reading/Writing Does not transfer
ELI061 Ell Advanced I Reading Does not transfer
ELI062 Ell Advanced I Writing Does not transfer
ELI063 Ell Advanced I Grammar Does not transfer
ELI064 Ell Advanced I Listening Does not transfer
ELI101R Ell Read & Listen/Speak 1 Does not transfer
ELI101W Ell Writing & Grammar 1 Does not transfer
ELI102R Ell Read & Listen/Speak 2 Does not transfer
ELI102W Ell Writing & Grammar 2 Does not transfer
ELI103R Ell Read & Listen/Speak 3 Does not transfer
ELI103W Ell Writing & Grammar 3 Does not transfer
ELI104C Ell Comm: Interm O Does not transfer
ELI104R Ell Read & Listen/Speak 4 Does not transfer
ELI104W Ell Writing & Grammar 4 Does not transfer
ELI105C Ell Comm: Vocabulary Does not transfer
ELI105R Ell Read & Study Skills 5 Does not transfer
ELI105W Ell Writing & Grammar 5 Does not transfer
ELI106C Ell Comm: Advanced Does not transfer
ELI106R Ell Read & Study Skills 6 Does not transfer
ELI106W Ell Writing & Grammar 6 Does not transfer
ELI107T Ell Toefl Preparation Does not transfer
ELI108P Ell Pronounciation/Conv Does not transfer
ELI109G Ell Grammar Power Does not transfer
EMAT51 Science Of Materials GEN1XXX
EMCH53 Statics ME2400
EMS100 Basic Fundamentals GEN1XXX
EMS106 Basic Procedures GEN1XXX
EMS107 Basic Procedures Lab GEN1XXX
EMS109 Basic Clinical Externship GEN1XXX
EMS200 Paramedic I GEN2XXX
EMS205 Paramedic Lab I GEN2XXX
EMS206 Paramedic Procedures Lab I GEN2XXX
EMS210 Paramedic Ii GEN2XXX
EMS215 Paramedic Lab Ii GEN2XXX
EMS216 Paramedic Procedures Lab Ii GEN2XXX
EMS220 Paramedic Iii GEN2XXX
EMS225 Paramedic Lab Iii GEN2XXX
EMS226 Paramed Procedures Lab Iii GEN2XXX
EMS230 Paramedic Iv GEN2XXX
EMS240 Paramedic V GEN2XXX
EMS290 Advanced Clinical I GEN2XXX
EMS291 Paramedic Clinical GEN2XXX
EMS292 Paramedic Clinical GEN2XXX
EMS293 Paramedi Clinical GEN2XXX
EMS295 Advanced Clinical Ii GEN2XXX
EMS299 Advanced Clinical Iii GEN2XXX
EMT100 Basic Fundamentals GEN1XXX
EMT106 Basic Procedures GEN1XXX
EMT109 Basic Clinical Externship Does not transfer
EMT200 Specialist/Paramedic Ess GEN2XXX
EMT210 Specialist/Paramedic Hemo GEN2XXX
EMT220 Specialist/Paramedic Airw GEN2XXX
EMT230 Specialist/Paramedic Proc GEN2XXX
EMT250 Paramedic I GEN2XXX
EMT260 Paramedic Cardiology GEN2XXX
EMT270 Paramedic Pharmacology GEN2XXX
EMT285 Paramedic Procedures GEN2XXX
EMT290 Specialish/Paramedic Ext GEN2XXX
EMT295 Paramedic Externship Does not transfer
EMT30.40 Emergency Med HE1XXX
EMT3040 Emergency Med Technician LFA2330
ENG011 Comp/Lit And Tech Skills Does not transfer
ENG028 Fund Of Writing Does not transfer
ENG031 Composition ENG1020
ENG032 Composition Cont ENG2XXX
ENG051 Intro To Literature ENG1XXX
ENG068 Masterpiece Of Lit ENG1XXX
ENG073 Ell Toefl Preparation Does not transfer
ENG074 Grammar Power Does not transfer
ENG075 Ell Pronounciatn/Convrstn Does not transfer
ENG076 College Read Lab-Net/Compass Does not transfer
ENG077 Pronunciation-Non-Native Does not transfer
ENG078 Developmnt Read-Non-Nativ Does not transfer
ENG079 Basic Reading Does not transfer
ENG080 Review-Grammr/Punctuation Does not transfer
ENG081 Developmentl College Read Does not transfer
ENG082 Academic Reading, Speaking Does not transfer
ENG083 College Reading Lab Does not transfer
ENG084 College Reading Lab Does not transfer
ENG086 College Writing Lab Does not transfer
ENG087 College Reading Laboratory Does not transfer
ENG088 Basic Writing:sent-Paragrph Does not transfer
ENG089 Vocabulary Build/Spelling Does not transfer
ENG090 Study Skills Does not transfer
ENG091 English-Non-Native Speak Does not transfer
ENG092 Basic Writing For Ell Does not transfer
ENG093 Basic Writng:paragph-Essay Does not transfer
ENG094 Alp: Reading & Writing Does not transfer
ENG095 Fund Of Writing Ii Does not transfer
ENG095E Alp For Ell" Reading Does not transfer
ENG098 Study Skills Does not transfer
ENG099 Funds Of English Does not transfer
ENG1 Composition ENG1020
ENG10 Comp/Lit And Tech ENG1020
ENG100 Fund Read & Writ Does not transfer
ENG101 College Reading Does not transfer
ENG102 Read & Comp ENG2XXX
ENG11 Comp/Lit & Tech Sk ENG1XXX
ENG110 Comp/Lit & Tech Comm Does not transfer
ENG111 Comp/Lit & Tech Comm Does not transfer
ENG120 Grammar Essentials Does not transfer
ENG121 Assisting-Elem Reading. Does not transfer
ENG131 Intro College Writing ENG1020
ENG131A Intro Coll Writing(Alp) ENG1020
ENG131E Intro College Writing ENG1020
ENG131H Hon Intro Coll Writing ENG1020
ENG132 College Writing/Research ENG3010
ENG132H Hon Writing/Research ENG3010
ENG133H Composition-Honors ENG2XXX
ENG133H Composition-Honors ENG3010 Fall 2018
ENG135 Business/Techn Writing. ENG3050
ENG139 Creative Writing ENG2800
ENG17 Develop Coll Reading Does not transfer
ENG18 College Rad (Af) Does not transfer
ENG19.1 Coll Reading Labor Does not transfer
ENG19.2 Coll Reading Labor Does not transfer
ENG2 Composition Con't ENG2XXX
ENG231 Int-Lit:poetry/Drama ENG2XXX
ENG232 Intro To The Short Story ENG2XXX
ENG233 Intro To The Novel ENG2XXX
ENG234 Topics In Literature ENG2XXX
ENG235 Amercn Lit Before 1900 ENG3130
ENG236 American Autobiography ENG2XXX
ENG237 American Lit Since 1900 ENG3140
ENG239 Modern Amer Poetry ENG2XXX
ENG241 Shakespeare ENG2200
ENG243 Women's Lives-Lit ENG2XXX
ENG245 Bible As Literature ENG2500
ENG246 Intro Children's Lit ELE6200
ENG247 Eur Continental Fict ENG2XXX
ENG248 African American Lit ENG3470
ENG25.1 Coll Writing Labor Does not transfer
ENG25.2 Coll Writing Labor/Comp Does not transfer
ENG28 Fund Of Writing Does not transfer
ENG295 Directed Study In English GEN2XXX
ENG296 Directed Study In English GEN2XXX
ENG297 Directed Study In English GEN2XXX
ENG30.1 Rev Of Gram & Punc Does not transfer
ENG30.2 Vocab Bld/Spll Imprvment Does not transfer
ENG31 English Composition ENG1020
ENG32 Composition Contin ENG2XXX
ENG37 Professional Communication Does not transfer
ENG50.3 Works Kurt Vonnegu ENG2XXX
ENG51 Intro To Literature ENG1XXX
ENG53 Amer Lit 1833-1900 ENG2XXX
ENG54 Amer Lit 1900-Pres ENG2XXX
ENG56 Amer Lit 1833-1940 ENG2XXX
ENG57 Shakespeare ENG2200
ENG74 Grammar Power Does not transfer
ENG75 Ell Pronounciation/Conv Does not transfer
ENG95E Alp For Eng Lang Learner Does not transfer
ENGR1000 Intro To Engineering BE1XXX
ENGR101 Intro Engg Design (Ied) ET1XXX
ENGR102 Principles Of Engg (Poe) ET1XXX
ENGR103 Civil Engg & Arch (Cea) ET1XXX
ENGR104 Digital Electronics (De) EET1XXX
ENGR105 Biotechnical Engg (Be) ET1XXX
ENGR106 Comp Integ Manufact (Cim) ET1XXX
ENGR107 Aerospace Engineering ET1XXX
ENGR108 Engg Dsgn & Development ET1XXX
ENGR121 Engin Design & 3D BE1XXX
ENGR125 Intro Computation Engineers. BE1500
ENGR130 Intro To Engineering BE1200
ENGR131 Engineering Drawing ET1140
ENGR131 Engineering Drawing ME1140
ENGR132 Descriptive Geometry ET1XXX
ENGR201 Science Of Materials. BE1300
ENGR201 Science Of Materials. ET2200
ENGR205 Digital Systems + Lab. ECE2610
ENGR231 Statics/Dynamics ET3030
ENGR231 Statics/Dynamics ME2400
ENGR232 Statics ET3030
ENGR232 Statics ME2410
ENGR233 Dynamics ET3050
ENGR233 Dynamics ME3400
ENGR235 Mechanics Of Materials ET3XXX
ENGR235 Mechanics Of Materials ME2420
ENGR240 Circuits + Lab. ECE3300
ENGT245 Applied Statics ET2XXX
ENGT250 Machine Elements Dsgn ET2XXX
ENGT265 Mech Senior Project Does not transfer
ENT100 Basic Workplace Skills ET1XXX
ENT101 Intro Energy Technology ET1XXX
ENT102 Hvac Installation & Start-Up. ET1XXX
ENT103 Dc & Ac Electricity EET2000
ENT104 Heating Technology. MCT1XXX
ENT105 Intro To Rach. MCT1XXX
ENT106 Sheet Metal Fabrication ET1XXX
ENT107 Applied Instrumentaiton ET1XXX
ENT108 Intro Heating/Cooling ET1XXX
ENT109 Hvac Installation & Start-Up ET1XXX
ENT110 Heating Systems Maintnce ET1XXX
ENT113 Refrigeration Technology ET1XXX
ENT114 Refrigeration Systems ET1XXX
ENT115 Rach Systems Maintenance ET1XXX
ENT116 Heating Systems Trouble ET1XXX
ENT117 Refrigeration Systems ET1XXX
ENT118 Rach Systems Troubleshoot ET1XXX
ENT119 Air Conditioning Tech Does not transfer
ENT122 Data Logging Appl For Energy. ET1XXX
ENT123 Home Tech Systems Design. ET1XXX
ENT124 Construction Blueprint Reading Does not transfer
ENT125 Steam/Hot Water Heat Sys. CMT2XXX
ENT131 Residential Energy Conser ET1XXX
ENT132 Commercial Energy Managem ET1XXX
ENT141 Power Engineering I Does not transfer
ENT143 Power Engineering I ET1XXX
ENT144 Power Engineering Ii ET1XXX
ENT145 Power Engineering Ii Does not transfer
ENT190 Energy Management Intern ET1XXX
ENT192 Energy Management Practic ET1XXX
ENT196 Energy Management Indepen ET1XXX
ENT201 Applied Instrumentation ET1XXX
ENT212 Light Commercial Heating ET1XXX
ENT214 Mechanical Code Refrigera ET1XXX
ENT215 Mechanical Code Heating ET1XXX
ENT216 Light Commercial Refriger ET1XXX
ENT219 Rach Light Commercial Sys ET1XXX
ENT230 Michigan Mechanical Contr ET1XXX
ENT231 Applied Digital Control ET1XXX
ENT235 Industrial Controls Calib ET1XXX
ENT240 Control Systems:microproc ET1XXX
ENT241 Refrigerator Operator ET1XXX
ENT242 Power Engineering Iv ET1XXX
ENT244 Power Engineering V ET1XXX
ENT245 Power Engineeering Iii ET1XXX
ENT247 Plant/Building Operation ET1XXX
ENT248 Power Engineering 1St Cla ET1XXX
ENT250 Systems Design-Residentia ET1XXX
ENT251 Sys Design-Commercial ET1XXX
ENT252 Intro Green Build Strategy. CMT2XXX
ENT255 Leed Green Build Cert Prep. MCT1XXX
ENT256 Power Engineering Iii Does not transfer
ENT259 Power Engineering Iv Does not transfer
ENT260 Energy Systs Mgmt Does not transfer
ENT265 Energy Systems Design Does not transfer
ENT266 Solar Energy Heating ET1XXX
ENT267 Bid/Estim For Mech Contractor Does not transfer
ENT269 Project Management. ET5870
ENT297 Spec Topics Energy Tech Does not transfer
ENT298 Spec Topics Energy Tech Does not transfer
ENVS300 Sent To Department Does not transfer
FM105 Confined Space Rescue GEN1XXX
FM115 Hazmaat Operations Level GEN1XXX
FM125 Incident Command System GEN1XXX
FM135 Live Fire Training GEN1XXX
FM190 Fire Fighting Externship Does not transfer
FP10 Basic Hydraulics ET1XXX
FP11 Pneumtic Log ET1XXX
FR31 Elem Fren 1St Sem FRE1010
FR32 Elem Fren Cont 2Nd FRE1020
FR41 Elem Conv & Grammar FRE1020
FRE091 Intro-French Grammar I Does not transfer
FRE092 Intro-French Grammar Ii Does not transfer
FRE093 Intro-French Grammar Iii Does not transfer
FRE094 Intro-French Grammar Iv Does not transfer
FRE131 Elementary French I FRE1010
FRE132 Elementary French Ii FRE1020
FRE141 Elem Conversation In French Does not transfer
FRE231 Second Year French Iii FRE2010
FRE232 Second Year French Iv FRE2100
FRE290 Study Abroad Fre Lang/Cult. FRE2XXX
FRE295 Directed Study In French FRE2XXX
FRE296 Directed Study In French FRE2XXX
FRE296H Hon-Dir Stdy In French FRE2XXX
FRE297 Directed Study In French FRE2XXX
FS201 Fire Investig: Origin & Causes GEN2XXX
GEOG032 World Regional Geog GPH1100
GEOG090 Supplement To Geography Does not transfer
GEOG131 Prin Physical Geography. GPH3400
GEOG132 World Regional Geog GPH1100
GEOG133 Geography Of Michigan GPH1XXX
GEOG134 Geography Of Michigan GPH2200
GEOG138 Geography Of Michigan GPH1XXX
GEOG221 Geography Of Middle East GPH2XXX
GEOG231 Geographic Info Systems GPH2XXX
GEOG31 Prin Physical Geography GPH3400
GEOL131 Physical Geology GEL1010
GEOL132 Historical Geology (+Lab) GEL1020
GEOL133 Geology Of Michigan GEL2000
GEOL31 Physical Geology GEL1010
GER091 Intro-German Grammar I Does not transfer
GER092 Intro-German Grammar Ii Does not transfer
GER093 Intro-German Grammar Iii Does not transfer
GER094 Intro-German Grammar Iv Does not transfer
GER131 Elementary German I GER1010
GER132 Elementary German Ii GER1020
GER141 Elem Conversation German. Does not transfer
GER231 Second Year German Iii GER2010
GER232 Second Year German Iv GER2020
GER290 Study Abroad Ger Lang/Cult. GER2XXX
GER295 Directed Study In German. GER2XXX
GER296 Directed Study In German. GER2XXX
GER297 Directed Study In German. GER2XXX
GER31 Elem German 1St Se GER1010
GER32 Elem German 2Nd Session GER1020
GIS131 Geospatial Technologies GPH1XXX
GIS231 Geographic Info Systems GPH2XXX
GIS232 Remote Sensing GPH2XXX
GIS233 Field Methods GPH2XXX
GIS270 Adv Gis Apps GPH2XXX
GIS271 Gis Custom & Program GPH2XXX
GIS272 Web Gis/Geodatabase Dsgn GPH2XXX
H12 Foods And Nutrition NFS1XXX
HC10 Heat Systems Maintenance Does not transfer
HC11 Heat Systems Trouble Does not transfer
HC12 Light Commercial Heating Does not transfer
HC14 Refrig Syst Maintenance Does not transfer
HC15 Refrig Syst Troubleshoot Does not transfer
HC16 Light Commercial Refrig Does not transfer
HC17 Rach Systems Maintenance Does not transfer
HC18 Rach Systems Trouble Does not transfer
HC19 Rach Light Commercial Does not transfer
HCS103 Employmnt Skill Hlth Care GEN1XXX
HCS106 Intro Phlebotomy GEN1XXX
HCS109 Phlebotomy Clinical GEN1XXX
HCS113 Basic Ekg Procedures GEN1XXX
HCS116 Ekg Interpretation GEN1XXX
HCS119 Ekg Clinical Practicum GEN1XXX
HCS124 Basic Health Assessment GEN1XXX
HCS131 Computers Health Care GEN1XXX
HCV09 Intro To Rach ET1XXX
HCV10 Heat Sys Main ET1XXX
HCV14 Refrigeration Does not transfer
HEP241 Emergency Med Training I GEN2XXX
HEP242 Emergency Med Training Ii GEN2XXX
HEP245 Emergency Med Trainng Adv GEN2XXX
HEP246 Emerg Med Training Clinc GEN2XXX
HEP31.2 8 Softball I LFA1XXX
HEP31.2 9 Swimming I LFA1XXX
HHS100 Intro To Soc Work SW1010
HHS101 Intro To Counseling And Interv SW1XXX
HHS102 Intro To Interpersonal Theory SW1XXX
HHS110 Behavior Tech Intro SW1XXX
HHS201 Mental Health Technician I SW2XXX
HHS202 Mental Health Technician Ii SW2XXX
HHS205 Adaptive Play And Rec Integrat SW2XXX
HHS215 Child Life Specialist Asst SW2XXX
HHS290 Child Life Spec Asst Co-Op Does not transfer
HIS051 History Of Us I HIS2040
HIS236 American Civil War HIS2XXX
HIST057 History Of England To 1714 HIS1XXX
HIST090 Supplement To History Does not transfer
HIST111 Ancient World Hist. HIS1000
HIST112 Early Mod Wrld Hist. HIS1000
HIST113 Modern World Hist. HIS1300
HIST125 Modern Middle East NE2040
HIST130 History England To 1688 HIS1XXX
HIST151 American History I HIS2040
HIST152 American History Ii HIS2050
HIST152H Honors Hist Am From 1865 HIS2050
HIST155 Afro-American History HIS2XXX
HIST157 History-Women In The Us HIS1XXX
HIST160 Us Social Hist Since 1875 HIS1XXX
HIST162 American Labor Movement HIS1XXX
HIST165 History Of Michigan HIS2240
HIST222 Hist Of Rome 753Bce-500Ce HIS2XXX
HIST225 The Modern Middle East NE2040
HIST226 Hist Of England To 1688 HIS2XXX
HIST230 History Of England To 1688 HIS2XXX
HIST235 The Era Of The Vietnam War HIS2XXX
HIST236 The American Civil War HIS2XXX
HIST237 Cold War 1917-1991 HIS2XXX
HIST238 History Of Rome. HIS2XXX
HIST239 Colonial America. HIS2XXX
HIST240 Coming To The New World. HIS2XXX
HIST241 The Revolutionary War Era. HIS2XXX
HIST242 United States & World War Ii HIS2XXX
HIST243 African-American History HIS2XXX
HIST244 Sea Power! History Us Navy. HIS2XXX
HIST248 Coming To The New World HIS2XXX
HIST250 American Labor History HIS2XXX
HIST252 Hist Of Women In The Us HIS2XXX
HIST254 History Of Michigan HIS2240
HIST255 African-American History HIS2XXX
HIST256 Sea Power! History Us Navy HIS2XXX
HIST257 History Of Women In U. S. HIS2XXX
HIST258 The Revolutionary War Era HIS2XXX
HIST260 Amer Social History Since 1875 HIS2XXX
HIST261 The Modern Middle East NE2040
HIST262 American Labor History HIS2XXX
HIST265 History Of Michigan HIS2240
HIST268 Hist Of Sports In America. HIS2XXX
HIST270 American Civil War HIS2XXX
HIST273 Amer Social Hist Since 1875 HIS2XXX
HIST281 Global Cold War 1917-1991 HIS2XXX
HIST283 Us & Cold War 1917-1991 HIS2XXX
HIST285 Us & 2Nd Cold War HIS2XXX
HIST286 Us & The Vietnam War HIS2XXX
HIST295 Directed Study HIS2XXX
HIST295H Historical Methods HIS2XXX
HIST296 Directed Study HIS2XXX
HIST296H Historical Methods HIS2XXX
HIST297 Directed Study HIS2XXX
HIST297H Historical Methods HIS2XXX
HIST31 Intro Orient/Europ HIS1000
HIST31.3 Ancient History HIS1000
HIST31.6 Early Modern History HIS1000
HIST32 Modern World Civil HIS1300
HIST32.9 Modern History HIS1300
HIST33 History Of Michigan HIS2240
HIST41 Am Soc Since 1875 HIS1XXX
HIST50 History Us 1865-Present HIS2050
HIST51 History Us To 1865 HIS2040
HIST52 History Us From 1865 HIS2050
HIST54 Afro American History HIS2XXX
HIST57 History Of England - 1714 HIS1XXX
HIST58 His Engl 1714 To Pres HIS2XXX
HIT100 Medical Information Sci GEN1XXX
HIT150 Basic Coding/Theory Pract GEN1XXX
HIT161 Medical Info Processing GEN1XXX
HIT163 Electronic Imaging GEN1XXX
HIT170 Health Care Statistics GEN1XXX
HIT191 Clinical Applications GEN1XXX
HIT200 Legal Aspects Health Care GEN2XXX
HIT210 Health Care Delivery Syst GEN2XXX
HIT220 Quality Assurance GEN2XXX
HIT230 Ambulatory Coding GEN2XXX
HIT250 Advanced Coding GEN2XXX
HIT260 Supervisory Management GEN2XXX
HIT292 Hospital Practice GEN2XXX
HIT293 Specialized Practice GEN2XXX
HON131 Honors Colloquium HON2100
HON151 Honors Colloquium HON2100
HON161 Honors Colloquium GEN1XXX
HON231 Honors Directed Study HON2XXX
HON232 Honors Directed Study HON2XXX
HON233 Honors Directed Study HON2XXX
HON234 Honors Directed Study HON2XXX
HON235 Honors Directed Study Abroad HON2XXX
HON236 Hon Direct Study Serv Learn HON2XXX
HON251 Great Works ENG3100
HONORS151 Honors Colloquium HON2100
HONORS231 Honors Directed Study HON2XXX
HONORS232 Honors Directed Study HON2XXX
HONORS233 Honors Directed Study HON2XXX
HONORS234 Honors Directed Study HON2XXX
HONORS251 Great Works. ENG3100
HOS3300 Nutrition For Food Service. GEN1XXX
HOSP101 Wines Of The World GEN1XXX
HOSP103 Major Wine Grape Varieties GEN1XXX
HOSP105 Applied Foodservice Sanitation GEN1XXX
HOSP107 Artisanal Cheese/Craft Beer GEN1XXX
HOSP108 Creative Cookery GEN1XXX
HOSP109 Banquets/Catering GEN1XXX
HOSP110 Intro Hosp Indust GEN1XXX
HOSP115 International Cooking GEN1XXX
HOSP121 Intro Baking & Cooking GEN1XXX
HOSP123 Intro Profess Cook GEN1XXX
HOSP124 Intro To Prof Cooking Lab GEN1XXX
HOSP125 Intro To Prof Baking/Lab GEN1XXX
HOSP130 Food And Nutrition NFS2030
HOSP140 Adv Food Prep GEN1XXX
HOSP145 Ice Carving And Design GEN1XXX
HOSP150 Dining Room Service & Oper GEN1XXX
HOSP160 Hospitality Purchasing GEN1XXX
HOSP170 Food & Beverage Controls GEN1XXX
HOSP190 Hosp Studies Co-Op Does not transfer
HOSP210 Hotel/Rest Superv GEN1XXX
HOSP211 Intro To Hosp Industry GEN1XXX
HOSP215 International Cooking GEN1XXX
HOSP220 Intro Baking & Cooking GEN1XXX
HOSP221 Front Off Proced GEN1XXX
HOSP224 Culinary Skills/Nutr Cook GEN1XXX
HOSP225 Dining Room Captain GEN1XXX
HOSP226 Fundamentals Of Baking GEN1XXX
HOSP231 Advanced Baking & Pastry GEN1XXX
HOSP235 Ice Carving For Professional GEN1XXX
HOSP241 Garde Manager & Menu Planning GEN1XXX
HOSP245 Hotel & Restaurant Desserts GEN2XXX
HOSP250 Hosp & Trav Mark GEN2XXX
HOSP251 Dining Room Serv & Ops GEN2XXX
HOSP255 Professional Cake Decorating GEN2XXX
HOSP270 Facilities Management GEN2XXX
HOSP279 Culinary Arts I-Lecture GEN2XXX
HOSP280 Culinary Art, Food I GEN2XXX
HOSP285 Culinary Art, Food Ii GEN2XXX
HOSP290 Hospitality Studies Co-Op Does not transfer
HOSP297 Special Topics Hosp Studies GEN2XXX
HOSP298 Special Topics Hosp Studies GEN2XXX
HOSP309 Meetings & Event Planning GEN2XXX
HOSP310 Hospitality Supervision GEN2XXX
HOSP325 Dining Room Captain GEN2XXX
HOSP330 Food & Nutrition GEN2XXX
HOSP331 Modern & European Pastry GEN2XXX
HOSP340 A'la Carte & Buffet Cookery GEN2XXX
HOSP341 Garde Manger & Menu Plan GEN2XXX
HOSP360 Hospitality Purchasing GEN2XXX
HOSP370 Food & Beverage Controls GEN2XXX
HOSP421 Prof Strats For Culinarians GEN2XXX
HOSP490 Co-Op In Culinary Arts Does not transfer
HP31.4 Judo I LFA1XXX
HP51 Social Issues In Sports LFA1XXX
HP51.11A The Olympian LFA1XXX
HP51.12A Social Issues In Sports LFA1XXX
HPE031 Beginning Tennis LFA1XXX
HPE051 Theory Of Sport LFA1XXX
HPE1 Physical Education LFA1XXX
HPE101 Excercise & Jogging LFA1XXX
HPE102 Exercise And Jogging LFA1XXX
HPE103 Badminton I LFA1XXX
HPE104 Basketball I LFA1XXX
HPE105 Bowling I LFA1XXX
HPE107 Softball I LFA1XXX
HPE108 Swimming I LFA1XXX
HPE109 Tennis I LFA1XXX
HPE110 Volleyball I LFA1XXX
HPE112 Cycling I LFA1XXX
HPE114 Racquetball I LFA1XXX
HPE117 Weight Train/Physicl Cond LFA1XXX
HPE118 Weight Control/Exercise LFA1XXX
HPE12 Weight Train/Physicl Cond LFA1XXX
HPE120 Lifetime Fitness LFA1XXX
HPE121 Jazz Dance I DNC1XXX
HPE122 Modern Dance I DNC1XXX
HPE123 Social Dance DNC1XXX
HPE124 Beginning Tap Dance DNC1XXX
HPE125 Ballet I DNC1XXX
HPE126 Aerobic Dance LFA1XXX
HPE127 Aquacise LFA1XXX
HPE129 Judo Ii LFA1XXX
HPE132 Sports Officiating LFA1XXX
HPE133 Personal/Community Hlth HE2310
HPE134 Theory Of Basketball LFA1XXX
HPE135 The Olympics LFA1XXX
HPE136 Social Issues In Sports LFA1XXX
HPE140 Lifetime Wellness HE2310
HPE141 Intro Health & Wellness. NFS2030
HPE142 Advanced First Aid LFA2330
HPE145 Advanced First Aid/Cpr/Aed Tra LFA2330
HPE150 Physiology Of Exercise LFA1XXX
HPE151 Method Teaching Aerobic LFA1XXX
HPE152 Tests And Measurements LFA1XXX
HPE153 Nutrition (2 Credit Class) NFS1XXX
HPE154 Facility Equipment Mgt LFA1XXX
HPE155 Relaxation Techniques LFA1XXX
HPE156 Personal Training LFA1XXX
HPE157 Hlth Nutri Pe Teachers. LFA2XXX
HPE158 Intro To Nutrition. NFS3230
HPE160 Soccer I LFA1XXX
HPE161 Downhill Skiing LFA1XXX
HPE192 Internship Physical Ed Does not transfer
HPE2 Physical Education LFA1XXX
HPE200 Exercise Fac Equip Safety LFA2XXX
HPE204 Basketball Ii LFA2XXX
HPE205 Bowling Ii LFA2XXX
HPE206 Golf Ii LFA2XXX
HPE208 Swimming Ii LFA2XXX
HPE209 Tennis Ii LFA2XXX
HPE210 Volleyball Ii LFA2XXX
HPE212 Measuremnt/Prescript KIN2XXX
HPE214 Racquetball Ii LFA2XXX
HPE217 Weight Training Ii LFA1XXX
HPE220 Folk Dance Ii DNC2XXX
HPE221 Jazz Dance Ii DNC2XXX
HPE222 Modern Dance Ii DNC2XXX
HPE225 Ballet Ii DNC2XXX
HPE227 Dance For Musical Theatre DNC2XXX
HPE228 Endurance Swimming LFA2XXX
HPE231 Dance Company Technique DNC2XXX
HPE232 Water Safety Instructor. LFA2XXX
HPE241 Emer Med Training I GEN2XXX
HPE242 Emer Med Training Ii GEN2XXX
HPE245 Emt Advanced GEN2XXX
HPE246 Emt Clinical Does not transfer
HPE253 Nutrition For Prof. NFS2030
HPE260 Nutr, Hlth, Phys Ed For Teach. HE2XXX
HPE262 Hlth & Phys Ed & Elem Educ GEN2XXX
HPE265 Sports Psychology KHS5520
HPE30.1 0 Personal Health HE1XXX
HPE31 Exercise And Jogging LFA1XXX
HPE31.1 0 Exercise And Jogging LFA1XXX
HPE31.1 2 Weight Training/Phys LFA1XXX
HPE31.10 Exercise And Jogging LFA3XXX
HPE31.2 1 Badminton I LFA1XXX
HPE31.2 2 Basketball I LFA1XXX
HPE31.2 5 Golf I LFA1XXX
HPE31.2 7 Soccer I LFA1XXX
HPE31.2 8 Softball I LFA1XXX
HPE31.2 9 Swimming I LFA1XXX
HPE31.3 Volleyball I LFA1XXX
HPE31.3 0 Tennis I LFA1XXX
HPE31.3 1 Volleyball I LFA1XXX
HPE31.31 Volleyball I LFA3XXX
HPE31.4 1 Judo I LFA1XXX
HPE31.5 Aerobic Dance LFA1XXX
HPE31.6 0 General Activity C LFA1XXX
HPE3121 Badminton I LFA1XXX
HPE3130 Tennis I LFA3XXX
HPE32 Jazz Dance Ii DNC1XXX
HPE32.2 2 Basketball Ii LFA1XXX
HPE32.3 0 Tennis Ii LFA1XXX
HPE32.4 Recreational Games LFA1XXX
HPE51.11 The Olympics LFA1XXX
HPE51.2 4 Personal/Community Hlth HE2310
HPE58 Aerobic Dance LFA1XXX
HPEA104 Basketball I LFA1XXX
HPEA105 Bowling I LFA1XXX
HPEA109 Tennis I LFA1XXX
HPEA110 Volleyball I LFA1XXX
HPEA117 Weight Train/Physicl Cond LFA1XXX
HPEA120 Lifetime Fitness LFA1XXX
HPEA121 Pilates LFA1XXX
HPEA126 Aerobic Dance LFA1XXX
HPEA127 Aquacise LFA1XXX
HPEA155 Relax-Stress Mgmt LFA1470
HPEA204 Basketball Ii LFA2XXX
HPEA205 Bowling Ii LFA2XXX
HPEA209 Tennis Ii LFA2XXX
HPEA210 Volleyball Ii LFA2XXX
HPEA217 Weight Training Ii LFA2XXX
HPF30 Personal Health HE1XXX
HS10 Intro To Hospitality GEN1XXX
HS11 Intro To Quantity GEN1XXX
HS20 Front Office Procedures GEN1XXX
HST101 Wines Of The World GEN1XXX
HST103 Major Wine Grape Varietie GEN1XXX
HST105 Appl Foodservice Sanitatn GEN1XXX
HST107 Intro To Tourism GEN1XXX
HST108 Creative Cookery GEN1XXX
HST110 Intro To Hospitality GEN1XXX
HST120 Intro Quantity Food Prep GEN1XXX
HST121 Intro Quantity Food Prep GEN1XXX
HST122 Intro Quantity Food Lab GEN1XXX
HST123 Intro Prof Cooking-Lab GEN1XXX
HST130 Food/Nutrition NFS2030
HST140 Adv Food Preparation GEN1XXX
HST150 Dining Room Operation GEN1XXX
HST160 Food Beverage Purchasing GEN1XXX
HST170 Food Beverage Controls GEN1XXX
HST180 Culinary Art Food I GEN1XXX
HST185 Culinary Art Food Ii GEN1XXX
HST190 Hospitality Studies Co-Op Does not transfer
HST199 Directed Study GEN1XXX
HST210 Hotel/Restaurant Supervsn GEN2XXX
HST220 Front Office Procedures GEN2XXX
HST221 Front Office Procedures GEN2XXX
HST230 Pastry/Foods I GEN2XXX
HST240 Pastry/Foods Ii GEN2XXX
HST245 Hotel Restaurant Desserts GEN2XXX
HST250 Hospitality/Travel Market GEN2XXX
HST280 Culinary Art Food I GEN2XXX
HST285 Culinary Art Food Ii GEN2XXX
HST290 Hospitality Studies Co-Op Does not transfer
HUM101 Intro To Humanities MUH1340
HUM131 Honors Colloquium HON2100
HUM250 Visual & Perform Art Teach. AED2XXX
HUMA131 Colloquium GEN1XXX
ICO190 Industrial Co-Op Does not transfer
ICO191 Industrial Co-Op I Does not transfer
ICO192 Industrial Co-Op Ii Does not transfer
ICO193 Industrial Co-Op Does not transfer
ICO290 Co-Op In Industrial Tech Does not transfer
ICO291 Industrial Co-Op Iii Does not transfer
ICO292 Industrial Co-Op Iv Does not transfer
ICO293 Industrial Co-Op Does not transfer
INTR120 Drafting Interior Desgnrs. AIA1XXX
INTR130 Intro To Cad For I AIA1XXX
INTR131 Adv Cad For Interior Dsgn. AIA3XXX
INTR180 Design/User Needs. AIA4600
INTR181 Princ Of Design. AIA4600
INTR182 Int Design Mats/Compnts. AIA5610
INTR183 Perspective Drawing. AIA1610
INTR185 Kitchen/Bath Mats Est. AIA2XXX
INTR187 Comp Draft Kitchen/Bath. AIA2XXX
INTR250 Kitchen Design Studio. AIA2XXX
INTR251 Bath Design Studio. AIA2XXX
INTR255 Adv Kitchen/Bath Dsgn Studio. AIA3XXX
INTR2626 Spec Topics Interior Dsgn AIA2XXX
INTR280 Hist Dsgn:antiq-Pres. AID6XXX
INTR281 Rsdntl Design Studio. AIA3XXX
INTR283 Light/Env Sys Interiors. AIA5630
INTR284 Commrcl Design Studio. AIA2610
INTR285 Prof Pract Intr Dsgnrs. AIA6650
INTR287 Interior Dsgn Synth. AIA3XXX
INTR294 Kitchen & Bath Internship Does not transfer
INTR2993 Directed Study Int Design AIA2XXX
ITA131 Elementary Italian. ITA1010
ITA132 Elementary Italian. ITA1020
ITAL131 Elementary Italian I ITA1010
ITAL132 Elementary Italian Ii ITA1020
ITAL141 Elemen Conversation In Ital. Does not transfer
ITAL290 Study Abroad Ital Lang ITA2XXX
ITAL295 Directed Study In Italian. ITA2XXX
ITAL296 Directed Study In Italian. ITA2XXX
ITAL297 Directed Study In Italian. ITA2XXX
JOUR131 News Writing (1/2 2100) COM2XXX
JOUR132 Adv News Writing (2/2 2100) COM2XXX
JOUR134 Advertising COM1XXX
JOUR136 Free-Lance Feature COM1XXX
JOUR295 Business Manager COM2XXX
JOUR296 Copy Editor. GEN2XXX
JOUR297 Layout Editor. GEN2XXX
JOUR298 Journalism Internship. GEN2XXX
JOUR298 Online Editor COM3990 Fall 2014
JOUR299 Editor In Chief. GEN2XXX
JOUR31 Intro To News Writing COM2XXX
LGA101 Intro Legal Principles GEN1XXX
LGA102 Court Systems American GEN1XXX
LGA120 Intro Law & Paralegalism GEN1XXX
LGA121 Legal Writing/Research I GEN1XXX
LGA122 Legal Writing/Research Ii GEN1XXX
LGA123 Comp-Assist Legal Research Does not transfer Fall 2012
LGA123 Lexis/Westlaw GEN1XXX
LGA125 Legal Ethics GEN1XXX
LGA130 Trial Practice/Appeals GEN1XXX
LGA133 Wills/Trusts GEN1XXX
LGA135 Family Law GEN1XXX
LGA136 Probate Administration GEN1XXX
LGA137 Property Law GEN1XXX
LGA138 Corporate And Tax Law GEN1XXX
LGA139 Commercial Law Collection GEN1XXX
LGA140 Estate Planning GEN1XXX
LGA141 Personal Injury Litigatio GEN1XXX
LGA142 Employment Law GEN1XXX
LGA150 Case Management GEN1XXX
LGA292 Legal Assistant Internship Does not transfer
LGA293 Legal Assistant Internship Does not transfer
LGA294 Legal Assistant Internship Does not transfer
LGL100 Essential Paralega GEN1XXX
LGL110 Legal Ethics GEN1XXX
LGL115 Property Law GEN1XXX
LGL126 Legal Researcg GEN1XXX
LGL235 Contracts GEN2XXX
LGL240 Family Law GEN2XXX
LIT318 Afro-Amer Lit ENG2XXX
M10 Manufacturning Materials GEN1XXX
MAT025 Intermediate Algebra Does not transfer
MAT107 Basic Un Med Math Does not transfer
MAT110 Intermediate Algebra Does not transfer
MAT127 Medical Math Does not transfer
MAT150 Algebra Does not transfer
MAT151 Algebra 1/2 MAT1XXX
MAT180 Calculus I MAT2010
MAT204 Intro Statistics STA1020
MAT210 Intro Computer Trn CSC1000
MATH001 Math Learning Lab I Does not transfer
MATH010 Algebra Skills Review Does not transfer
MATH028 Trigonometry MAT1XXX
MATH031 Quanttative Reasoning MAT1XXX
MATH038 Prin Of Mathematics MAT1800
MATH041 Intro To Statistics STA1020
MATH064 Basic Mathematics Does not transfer
MATH070 Fund Of Arithmetic Does not transfer
MATH071 Pre-Alg Lab Does not transfer
MATH074 Prealgebra Does not transfer
MATH075 Pre-Algebra Does not transfer
MATH077 Preparation For Algebra Does not transfer
MATH0771 Whole Numbers, Integers Does not transfer
MATH0772 Fractions, Mixed Numbers Does not transfer
MATH0773 Decimals, Ratios Does not transfer
MATH0774 Measurement, Geometry Does not transfer
MATH078 Intro To Algebra I Does not transfer
MATH079 Intro To Algebra Ii Does not transfer
MATH080 Beginning Algebra Does not transfer
MATH081 Math Literacy Coll Students Does not transfer
MATH089 Intro Algebra Part I Does not transfer
MATH0891 Algebraic Expressions Does not transfer
MATH0892 Graphing Linear Equations Does not transfer
MATH0893 Systems Of Linear Equations Does not transfer
MATH0894 Exponents & Polynomials Does not transfer
MATH0A Fund Of Mathematics Does not transfer
MATH1 Beginning Algebra Does not transfer
MATH10 Albegra Skills Review Does not transfer
MATH100 Basic Technical Math ET1XXX
MATH101 Math Health Careers Does not transfer
MATH102 Mathematics Of Health I T. Does not transfer
MATH103 Technical Mathematics ET1XXX
MATH104 Math For Food Service Careers Does not transfer
MATH106 Technical Mathematics ET1XXX
MATH109 Intro Algebra Part Ii Does not transfer
MATH1091 Factoring Does not transfer
MATH1092 Functions, Rational Expr Does not transfer
MATH1093 Radicals Does not transfer
MATH1094 Quadratic Equations Does not transfer
MATH11 Pre-Algebra Placement Review Does not transfer
MATH110 Intermediate Algebra Does not transfer
MATH112 Trigonometry (For Tech) GEN1XXX
MATH113 College Algebra And Trig GEN1XXX
MATH115 College Algebra MAT1XXX
MATH120 Math-Elem Teachers I MAT1110
MATH121 Math Elem Teachers I MAT1110
MATH123 Math-Elem Teachers Ii MAT1120
MATH127 Topics-History Of Math GEN1XXX
MATH131 Math For Mod World. MAT1000
MATH14 Basic Tech Mathematics Does not transfer
MATH140 Intro To Statistics STA1020
MATH141 Intro To Statistics STA1020
MATH150 Finite Mathematics MAT1500
MATH153 Calculus-Business/Econ. MAT1XXX
MATH160 Comp Prog Fortran CSC1120
MATH165 Math For Calculus MAT1800
MATH170 Prin Of Mathematic MAT1800
MATH175 Precalculus MAT1800
MATH180 Calculus I MAT2010
MATH183 Calculus Ii MAT2020
MATH196 Math Reasong/Problem Solv MAT1XXX
MATH2 Plain/Solid Geometry Does not transfer
MATH20 Technical Mathematics ET1XXX
MATH21 Technical Math Continued ET1XXX
MATH221 Math Elem Teachers Ii MAT1120
MATH225 Math Elem Teachers Iii MAT1XXX
MATH25 Intermediate Algebra Does not transfer
MATH275 Discrete Mathematics. CSC1500
MATH275 Discrete Mathematics. CSC1501
MATH28 Trigonometry MAT1XXX
MATH280 Calculus Iii MAT2030
MATH283 Linear Algebra MAT2250
MATH286 Differential Equations MAT2350
MATH288 Differential Equations MAT2350
MATH289 Differential Equations MAT2350
MATH291 Topics In Mathematics. GEN2XXX
MATH292 Topics In Mathematics. GEN2XXX
MATH293 Topics In Mathematics. GEN2XXX
MATH296 Adv Topics In Calculus I MAT5890
MATH29A Coll Alg & Trig MAT1800
MATH30 Math Elementary Tchrs I MAT1110
MATH31 Math For Elem Tchrs Ii. MAT1120
MATH32 Intro To Computers CSC1120
MATH33 Finite Mathematics MAT1500
MATH35 Intro To Statistics STA1020
MATH38 Prin Of Mathematics MAT1800
MATH40 Comp Prog Fortran CSC1120
MATH41 Intro Stats Skills Review Does not transfer
MATH42 Calc I/Anal Geometry MAT2010
MATH48 Calc Ii/Analy Geometry MAT2020
MATH53 Calc Iii/Anlay Geometry MAT2030
MATH54 Calculus Iii MAT2030
MATH60 Elem Diff Equation/L MAT2350
MATH61 Linear Algebra MAT2250
MATH63 Differential Equations MAT2350
MATHA Fund Of Arithmetic Does not transfer
MATHA.2 Topics In Arithmetic Does not transfer
MC31 Intro To Mass Comm COM1500
MC32 Film Hist & Critic COM2020
MC55 Television Product COM5400
MC65 Television Practic COM5420
MC66 Television I COM1XXX
MDFS101 Philosophy Fire Protectio GEN1XXX
MDFS102 Modern Fire Fighting Tech GEN1XXX
MDFS103 Fund Municipal/Industrial GEN1XXX
MDFS104 Building Construction GEN1XXX
MDFS105 Fire Protection/Equip I GEN1XXX
MDFS106 Fire Protection/Equip Ii GEN1XXX
MDFS107 Basic Tech Math I GEN1XXX
MDFS108 Basic Tech Math Ii GEN1XXX
MDFS109 Fire Science Chemistry GEN1XXX
MDFS110 Fire Science Physics GEN1XXX
MDFS111 Fire Hydraulics/Water GEN1XXX
MDFS112 Hazardous Materials/Proce GEN1XXX
MDFS201 Fund Arson Investigation GEN2XXX
MDLA101 Intro Legal Principles GEN1XXX
MDLA102 Court Systems American GEN1XXX
MDLA103 Wills/Trusts GEN1XXX
MDLA104 Estate Planning GEN1XXX
MDLA105 Family Law GEN1XXX
MDLA106 Probate Administration GEN1XXX
MDLA107 Property Law GEN1XXX
MDLA108 Corporate And Tax Law GEN1XXX
MDLA109 Commercial Law Collection GEN1XXX
MDLA110 Trial Practice/Appeals GEN1XXX
MDLA111 Personal Injury Litigatio GEN1XXX
MDLA112 Employment Law GEN1XXX
MDLA113 Lexis/Westlaw GEN1XXX
MDLA121 Writing Practice Law GEN1XXX
MDLA122 Legal Writing/Research GEN1XXX
MDLA292 Legal Assistant Internshp Does not transfer
MDLA293 Legal Assistant Internshp Does not transfer
MDLA294 Legal Assistant Internshp Does not transfer
MDMA101 Personnel Management. GEN1XXX
MDMA102 Human Resources Managemen GEN1XXX
MDMA103 Prin Of Management. MGT2530
MDMA104 Industrial Economics GEN1XXX
MDMA106 Women In Management GEN1XXX
MDMA111 Effective Speech I GEN1XXX
MDMA112 Conference Leaders GEN1XXX
MDMA113 Rapid Reading. GEN1XXX
MDMA114 Report/Leter Writing. GEN1XXX
MDMA121 General Accounting GEN1XXX
MDMA122 Manufacturing Cost Acc GEN1XXX
MDMA123 Industrial Budgets Cost GEN1XXX
MDMA124 Elements Of Statistics GEN1XXX
MDMA125 Survey Computer Systems GEN1XXX
MDMA131 Intro To Supervision GEN1XXX
MDMA201 Industrial Psychology GEN2XXX
MDMA202 Labor-Management Relation GEN2XXX
MDMA204 Creative Problem Solving GEN2XXX
MDMA205 Quality Worklife/Employee GEN2XXX
MDMA223 Production/Inventory GEN2XXX
MDMA225 Material Requirments GEN2XXX
MDMA227 Purchasing GEN2XXX
MDMA231 Workers Comp Statute/Rule GEN2XXX
MDMA232 Workers Comp Techniques GEN2XXX
MDMA241 Independent Business GEN2XXX
MDPA101 Property Assess Admin Ia GEN1XXX
MDPA102 Property Assess Admin Ib GEN1XXX
MDPA103 Property Assess Admin Iia GEN1XXX
MDPA104 Property Assess Admin Iib GEN1XXX
MDPA105 Property Assessment I GEN1XXX
MDPA106 Property Assessment Ii GEN1XXX
MDPA201 Narrative Appraisal GEN2XXX
MDPA202 Building Codes Assessors GEN2XXX
MDPA203 Pubic Adminstration/Relat GEN2XXX
MDPA206 Appraisal Standard/Ethnic GEN2XXX
MDPA207 Personal Property Value GEN2XXX
MDPA208 Tax Tribunal GEN2XXX
MDPA209 Basic Income Approach GEN2XXX
MDPA210 Property Tax Law/Exempt GEN2XXX
MDPA211 Narrative Appraisal GEN2XXX
MDPA212 Property Appraisal Prin GEN2XXX
MDPA251 Advance Income Approach GEN2XXX
MDQC101 Intro To Quality Control. ET1XXX
MDQC102 Quality Management I GEN1XXX
MDQC103 Basic Quality Control. ET1XXX
MDQC105 Statistical Quality Cont. ET1XXX
MDQC107 Advanced Quality Control. ET1XXX
MDQC120 Industrial Print Reading GEN1XXX
MDQC121 Blueprint Reading. ET1XXX
MDQC122 Basic Process Eng'g. ET1XXX
MDQC123 Basic Process Engineering GEN1XXX
MDQC131 Presentation Techniques. ET1XXX
MDQC201 Quality Management Iv GEN2XXX
MDSP113 Stat Process Control GEN1XXX
MDSP254 Managing Productivity GEN2XXX
MDSP261 Japenese Language/Customs GEN2XXX
MDSP262 Arabic Language/Customs GEN2XXX
MDSP263 Korean Language/Customs GEN2XXX
MDSP264 Chinese Language/Customs GEN2XXX
MDSP265 Global Competition:managm GEN2XXX
MDSP271 Japanese Language Ii GEN2XXX
MDSP281 Japanese Language Iii GEN2XXX
MDSP291 Japanese Language Iv GEN2XXX
MDTT111 Transportation Manage I GEN1XXX
MDTT112 Transportation Manage Ii GEN1XXX
MDTT114 Transportation Law GEN1XXX
MDTT117 Princ Foreign Trade I GEN1XXX
MDTT118 Princ Foreign Trade Ii GEN1XXX
MDTT119 Materials Handling GEN1XXX
MDTT120 Transportation Economics GEN1XXX
MDTT121 Internal Log Trade GEN1XXX
MDTT201 Princ Air Transportation GEN2XXX
MDTT202 Freight Loss/Damage Claim GEN2XXX
MDTT203 Transportation Hazardous GEN2XXX
MDTT213 Physical Distribution GEN2XXX
MET091 Advanced Machine MIT1XXX
MET10 Manufacturing Process I MIT1XXX
MET100 Manufacturing Process I MIT3510
MET11 Manufacturing Process Ii Does not transfer
MET110 Manufacturing Process Ii MIT3510
MET120 Practical Problems I MIT1XXX
MET125 Practical Problems Ii MIT1XXX
MET130 Quality Control Gaging MIT1XXX
MET140 Intro To Cnc MIT1XXX
MET145 Cnc Operations MIT1XXX
MET150 Spc In Manufacturing MIT1XXX
MET160 Computer Assisted Program MIT1XXX
MET170 Adv Computer Assist Progr MIT1XXX
MET210 Non-Traditional Manufactu MIT1XXX
MET275 Adv Cnc Operations MIT1XXX
MFMT100 Workplace Skills Does not transfer
MFMT101 Energy Technology Apps. MCT1XXX
MFMT102 Applied Mechanical Skills. MCT1XXX
MFMT103 Indust Computer App Does not transfer Fall 2011
MFMT103 Indust Computer App. MCT1XXX
MFMT104 Exp Maint Tech I GEN1XXX
MFMT105 Basic Hvacr-Power. MCT1XXX
MFMT106 Maintenance Tech Ii. ET1XXX
MFMT107 Basic Electrical-Power. MCT1XXX
MFMT114 Energy Conservation Princpls. MCT1XXX
MFMT115 Boiler Heating Plnt Op MCT1XXX
MFMT116 Hp Boiler Op/Maintenance MCT1XXX
MFMT116A 3Rd Class Turbine/Engine Lic. MCT1XXX
MFMT151 Power & Process Plant Oper MCT1XXX
MFMT155 Data Acquisition: E & M Techs. MCT1XXX
MFMT162 Boiler Installer - Repair Lic. MCT1XXX
MFMT172 Intro To Process Tech Ops. MCT1XXX
MFMT174 Process Technology Ii Sys. MCT1XXX
MFMT192 Power Facilities Practicum. MCT1XXX
MFMT196 Independent Study. ET1XXX
MFMT204 Introduction To Embedding. ET1XXX
MFMT222 Manufacturing Fabrication. MCT2XXX
MFMT223 Facilities Fabrication. MCT2XXX
MFMT224 Automated Control Systems I. MCT2XXX
MFMT228 Building-Plant Maint I. MCT2XXX
MFMT229 Building-Plant Maint Ii. MCT2XXX
MFMT234 Facilities Capstone Project 1. MCT2XXX
MFMT235 Facilities Capstone Project 2. MCT2XXX
MFMT237 Psychology In The Workplace GEN2XXX
MFMT241 Pwr Engg-Refrig License MCT2XXX
MFMT248 Pwr Engg-Steam License MCT2XXX
MFTM102 Applied Mechanical Skill. ET1XXX
MGT130 Prin Of Management MGT2530
MGT131 Intro To Supervision GEN1XXX
MGT132 Human Resources Managemnt GEN1XXX
MGT134 Report/Letter Writing GEN1XXX
MGT201 Industrial Psychology GEN2XXX
MGT202 Labor-Management Relation GEN2XXX
MGT204 Creative Problem Solving GEN2XXX
MGT230 Principles Of Management MGT2530
MGT231 Supervision & Team. MGT1XXX
MGT232 Human Resources Management. MGT2XXX
MGT237 Psych In The Workplace. MGT2XXX
MGT238 Labor Management. MGT2XXX
MGT240 Creative Problem Solving GEN2XXX
MGT241 Independent Business GEN2XXX
MI000 Memory Improvement Does not transfer
MI091 Memory Improvement Does not transfer
MII101 Medical Imaging Info Basics GEN1XXX
MII102 Eval The Clinical Image GEN1XXX
MII201 Pacs Procurement & Proj Mgt GEN2XXX
MII202 Med Imaging Info Adv GENLEVEL
MII290 Clinical Externship Does not transfer
MIT100 Medical Information Sci GEN1XXX
MIT150 Basic Coding:theory Pract GEN1XXX
MIT161 Medical Info Processing GEN1XXX
MIT163 Electronic Imaging GEN1XXX
MIT170 Health Care Statistics GEN1XXX
MIT191 Clinical Applications GEN1XXX
MIT200 Legal Aspects Health Care GEN2XXX
MIT210 Health Care Delivery Sys GEN2XXX
MIT220 Quality Assurance GEN2XXX
MIT230 Supervise Management Tech GEN2XXX
MIT250 Advanced Coding GEN2XXX
MIT260 Supervisory Management GEN2XXX
MIT292 Hospital Practice GEN2XXX
MIT293 Specialized Practice GEN2XXX
MMT100 Intro Med Transcription GEN1XXX
MMT101 Topics/Med Transcription GEN1XXX
MMT105 Intro Med Transcription GEN1XXX
MMT130 Fund Med Transcription GEN1XXX
MMT151 Medical Transcription I GEN1XXX
MMT161 Medical Transcription Ii GEN1XXX
MMT165 Adv Med Transcription GEN1XXX
MMT170 Issues Med Transcription GEN1XXX
MMT180 Applied Med Transcription GEN1XXX
MMT190 Transcription Externship Does not transfer
MOA100 Medical Office Procedur I GEN1XXX
MOA101 Admin Medical Proc GEN1XXX
MOA110 Process Health Insurance GEN1XXX
MOA120 Medical Office Computer GEN1XXX
MOA121 Med Off Prof GEN1XXX
MOA122 Intro Med Asst Clinic Proced GEN1XXX
MOA124 Nursing Arts GEN1XXX
MOA125 Med English GEN1XXX
MOA129 Med Lab Proc GEN1XXX
MOA150 Medical Office Comp Ii GEN1XXX
MOA160 Basic X-Ray Techniques GEN1XXX
MOA165 Physician Billing Concepts GEN1XXX
MOA168 Facility Billing Concepts GEN1XXX
MOA170 Medical Correspondence GEN1XXX
MOA180 Computrized Medical Bill GEN1XXX
MOA181 Med Collection & Legal Issues GEN1XXX
MOA190 Medical Office Externship Does not transfer
MOA200 Adv Physician Billing GEN2XXX
MOA205 Insurance Coding & Reimburseme GEN2XXX
MOA24 Basic X-Ray Techniques GEN1XXX
MPS100 Mfg Process 1/2 (3510). MIT1XXX
MPS105 Print Read For Manufact MIT1XXX
MPS110 Mfg Process Ii 2/2 (3510). MIT1XXX
MPS120 Pract Prob In Machine Tool I. MIT1XXX
MPS125 Pract Prob In Machine Tools Ii MIT1XXX
MPS130 Quality Control Guaging. MIT1XXX
MPS140 Introduction To Cnc. MIT1XXX
MPS145 Cnc Operations. MIT1XXX
MPS146 Intro To Cnc Machine Tooling. ET1XXX
MPS147 Basic Macro Programming Cnc ET1XXX
MPS148 Advanced Cnc Problems. ET1XXX
MPS150 Spc In Manufacturing. MIT1XXX
MPS160 Comp Assisted N/C Program. MIT1XXX
MPS170 Adv Comp Assisted N/C Prog. MIT1XXX
MPS210 Non-Traditionl Manf'g Process. MIT1XXX
MPS275 Advanced Cnc Operations MIT1XXX
MPS297 Special Topics In Mps MIT2XXX
MPS298 Special Topics In Mps MIT2XXX
MRT100 Med Record Science GEN1XXX
MRT160 Med Trans Pt. I GEN1XXX
MRT20 Medical Terminology I GEN1XXX
MS82 Legal Office Procedure GEN1XXX
MST071 Personnel Management I GEN1XXX
MST080 Safety Administration I GEN1XXX
MST71 Personnel Management I ET1XXX
MST71 Personnel Management I GEN1XXX
MST71.1 Personnel Management Ii GEN1XXX
MST71.1 5 Small Business Management GEN1XXX
MST71.2 Industrial Psychology GEN1XXX
MST71.3 Prin Of Management GEN1XXX
MST71.4 Industrial Economics GEN1XXX
MST71.8 Creative Prob Solving GEN1XXX
MST72 Effective Speech I GEN1XXX
MST72.3 Rapid Reading GEN1XXX
MST72.4 Report/Letter Writing GEN1XXX
MST73 General Accounting GEN1XXX
MST73.5 Survey Computer System GEN1XXX
MST80.2 Safty Laws & Regulation GEN1XXX
MST82 Intro Legal Principles GEN1XXX
MST82.1 Court Syst Amer Justice GEN1XXX
MST82.1 1 Legal Writing Reference GEN1XXX
MST82.1 2 Writing In Law Practice GEN1XXX
MST82.2 Family Law GEN1XXX
MST82.3 Probate Administration GEN1XXX
MST82.4 Wills Trust GEN1XXX
MST82.5 Estate Planning GEN1XXX
MST82.6 Trial Practice Appeal GEN1XXX
MST82.7 Corporation Tax Law GEN1XXX
MST82.8 Property Law GEN1XXX
MST82.9 Commercial Law Collect GEN1XXX
MT10 Bas Mack Tls Proc GEN1XXX
MTI1000 Machin Train Inst: Focus Hope ET1XXX
MTT100 Machine Tool Processes I ET1XXX
MTT105 Print Read For Manufact ET1XXX
MTT110 Machine Tool Processes Ii ET1XXX
MTT120 Pract Prob Machine Tools I ET1XXX
MTT125 Pract Prob Machine Tools Ii ET1XXX
MTT130 Qc Gaging & Inspection ET1XXX
MTT140 Intro To Cnc ET1XXX
MTT145 Cnc Operations ET1XXX
MTT146 Intro Machine Tool Probing ET1XXX
MTT147 Basic Macro Program Cnc ET1XXX
MTT148 Adv Cnc Probing ET1XXX
MTT150 Spc In Manufacturing ET1XXX
MTT160 Comp Assist N/C Program ET1XXX
MTT170 Adv Comp Assist N/C Prog ET1XXX
MTT275 Adv Cnc Operations ET2XXX
MTT297 Spec Topics In Mtt ET2XXX
MTT298 Spec Topics In Mtt ET2XXX
MUS101 Hfcc Metro Youth Band Does not transfer
MUS102 Hfcc Metro Youth Band Does not transfer
MUS103 Hfcc Metro Youth Band Does not transfer
MUS104 Hfcc Metro Youth Band Does not transfer
MUS106 Piano For The Non-Major I MUA1710
MUS107 Chorus 1 MUA2840
MUS108 Chorus 2 MUA2840
MUS109 Symphony Band 1 MUA2800
MUS110 Symphony Band 2 MUA2800
MUS111 Jazz Band 1 MUA2820
MUS112 Jazz Band 2 MUA2820
MUS113 Applied Music MUP1XXX
MUS114 Applied Music MUP1XXX
MUS115 Applied Music MUP1XXX
MUS116 Applied Music MUP1XXX
MUS117 Piano I MUA1710
MUS118 Piano Ii MUA2710
MUS121 Jazz Improvisation 1 MUT2885
MUS122 Jazz Improvisation 2 MUT2885
MUS123 Voice Techniques I MUA2720
MUS124 Voice Techniques Ii MUA2720
MUS126 Recording Studio Engg 1 MUA1XXX
MUS127 Dig Audio Mastering 1 MUA1XXX
MUS128 Musical Production MUA1XXX
MUS130 Music Appreciation MUH1XXX
MUS131 Music Appreciation MUH1XXX
MUS132 Music Literature MUH1370
MUS133 Hist-Rock And Roll MUH1351
MUS134 Music Fundamentals MUT1100
MUS135 Music Theory MUT1140
MUS136 Music Theory MUT1140
MUS137 History Of Jazz MUH1XXX
MUS138 Music Theory I. MUT1100
MUS139 Music Theory Ii. MUT1140
MUS141 Aural Music Skills 1 MUT1XXX
MUS142 Aural Music Skills 2 MUT1150
MUS143 Vocal Jazz Emsemble 1 MUA1XXX
MUS144 Vocal Jazz Ensemble 2 MUA1XXX
MUS147 Bas Music I-Elem Teacher GEN1XXX
MUS148 Music Synthesis MUA1XXX
MUS149 Music Synthesis I (1/2 5610) MUA1XXX
MUS150 Music Synthesis Ii MUA1XXX
MUS151 Intro Music Techn (2/2 5610) MUA1XXX
MUS152 Mus Comp With Finale I. MUA1XXX
MUS153 Adv Mus Comp Finale Ii. MUA1XXX
MUS156 Music Technology GEN1XXX
MUS207 Chorus 3 MUA2840
MUS208 Chorus 4 MUA2840
MUS209 Symphony Band 3 MUA2800
MUS210 Symphony Band 4 MUA2800
MUS211 Jazz Band 3 MUA2820
MUS212 Jazz Band 4 MUA2820
MUS213 Applied Music-Private Les MUP3XXX
MUS214 Applied Music-Private Les MUP3XXX
MUS215 Applied Music-Private Les MUP3XXX
MUS216 Applied Music-Private Les MUP3XXX
MUS217 Piano Iii MUA3790
MUS218 Class Piano Iv MUA2XXX
MUS221 Jazz Improvisation 3 MUA2XXX
MUS222 Jazz Improvisation 4 MUA2XXX
MUS226 Rec Studio Engg 2(1/2 5630). MUA5XXX
MUS227 Audio Mastering 2(1/2 5660). MUA5XXX
MUS228 Musical Production MUA2XXX
MUS229 Adv Studies Audio Record. GEN2XXX
MUS232 Hist Western Music 1 MUH3310
MUS233 Hist Western Music 2 MUH3320
MUS235 Music Theory MUT1160
MUS236 Music Theory MUT1160
MUS238 Music Theory Iii. MUT1XXX
MUS239 Music Theor Iv. MUA2XXX
MUS243 Vocal Jazz Ensemble 3 MUA2XXX
MUS244 Vocal Jazz Ensemble 4 MUA2XXX
MUS29.1 Hfcc Metro Youth Band Does not transfer
MUS29.2 Hfcc Metro Youth Band Does not transfer
MUS30.2 Mens Glee Club 2Nd MUA2830
MUS31 Ist Sem Women MUA1XXX
MUS32.1 Concert Choir I MUA2840
MUS32.2 Concert Choir Ii MUA2840
MUS33.1 Wind Ensmble MUP1XXX
MUS33.2 Wind Ensemble MUP1XXX
MUS34.1 Jazz Lab Band I MUA2820
MUS34.2 Jazz Lab Band Ii MUA2820
MUS35 Music Appreciation GEN1XXX
MUS35T Mus Symphon/Literature MUH1XXX
MUS37 Music Fundamentals MUT1100
MUS37.1 Mus Theory 1St Sem MUT1140
MUS37.2 Mus Theory 2Nd Sem MUT1XXX
MUS38.1 A Applied Music I MUP2XXX
MUS39.1 Class Piano 1St Sem MUA1710
MUS39.2 Class Piano 2Nd Sem MUA2710
MUS40 Voice Technique MUA1720
MUS40.2 Gospel Choir 2Ndsem MUA1XXX
MUS40.3 Gosepl Choir 3Rd Sem MUA1XXX
MUS41 Basic Music I MUA1XXX
MUS44 Jazz History MUH3360
MUS47 Jazz Theory GEN1XXX
MUS49.1 Show Choir MUA1XXX
MUS49.3 Show Choir MUA1XXX
MUS52.1 Concert Choir 3Rd Sem MUA2840
MUS59.1 Class Piano 3Rdsem MUA1710
MUS60.1 Instr Tech Percussion MUA1XXX
MUS61.1 Jazz Improvisation MUA1XXX
MUS61.2 Jazz Improvisation MUA1XXX
MUS63.1 Voice Techniques I MUA2720
MUS63.2 Voice Techniques Ii MUA2720
MUS67 Musical Production MUA1XXX
MUS67.1 Musical Production MUA1XXX
MUS67.2 Musical Production MUA1XXX
NAT032 Biological Science BIO1510
NAT032 Biological Science BIO1511
NC14 Mumeric Cntr Conc Does not transfer
NCS100 Competency Eval Nu Does not transfer
NCS110 Competent Eval Nurse Assist Does not transfer
NCS112 Competency Eval Nurs Does not transfer
NS32 Biology Lec/Lab BIO1510
NS32 Biology Lec/Lab BIO1511
NSG082 Supplement Nursing Selfcare Ii Does not transfer
NSG083 Sup Nurs Care Ii And Iii Does not transfer
NSG084 Sup Nurs Care Iii Does not transfer
NSG085 Sup Nurs Care Iv Does not transfer
NSG086 Sup Nursing Care Iv Pt I Does not transfer
NSG087 Sup Nurs Care V Does not transfer
NSG088 Sup Nursing Self Care Iv Pt Ii Does not transfer
NSG090 Intro Nursing Systems Does not transfer
NSG091 Nursing Systems Ii: Lpn Trans Does not transfer
NSG095 Calculating Med Dosage I Does not transfer
NSG096 Calculating Med Dosage Ii Does not transfer
NSG097 Calculating Pediatric Med Does not transfer
NSG098 Calculating Medica Does not transfer
NSG1 Foundations Nursing Does not transfer
NSG101 Begin Health/Phys Assessment Does not transfer
NSG115 Pharm Nursing Pract 1 Does not transfer
NSG117 Med-Surgical Nursing 1 Does not transfer
NSG118 Pharm Nursing Pract Ii Does not transfer
NSG119 Med-Surgical Nursing Ii Does not transfer
NSG120 Nursing/Health Care Sys I Does not transfer
NSG121 Psych Mental Health Nurs Does not transfer
NSG124 Intro To Nursing Does not transfer
NSG125 Nursing/Self-Care I Does not transfer
NSG126 Nursing-Self Care Does not transfer
NSG130 Health Care Of Women Does not transfer
NSG136 Computers In Pharmacy Does not transfer
NSG150 Nursing/Self-Care Ii Does not transfer
NSG155 Nursing Self-Care Iii Does not transfer
NSG170 Pharmacy Systems Does not transfer
NSG185 Basic Pathophysio For Nursing Does not transfer
NSG193 Pharmacy Externship Does not transfer
NSG2 Mat/Child Health Does not transfer
NSG20.1 Meet Bas Need Pati Does not transfer
NSG20.2 Nsg Health Care I Does not transfer
NSG20.3 Nursing Self Care I Does not transfer
NSG201 Pharm Nursing Pract Iii Does not transfer
NSG202 Med-Surgical Nursing Iii Does not transfer
NSG203 Intro Critical Care I Does not transfer
NSG204 Critical Care Ii Does not transfer
NSG205 Critical Care Nursing Cor Does not transfer
NSG206 Pharm Nursing Practice Iv Does not transfer
NSG207 Pediatric Nursing Does not transfer
NSG208 Women's Health/Maternity Care Does not transfer
NSG209 Med-Surgical Nursing Iv Does not transfer
NSG21.1 Meet Need Adult Hos Does not transfer
NSG21.2 Nursing Self Care Ii Does not transfer
NSG21.3 Nursing Self Care Iii Does not transfer
NSG210 Healing Practices: Alt/Comp Th Does not transfer
NSG212 Professional Transitions Does not transfer
NSG22.1 Meet Meed Adult Pat Does not transfer
NSG22.2 Perspec In Nursing Does not transfer
NSG22.3 Nursing Self Care Iv Does not transfer
NSG220 Nursing Self Care Iv Does not transfer
NSG221 Nursing & Self Care Iv Does not transfer
NSG222 Nursing & Self Care Iv Does not transfer
NSG23.1 Mtg Need Indiv-Bir Does not transfer
NSG23.2 Mtg Need Group Pat Does not transfer
NSG23.3 Nursing Self Care V Does not transfer
NSG250 Nursing Self Care V Does not transfer
NSG255 Nursing Health Care Sy Ii Does not transfer
NSG27.1 Nursing Health Care Ii Does not transfer
NSG285 Pathophysiology For Nur Does not transfer
NSG294 Directed Study In Nursing Does not transfer
NST130 Food And Nutrition GEN1XXX
NTSC31 Physical Science PHY1XXX
NTSC32 Biological Science BIO1510
NTSC35 Anatomy & Physiol 1/2 BIO2XXX
NTSC36 Anatomy & Physiol 2/2 BIO2XXX
NTSC5 Anatomy/Physiology 1/2 BIO2XXX
NTSC6 Anatomy/Physiology 2/2 BIO2XXX
OPT101 Intro To Ophthalmic Technology GEN1XXX
OPT134 Ocular Anatomy & Pathology GEN1XXX
OPT150 Applied Ophthalmic Optics GEN1XXX
OPT160 Ocular Measurements I GEN1XXX
OPT180 Ocular Measurements Ii GEN1XXX
OPT200 Clinical Optical Procedures GEN2XXX
OPT220 Ophthalmic Photography GEN2XXX
OPT240 Ophthalmic Surgical Assisting GEN2XXX
OPT260 Current Issues In Vision Care GEN2XXX
OPT290 Clinical Externship I Does not transfer
OPT293 Clinical Externship Ii Does not transfer
OPT297 Clinical Externship Iii Does not transfer
ORN091 New Student Orientation Does not transfer
PCT100 Patient Care Technician GEN1XXX
PE31-10 Exercise And Jogging LFA1XXX
PED161 Tennis KIN1XXX
PEFT108 Portfolio Development. MCT1XXX
PEFT112 Technical Communication-Power. MCT1XXX
PEFT143 Power Engineering Boilers. MCT1XXX
PEFT180 Power-Heating Heat Lab. MCT1XXX
PEFT182 Power Fundamentals Lab. MCT1XXX
PEFT184 Power Systems O & M Lab. MCT1XXX
PEFT246 Steam Plant Prime Movers. MCT2XXX
PEFT247 Combined & Cogen Plants. MCT2XXX
PEFT249 Energy System Test MCT2XXX
PEFT262 Comm-Indust Energy Syst MCT2XXX
PEFT297 Spec Topics In Peft GEN2XXX
PEFT298 Spec Topics In Peft GEN2XXX
PHIL031 Intro To Logic PHI1050
PHIL051 Hist-Phil-18Th Cent PHI1XXX
PHIL130 Intro To Philosophy. PHI1010
PHIL131 Intro To Logic PHI1050
PHIL133 Hist-Phil-18Th Cent PHI1010
PHIL135 Hist Of Modern Philosophy PHI1XXX
PHIL137 Topics In Philosophy PHI1XXX
PHIL138 Moral Issues Biotech. PHI1110
PHIL139 Ethics PHI2320
PHIL201 Eastern Philosophy. PHI2150
PHIL295 Directed Study PHI2XXX
PHIL31 Intro To Logic PHI1050
PHIL51 Hist Phil-18Th Cent PHI2100
PHIL52 Hist Phil From 18Th Cent PHI1XXX
PHT100 Intro Pharmacy Technology GEN1XXX
PHT119 Outpatient Pharmacy Externship Does not transfer
PHT120 Pharmacology I GEN1XXX
PHT121 Pharmacology Ii GEN1XXX
PHT124 Pharmacology For Pharm Tech I GEN1XXX
PHT125 Pharm 2 Pharmacy Tech Ii GEN1XXX
PHT130 Pharm Software App GEN1XXX
PHT132 Basic Pharmacy Software Apps GEN1XXX
PHT136 Computers In Pharmacy GEN1XXX
PHT144 Issues In Pre - Pharmacy GEN1XXX
PHT150 Pharmaceutic Calculations GEN1XXX
PHT165 Issues In Pharmacy GEN1XXX
PHT170 Pharmacy Systems GEN1XXX
PHT175 Applied Pharmacy Systems GEN1XXX
PHT178 Applied Out-Patient Pharmacy GEN1XXX
PHT193 Pharmacy Externship Does not transfer
PHYS120 Technical Physics. PHY1020
PHYS121 Technical Physics Ii ET2XXX
PHYS131 General Physics I PHY2130
PHYS131 General Physics I PHY2131
PHYS132 General Physics Ii PHY2140
PHYS132 General Physics Ii PHY2141
PHYS133 Princ Of Physics PHY1020
PHYS20 Technical Physics ET2XXX
PHYS21 Technical Physics ET2XXX
PHYS231 Engineer Physics I PHY2170
PHYS231 Engineer Physics I PHY2171
PHYS232 Engg Physics Ii (+Lab) PHY2180
PHYS232 Engg Physics Ii (+Lab) PHY2181
PHYS233 Modern Physics (+Lab) PHY3300
PHYS241 Mechanics (1/3 =2170/1+2180/1) PHY2XXX
PHYS242 Sound. Lt & Thermo (2/3) PHY2XXX
PHYS243 Electricity & Magnetism (3/3) PHY2XXX
PHYS295 Need More Information Does not transfer
PHYS31 General Physics PHY2130
PHYS31 General Physics PHY2131
PHYS53 Engineer Physics PHY2170
PHYS53 Engineer Physics PHY2171
PHYS54 Engg Physics Cont(+Lab) PHY2180
PHYS54 Engg Physics Cont(+Lab) PHY2181
PL51 Criminal Law CRJ2XXX
PL52 Criminal Procedure CRJ2XXX
PLGL100 Essential Paralegal Skills GEN1XXX
PLGL110 Legal Ethics GEN1XXX
PLGL115 Property Law GEN1XXX
PLGL120 Legal Research I GEN1XXX
PLGL125 Legal Research Ii GEN1XXX
PLGL126 Legal Research GEN1XXX
PLGL190 Co-Op In Paralegal Studies Does not transfer
PLGL200 Civil Litigation I GEN2XXX
PLGL220 Personal Injury GEN2XXX
PLGL225 Legal Writing GEN2XXX
PLGL226 Legal Writing GEN2XXX
PLGL228 Tech In The Law GEN2XXX
PLGL230 Civil Litigation Ii GEN2XXX
PLGL235 Commercial Transctions GEN2XXX
PLGL240 Family Law GEN2XXX
PLGL245 Estate Planning/Probate GEN2XXX
PLGL248 Immigration Law GEN2XXX
PLGL250 Business Organizations GEN2XXX
PLGL290 Co-Op In Paralegal Studies Does not transfer
PLGL295 Pralegal Internship GEN2XXX
PLGL299 Special Topics In Law GEN2XXX
PLMB100 Fundamentals Of Plumb & Pipe ET1XXX
PLMB101 Fundamentals Of Plumb & Pipe ET1XXX
PLMB110 Drains, Wastes & Vents ET1XXX
PLMB115 Water Supply & Distr Syst GEN1XXX
PLMB118 Plumb Pipefit Mat Join GEN1XXX
PLMB120 Hydronic Heating Systems MCT1XXX
PLMB125 Plumbing Design ET1XXX
PLMB225 Plumbing Design. ET2XXX
PLMB240 Plumbing Mats & Components. ET2XXX
PLMB250 Plumbing: Pipefitting Codes ET1XXX
PLMB255 Plumbing Fixture Install. ET2XXX
PLMB270 Plumb Service-Res/Commercial. ET2XXX
PLMB275 Practical Plumb Lab-State Lic ET1XXX
PLMB280 Plmb/Pipefit State Lic Prep ET1XXX
PLPS041 Amer Legal Systems CRJ1XXX
PLPS41 American Legal System CRJ1XXX
POL031 Intro Pol Sci PS1010
POLS090 Supplement-Political Sci Does not transfer
POLS100 Intro Community Leadership GEN1XXX
POLS101 American Govt. PS1010
POLS102 Fdtns Comm Leadership GEN1XXX
POLS110 Intro Comm Leadership GEN1XXX
POLS111 Foundtns Comm Leadership GEN1XXX
POLS131 Intro-Amer Gov't/Pol PS1010
POLS132 Current Issues-Amercn Pol PS1XXX
POLS133 The American Presidency PS3050
POLS135 American Legal Sys/Proc PS1XXX
POLS141 American Govt. PS1010
POLS151 Public Policy PS2410
POLS152 International Relations PS2810
POLS153 Comparative Government PS2710
POLS154 Metro Politics PS2240
POLS155 State/Local Government. PS3070
POLS200 Intro-Peace/Conflict Studies. PCS2000
POLS201 Public Policy Spec Topics. PS2410
POLS202 Issues In Foreign Policy. PS2XXX
POLS295 Comm Leadership Intern Does not transfer
POLS31 Intro To Polit Sci PS1010
PPGS. Priv Pilot Ground School Does not transfer
PS031 Intro Political Sci PS1010
PS052 Internal Realtions PS2810
PS31 Intro Political Sci PS1010
PS5 Elem Govt In Us PS1030
PS55 State & Local Government PS1XXX
PSCI131 Intro Physical Sci PHY1XXX
PSCI133 Atomic Science PHY1XXX
PSCI135 Sound & Light In Fine Arts PHY3100
PSCI31 Intro Physical Sci PHY1XXX
PSI121 Intro Amer Gov PS1010
PSY031 Intro Psychology PSY1020
PSY052 Child Psychology. PSY3440
PSY090 Supplement To Psychology Does not transfer
PSY131 Intro Psychology PSY1020
PSY151 Psychology Adjustment PSY2300
PSY152 Child Psychology PSY3440
PSY153 Life Span Development PSY2400
PSY161 Human Sexuality. PSY3380
PSY251 Abnormal Psychology PSY3310
PSY253 Life Span Development PSY2400
PSY254 Social Psychology PSY2600
PSY255 Psychology Of Aging PSY2XXX
PSY256 Educational Psych EDP3310
PSY257 Health Psychology PSY2410
PSY260 Adolescent Psychology. PSY3460
PSY294 Educational Psych Pract. EDP2XXX
PSY296 The Exceptional Child. SED5030
PSY31 Introductory Psych PSY1020
PSY33 Adjustment PSY2300
PSY36 Child Psychology PSY2400
PSY52 Child Psychology. PSY3440
PSY53 Experimental Psychology PSY4020
PSY54 Social Psychology PSY2600
PSY60 Human Sexuality PSY1XXX
PTA100 Physical Therapist Assist GEN1XXX
PTA102 Intro To Physical Therapy GEN1XXX
PTA105 Therapeutic Procedures GEN1XXX
PTA106 Therapeutic Procedures I GEN1XXX
PTA108 Therapeutic Techniques I GEN1XXX
PTA110 Therapeutic Tech Ptas I GEN1XXX
PTA115 Therapeutic Excersise GEN1XXX
PTA118 Exercise Techniques I GEN1XXX
PTA119 Exercise Techniques Ii GEN1XXX
PTA120 Therapeutic Massage GEN1XXX
PTA121 Therapeutic Procedures Ii GEN1XXX
PTA122 Exercise Techniques Lab GEN1XXX
PTA128 Theraeutic Technique GEN1XXX
PTA130 Kinesiology GEN1XXX
PTA132 Kinesiology For Pt GEN1XXX
PTA140 Therapeutic Agents GEN1XXX
PTA142 Theraputic Modalities GEN1XXX
PTA144 Physical Therapy Modalities GEN1XXX
PTA161 Human Development GEN1XXX
PTA165 Life Span Development GEN1XXX
PTA168 Develop Across Lifespan Pta GEN1XXX
PTA220 Pathologic Conditions GEN2XXX
PTA225 Applied Pathology For Ptas GEN2XXX
PTA248 Orthopedic Conditions I GEN2XXX
PTA249 Orthopedic Conditions Ii GEN2XXX
PTA250 Extremity Orthopedics GEN2XXX
PTA254 Spinal Orthopedics GEN2XXX
PTA260 Neurological Conditions GEN2XXX
PTA262 Rehabilitation Neurological I GEN2XXX
PTA264 Rehabilitation Neurological Ii GEN2XXX
PTA265 Rehab Neuro Conditions Lab GEN2XXX
PTA270 Physical Therapist Assist GEN2XXX
PTA291 Clinical Externship I Does not transfer
PTA295 Clinical Externship Ii Does not transfer
RAD101 Intro Radiography GEN1XXX
RAD107 Patient Care Techniques GEN1XXX
RAD108 Patient Care Techniques GEN1XXX
RAD109 Clinical Education I GEN1XXX
RAD111 Prin Radiation Protect GEN1XXX
RAD114 Basic Patient Care In Radiogra GEN1XXX
RAD117 Radiographic Position I GEN1XXX
RAD118 Radiographic Position I GEN1XXX
RAD157 Radiographic Position Ii GEN1XXX
RAD158 Radiographic Position Ii GEN1XXX
RAD160 Imaging Equipment GEN1XXX
RAD161 Imaging Equipment GEN1XXX
RAD166 Radiographic Film Proces GEN1XXX
RAD170 Principles Of Exposure GEN1XXX
RAD171 Prin Exposing Film Eval GEN1XXX
RAD181 Contrast Studies GEN1XXX
RAD186 Radiographic Position Iii GEN1XXX
RAD187 Radiographic Position Iii GEN1XXX
RAD188 Radiographic Position Iii GEN1XXX
RAD190 Clinical Education Ii GEN1XXX
RAD194 Clinical Education Iii GEN1XXX
RAD195 Basic Clinical Education GEN1XXX
RAD197 Clinical Education Iv GEN1XXX
RAD198 Clinical Education Iv GEN1XXX
RAD205 Pathology/Film Evaluation GEN2XXX
RAD206 Pathology/Film Evaluation GEN2XXX
RAD209 Clinical Education V GEN2XXX
RAD211 Intro Quality Assurance GEN2XXX
RAD212 Intro Quality Assurance GEN2XXX
RAD214 Path + Cross Sectional Anatom GEN2XXX
RAD227 Radiographic Position Iv GEN2XXX
RAD228 Radiographic Procedures GEN2XXX
RAD256 Radiographic Position V GEN2XXX
RAD257 Radiographic Position V GEN2XXX
RAD266 Radiation Physics GEN2XXX
RAD267 Radiation Physics GEN2XXX
RAD270 Image Acquisition And Display GEN2XXX
RAD274 Radiation Biology GEN2XXX
RAD284 Principles Of Computed Tomogra GEN2XXX
RAD285 Registry Review GEN2XXX
RAD286 Registry Review GEN2XXX
RAD290 Clinical Education Vi GEN2XXX
RAD294 Clinical Education Vii GEN2XXX
RAD295 Clinical Education Vii GEN2XXX
RAD296 Clinical Education GEN2XXX
RAD298 Clinical Education Viii GEN2XXX
REEN101 Fund Of Renewable Energy. MCT1XXX
REEN110 Geothermal Systems. MCT1XXX
REEN120 Wind, Solar, Fuel Cell Tech. ESG1XXX
REEN130 Smart Home Control Technology. MCT1XXX
REEN140 Co-Generation & Back Up Power. MCT1XXX
REEN160 Energy Audit/Weather. MCT1XXX
REEN161 Energy Audit/Weath Cert. MCT1XXX
REEN170 Battery Technologies. EET1XXX
REEN180 Hydropower. ET1XXX
RTH100 Prin Respiratory Care GEN1XXX
RTH107 Respiratory Therapy I GEN1XXX
RTH119 Intro Clinical Therapy GEN1XXX
RTH125 Respiratory Care Procedures I GEN1XXX
RTH130 Therapeutic Proced GEN1XXX
RTH155 Airway Care GEN1XXX
RTH160 Respiratory Therapy Pharmacolo GEN1XXX
RTH165 Respiratory Therapeutic GEN1XXX
RTH175 Respiratory Care Procedures 2 GEN1XXX
RTH180 Rt Clinical Sciences GEN1XXX
RTH185 Clinical Chemistry GEN1XXX
RTH194 Clinical Therapeutics GEN1XXX
RTH195 Intro Clinical Theraptcs GEN1XXX
RTH205 Ventilator Management GEN2XXX
RTH207 Respiratory Therapy Ii GEN2XXX
RTH210 Ventilator Management I GEN2XXX
RTH216 Cardiopulmonary Diagnost GEN2XXX
RTH220 Resp Care Neonates/Ped GEN2XXX
RTH225 Microbiology Respiratory GEN2XXX
RTH235 Neonatal/Pediatric Care GEN2XXX
RTH240 Cardiopulmny Diagnostics GEN2XXX
RTH245 Applied Respiratory Care GEN2XXX
RTH250 Adv Mech Ventilation GEN2XXX
RTH270 Therapeutic Clinical Mgmt GEN2XXX
RTH275 Therapeutic Management GEN2XXX
RTH285 Adv Respiratory Concepts GEN2XXX
RTH291 Adv Clinical Therapeutics GEN2XXX
RTH292 Clinical Practicum GEN2XXX
RTH293 Adv Clinical Therapy GEN2XXX
RTH294 Adv Clinical Practicum GEN2XXX
RTI099 Basic Skills Refresher Does not transfer
RTI1010 Essentials Of Drafting ET1XXX
RTI1020 Drafting Conventions & Symbols ET1XXX
RTI1030 3D Shape Interpretation ET1XXX
RTI1040 Adv Drafting Techniques ET1XXX
RTI1160 Tool Ass & Detail ET1XXX
RTI1170 Cam Layout Tool Detailing ET1XXX
RTI1180 Tool/Gage Design ET1XXX
RTI1214 Die Detailing ET1XXX
RTI1224 Cutting Dies ET1XXX
RTI1234 Forming Dies ET1XXX
RTI1316 Structural Drawing ET1XXX
RTI1326 Conveyors ET1XXX
RTI1336 Plant Layout Equipment ET1XXX
RTI1417 Sheet Metal-Parallel Radi ET1XXX
RTI1427 Sheet Metal-Radial Triang ET1XXX
RTI1437 Sheet Metal-Triangulation ET1XXX
RTI1447 Sheet-Metal Tri Shortcuts ET1XXX
RTI1457 Sheet-Metal Blank Develop ET1XXX
RTI1485 Pattern Layout/Print Read ET1XXX
RTI1495 Pattern Design ET1XXX
RTI1510 Descriptive Geometry ET1XXX
RTI1520 Descriptive Geometry ET1XXX
RTI153 Descriptive Geometry ET1XXX
RTI1530 Descriptive Geometry ET1XXX
RTI1610 Panel Tipping ET1XXX
RTI1620 Automotive Body I ET1XXX
RTI1630 Automotive Body Ii ET1XXX
RTI1805 Metric System Conversion Does not transfer
RTI1810 Shop Arithmetic ET1XXX
RTI1820 Algebra ET1XXX
RTI1830 Geometry ET1XXX
RTI1840 Trigonometry ET1XXX
RTI1850 Trig & Shop Applications ET1XXX
RTI1860 Compound Angles ET1XXX
RTI1870 Gearing ET1XXX
RTI1900 Basic Math - Electricity Does not transfer
RTI1905 Algebra Electricity Does not transfer
RTI1910 Adv Math: Electricity Does not transfer
RTI1930 Strngth Of Material I Does not transfer
RTI2 Algebra ET1XXX
RTI201 Bas Elec Mtr Ckts Does not transfer
RTI202 Adv Elec Mtr Ckts Does not transfer
RTI202.3 Residential Wiring ET1XXX
RTI2023 Residential Wiring ET1XXX
RTI203 Direct Current Fund ET1XXX
RTI2033 Industrial & Commerical Wiring ET1XXX
RTI204 Magntsm & Genrtrs Does not transfer
RTI205 Sing-Phs A-C Fund Does not transfer
RTI206 Dir-Curr Mtrs & Instr Does not transfer
RTI207 Electronic Fundamentals Does not transfer
RTI208 Polyphs Fnd & Ac Mch Does not transfer
RTI2080 Intro To Electricity ET1XXX
RTI209 Resist Weld Controler Does not transfer
RTI2090 Electrical Equipment ET1XXX
RTI21 Basic Math Electricity ET1XXX
RTI210 Logic Circuits Does not transfer
RTI2100 Elec-Pnu Motor Control ET2XXX
RTI211 Ind Electric Control Does not transfer
RTI2110 Dc Fundamentals & Magnetism ET2XXX
RTI212 Prgrammable Controlers Does not transfer
RTI2120 Dc Currents: Induct/Capac ET2XXX
RTI213 Electronic Lab Does not transfer
RTI2130 Dc Generators & Motors ET2XXX
RTI214 Natl Electrcl Code Does not transfer
RTI2140 Single-Phase Ac Fundamentals ET2XXX
RTI2150 Polyphase Fund: Apparatus ET2XXX
RTI217 Elec Motor Control Lab Does not transfer
RTI2170 Elec Motor Control Lab ET2XXX
RTI218 National Electrical Code Does not transfer
RTI2180 National Electrical Code ET1XXX
RTI22 Algebra Electricity ET1XXX
RTI2200 Single Phase Ac Fundamentals ET2XXX
RTI221 Fundamentals Of Process. ET1XXX
RTI2210 Industrial Electronic Controls ET1XXX
RTI2220 Intro Microprocessors ET1XXX
RTI2230 Microprocessors ET1XXX
RTI2240 Programmable Controllers Does not transfer
RTI2250 Electronics Laboratory ET2XXX
RTI2295 Electric Trunk Controls ET1XXX
RTI23 Advanced Math-Electricty Does not transfer
RTI233 Steam Boilers. ET1XXX
RTI234 Steam Plant Auxiliaries Does not transfer
RTI236 Steam Turbines Does not transfer
RTI243 Air Conditioning Does not transfer
RTI244 Refrigeration Code Does not transfer
RTI247 Heating Code Does not transfer
RTI2510 Fund Plumbing Pipefitting ET1XXX
RTI2520 Drains/Wastes/Vents ET1XXX
RTI2530 Heating Systems ET1XXX
RTI2540 Plumbing Code ET1XXX
RTI2610 Flat & Horizontal Welding ET2XXX
RTI291 Adc Clinical Theraphy Does not transfer
RTI301.3 Elec Equipment/Ckts ET1XXX
RTI3010 Measurement/Benchwork ET1XXX
RTI3013 Elec Equipment Circuits Does not transfer
RTI3020 Lathe/Shaper/Machines ET1XXX
RTI3030 Gearing ET1XXX
RTI3040 Numerical Control Concept ET1XXX
RTI3080 Intro Computer Numerical ET1XXX
RTI3112 Lathe, Shaper, Mill ET3XXX
RTI3113 Jig Bore Grinder ET3XXX
RTI3216 Millwright Tools/Equipment ET1XXX
RTI3226 Mechanical Power Transmis ET1XXX
RTI3315 Wood Patternmaking Tools ET1XXX
RTI3325 Foundry Procedures Practi ET1XXX
RTI3335 Job Molding Coremaking ET1XXX
RTI3400 Computers & Automation ET3XXX
RTI3410 Robotics ET1XXX
RTI401 Fund Of Hydraulics ET1XXX
RTI4010 Hydraulic Fundamentals ET1XXX
RTI4020 Hydraulic Pumps/Motors ET1XXX
RTI4030 Hydraulic Control Values ET1XXX
RTI4040 Hydraulic Servo Systems ET1XXX
RTI4050 Basic Hydraulic Circuits ET1XXX
RTI4060 Adv Hydraulic Circuits ET1XXX
RTI4070 Lubrication Systems ET1XXX
RTI4110 Pneumatic Fundamentals ET1XXX
RTI4120 Air Logic Circuitry ET1XXX
RTI5 Trig & Shop Appl ET1XXX
RTI5010 Character-Ferrous Metals ET5XXX
RTI5020 Char Non Ferr Metals ET5XXX
RTI5110 Plastics Technology ET1XXX
RTI521 Chem Basic Principles. ET1XXX
RTI5210 Chemistry Basic Prin Does not transfer
RTI541 Physics - Mechanics. ET1XXX
RTI5410 Sent To Department Does not transfer
RTI5850 Skilled Trades Industrial ET1XXX
RTI6004 Math-Trig I ET1XXX
RTI6005 Math-Logarithms ET1XXX
RTI6006 Math-Trig 2 ET1XXX
RTI6008 Math-Comp Ang I ET1XXX
RTI6010 Math-Gearing I ET1XXX
RTI6104 Drft-Vis-Clay Mdl ET1XXX
RTI6108 Drft-Dtl-Asm-Drw ET1XXX
RTI6110 Drft-Elem Tool Dtl ET1XXX
RTI6120 Drft-Cutg Dies ET1XXX
RTI6151 Drft-Desc-Geom-1 ET1XXX
RTI6201 Elec-Dirct-Curnt ET1XXX
RTI6301 Eh Th Mt Wk Tr I ET1XXX
RTI6328 Die Theory ET1XXX
RTI6401 Hydr Funda ET1XXX
RTI6501 Charac Of Mtls ET1XXX
RTI6502 Metal Proc I ET1XXX
RTI6503 Metal Proc Ii ET1XXX
RTI6504 Heat Treat Mtls ET1XXX
SA31 Intro To Security CRJ1XXX
SCI131 Revolutions In Science. HIS1XXX
SCI160 Science Lab Workplace Skills BIO1XXX
SCI190 Co-Op In Science Does not transfer
SCI210 Intro To Science. SCE2XXX
SCI212 Earth Sci-Educators. SCE2XXX
SCI213 Learning By Inquiry: Life Sci. SCE5010
SCI290 Co-Op In Science Does not transfer
SCI292 Study Abroad In Nat Sci Does not transfer
SCO190 Science Co-Op Does not transfer
SCO290 Science Co-Op Does not transfer
SMC131 Intro-Telecommunications. COM1500
SMC132 Film Hist/Criticism COM2020
SMC235 Topics In Film Study COM2XXX
SMC241 Writing-Radio,Tv,Film COM4XXX
SMC243 Performance-Radio,Tv,Film COM2XXX
SMC251 Audio Production I. COM4310
SMC252 Audio Production I COM2XXX
SMC257 Film/Video Production I. COM1600
SMC258 Film/Video Production Ii COM5400
SMC261 Broadcast Journalism COM3XXX
SMC270 Mass Communication Activ COM2XXX
SMC291 Radio Practicum Does not transfer
SMC292 Radio Internship COM6190
SMC293 Television Practicum COM5420
SMC294 Television Internship COM6190
SO031 Prin Of Sociology SOC1010
SO31 Prin Of Sociology SOC1010
SO32 Marriage And The Family SOC3400
SO51 Prin Sociology SOC1010
SO52 Sociology Of Sex Roles SOC2XXX
SO54 Social Psychology SOC2XXX
SO55 Ethnic Group Relations SOC1XXX
SOC031 Prin Of Sociology SOC1010
SOC090 Supplement To Sociology Does not transfer
SOC100 Intro Community Leadership GEN1XXX
SOC131 Intro To Sociology SOC1010
SOC132 Marriage And The Family SOC3400
SOC151 Contemp Soc Probs SOC1020
SOC151H Hon-Contem Soc Probs SOC1020
SOC152 Women, Men, And Society SOC2202
SOC212 Leadership Divers Comm SOC2XXX
SOC251 Ethnic Racial Diversity SOC2600
SOC253 Sociology Of Deviance. SOC2204
SOC254 Social Psychology SOC2203
SOC295 Comm Leadership Intern Does not transfer
SP031 Fund Of Speaking COM1010
SP31 Fund Of Speaking COM1010
SP32 Persuasive Speaking COM2170
SP33 Interp Reading COM1XXX
SP34 Voice And Articulation COM2040
SP35.1 Storytell Solo Perform COM5XXX
SP35.2 Storytelling COM5XXX
SP35.5 Browning Oral COM5XXX
SP35.6 Modern Elocution COM5XXX
SP36.1 Speech Act: Forensic COM1XXX
SP36.3 Speech Act Theatre COM1XXX
SP37 Readers Theatre COM1XXX
SP38 Interper Communication COM2200
SP39 Adv Oral Interp Reading COM1XXX
SP46 Commun In Organizations COM3XXX
SPC104 Storytelling:solo Perform COM5XXX
SPC106 Oral Interpretation-Bible COM5XXX
SPC114 Storytellng:group Perform COM5XXX
SPC121 Forensics-Speech Activity Does not transfer
SPC123 Debate-Speech Activity Does not transfer
SPC124 Adapt/Edit Materials-Comm COM5XXX
SPC131 Fund Of Speaking COM1010
SPC134 Interpretative Reading COM2500
SPC135 Voice And Articulation COM2040
SPC141 Persuasion COM2170
SPC144 Readers Theatre COM5XXX
SPC145 Interpersonal Communicat COM2200
SPC151 Argument And Debate COM2110
SPC195 Directed Study In Speech Does not transfer
SPC196 Directed Study In Speech Does not transfer
SPC197 Directed Study-Oral Inter Does not transfer
SPC198 Directed Study In Speech Does not transfer
SPC232 Health Communication. COM3220
SPC234 Adv Oral Interpretation COM2XXX
SPC235 Topics In Speech COM2XXX
SPC244 Advanced Readers Theatre COM2XXX
SPC245 Readers Theatre Iii COM2XXX
SPC246 Readers Theatre Iv COM2XXX
SPC281 Speech Capstone Does not transfer
SPC295 Directed Study In Speech Does not transfer
SPC296 Directed Study In Speech Does not transfer
SPC297 Directed Study-Oral Inter Does not transfer
SPC298 Directed Study In Speech Does not transfer
SPC31 Fund Of Speaking COM1010
SPE031 Fund Of Speech COM1010
SPN031 Elem Spanish First Sem SPA1010
SPN032 Elem Spanish Second Sem SPA1020
SPN091 Intro-Spanish Grammar I Does not transfer
SPN092 Intro-Spanish Grammar Ii Does not transfer
SPN093 Intro-Spanish Grammar Iii Does not transfer
SPN094 Intro-Spanish Grammar Iv Does not transfer
SPN130 Intro To Hispanic SPA1XXX
SPN131 Elementary Spanish I SPA1010
SPN132 Elementary Spanish Ii SPA1020
SPN141 Elem Conversation/Grammar SPA1020
SPN231 Second Year Spanish Iii SPA2010
SPN232 Sec Year Span Iv SPA2025
SPN232H Honors 2Nd Year Spanish SPA2025
SPN290 Study Abroad Span Lang/Cult SPA2XXX
SPN295 Directed Study In Spanish Does not transfer
SPN296 Directed Study In Spanish Does not transfer
SPN297 Directed Study In Spanish Does not transfer
SPN31 Elem Spanish First Sem SPA1010
SPN32 Elem Spanish Second Sem SPA1020
SPN51 Intermediate I SPA2010
SPN52 Intermediate Spanish Ii SPA2025
SRG101 Intro Surgical Technology GEN1XXX
SRG120 Surgical Procedures I GEN1XXX
SRG140 Surgical Techniques I GEN1XXX
SRG150 Surgical Techniques Ii GEN1XXX
SRG160 Surgical Pharmacology GEN1XXX
SRG209 Surgical Clinic Extern I GEN2XXX
SRG220 Surgical Procedures Ii GEN2XXX
SRG240 Issues Surgical Technique GEN2XXX
SRG290 Surgical Clinic Extern Ii GEN2XXX
SRV31 Basic Surveying ET1XXX
SS11 Social Science Ii SOC1XXX
SS30 Survey Of Social Sciences SOC1XXX
SSC131 Survey Of Social Science SOC1XXX
SSC190 Co-Op In Social Science Does not transfer
SSC235 Topics In Social Science SOC2XXX
SSC290 Co-Op In Social Science Does not transfer
SSC30 Survey Social Science SOC1XXX
SSCO190 Social Science Co-Op Does not transfer
SSCO290 Social Science Co-Op Does not transfer
STDE023. Adv Empathy Training Does not transfer
STDE025 Career Exploration Does not transfer
STDE028 Transactional Anallysis Does not transfer
STDE21 Human Potentian Seminar Does not transfer
STDE22 Adv Human Potential Sem Does not transfer
STDE23.1 Empathy Training Does not transfer
STDE23.2 Adv Empathy Training Does not transfer
STDE25 Career Exploration Does not transfer
STDE26 Assertiveness Training Does not transfer
STDE27 Life Work Planning Does not transfer
STH131 Theatre Appreciation THR1010
STH132 Acting I THR1211
STH133 Technical Theatre THR3570
STH134 Techncal Theatre Specialities. THR2XXX
STH135 Intro To Stage Makeup. THR1451
STH136 Movement For The Actor THR2221
STH138 Stage Costuming THR5321
STH140 One Act Play Production. THR2XXX
STH142 Theatrical Production. THR2580
STH143 Creative Dramatics Child THR1XXX
STH144 Improvisation-The Actor. THR1XXX
STH145 Stage Combat THR1XXX
STH149 Children's Theatre Prod THR1XXX
STH150 Stagecraft THR2130
STH155 Theatre (Speech Activity). THR2580
STH232 Acting Ii THR1215
STH233 Adv Technical Theatre THR3570
STH234 Techncal Theatre Specialties. THR2XXX
STH235 Topics In Theatre. THR2XXX
STH238 Theatre History. THR5841
STH242 Adv Theatrical Production. THR2580
STH249 Adv Children's Theater. THR2XXX
STH255 Lighting. THR5331
STH256 Directing. THR5711
STH257 Pantomime Phy Technique. THR2XXX
STH259 Experimental Theatre Prod THR2XXX
STH260 Acting Iii THR3211
STH261 Acting Iv THR3215
STH262 Intro To Motion Capture. THR2XXX
STH263 Intermediate Motion Capture. THR2XXX
STH264 Adv Motion Capture Applctn. THR2XXX
STH265 Intro Motion Capture Body. THR2XXX
STH266 Green Screen Visual Effects. THR2XXX
STH267 Stereoscopic Cinema. THR2XXX
STH268 Film Acting I. THR2XXX
STH269 Cinematographic Spec Effect. THR2XXX
STH270 Adv Experiment Theater. THR2XXX
STH271 Adv One-Act Play Prod. THR2XXX
STH272 Improvisation Ii. THR2XXX
STH273 Voice For The Actor. THR2231
STH281 Theatre Capstone. THR2XXX
SWC131 Science-Western Culture PHI1XXX
TADV060 Basic Skills For Skilled Trade Does not transfer
TADV100 Basic Print Reading. ET1XXX
TADV110 Mechatronics Test Prep. ET1XXX
TADV120 Intro Fabrication. ET1XXX
TADV121 Intro Hydraulics. ET1XXX
TADV122 Intro Material Handlng. ET1XXX
TADV123 Intro Indstl Elect. ET1XXX
TADV124 Intro Indstl Ctrls. ET1XXX
TADV125 Intro Integ Manufact. ET1XXX
TADV181 Topics In Skilled Trades. ET1XXX
TADV182 Special Topics Skilled Trades. ET1XXX
TADV283 Advanced Topic Skilled Trades. ET2XXX
TADV90 Print Reading Fund Does not transfer
TAE060 Basic Skills For Trade Does not transfer
TAE090 Basic Print Reading Does not transfer
TAE100 Trade Assessment Career ET1XXX
TAE110 Industrial Applications ET1XXX
TAE115 Metric Systems Conversati ET1XXX
TAE120 Industrial Apps Algebraic ET1XXX
TAE130 Industrial Apps Geometric ET1XXX
TAE140 Industrial Apps Trigonom ET1XXX
TAE150 Indust App Strength Mater Does not transfer
TAE155 Indust App Strength Mater Does not transfer
TAE160 Gearing Does not transfer
TAE210 Basic Shape/Size Interp ET1XXX
TAE215 Main Trade Print Reading Does not transfer
TAE220 Adv Graphic Interp ET1XXX
TAE223 Main Print Reading Struct Does not transfer
TAE226 Main Prnt Rdg: Plnt Layou Does not transfer
TAE230 Assembly Detailing ET1XXX
TAE240 Comp Angl Project ET1XXX
TAE250 Tool Jig & Fixture Design ET1XXX
TAE255 Gage Cam Layout Fixture Does not transfer
TAE260 Press Working Fundamental ET1XXX
TAE265 Cutting And Forming Dies. ET1XXX
TAE271 Descriptive Geometry ET1XXX
TAE272 Desc Geom Pl, Sol ET1XXX
TAE274 Bas Sheet Metl/Layout/Fab Does not transfer
TAE275 Sheet Metal Layout Does not transfer
TAE276 Sheet Metal Layout Does not transfer
TAE277 Sheet Metal Does not transfer
TAE280 Panel Pipping Does not transfer
TAE290 Automotive Body Does not transfer
TAE310 Dc/Ac Electricity EET2000
TAE315 Ac Theory/Equipment ET1XXX
TAE320 Dc/Ac Motors ET1XXX
TAE325 Ladder Diagrams/Motor ET1XXX
TAE330 Electronics Theory ET1XXX
TAE335 Digital Theory ET1XXX
TAE340 Low Voltge & Comm Wirng. EET1XXX
TAE345 National Electric Code ET1XXX
TAE350 Industrial Electronic Controls EET1XXX
TAE355 Programmable Logic Contro ET1XXX
TAE360 Robotics Automation ET1XXX
TAE365 Dc Motors & Controls ET1XXX
TAE370 Industrial & Commercial Wiring ET1XXX
TAE375 Residential Witing Does not transfer
TAE385 Industrial Truck Controls Does not transfer
TAE390 High Volt Power ET1XXX
TAE395 Microprocessors Does not transfer
TAE405 Fund Plumbing Pipefitting Does not transfer
TAE415 Drains Waste And Vents Does not transfer
TAE425 Heating Systems Does not transfer
TAE430 Plumbing Code Does not transfer
TAE450 Fluid Power Systems ET1XXX
TAE460 Adv Fluid Power Systems ET1XXX
TAE470 Flu Pwr Dsgn Trbsh ET1XXX
TAE480 Applied Electrohydraulics Does not transfer
TAE490 Pneumatic Power Control ET1XXX
TAE510 Materials Joining Fund ET1XXX
TAE515 Adv Materials Joining ET1XXX
TAE520 Materials Join/Fabricatio ET1XXX
TAE525 Mj&F:asme Pipe/Press Weld ET1XXX
TAE530 Mj&F:asme Pipe/Press Cert ET1XXX
TAE535 Mj&F:gas Tungsten Arc Wel ET1XXX
TAE540 Mj&F:tool/Die Welding ET1XXX
TAE545 Materials Joining/Fabrica ET1XXX
TAE610 Mechanical Power Transmis ET1XXX
TAE620 Pred Main Shaft Alignmnt Does not transfer
TAE630 Pred Maint Vibration Anal Does not transfer
TAE640 Adv Rigging ET1XXX
TAE710 Industrial Computer Explo ET1XXX
TAE715 Comp Appl Skilled Trades Does not transfer
TAE720 Industrial Safety Aware ET1XXX
TAE730 Applied Industrial App ET1XXX
TAE740 Industrial Materials ET1XXX
TAE745 Polymer Ceramics Composit Does not transfer
TAE750 Applied Technology ET1XXX
TAE810 Shop Tools Techniques ET1XXX
TAE820 Machine Tool Application ET1XXX
TAE830 Adv Manufacturing Process ET1XXX
TAE840 Numerical Control Fund ET1XXX
TAE845 Adv Cnc Techniques ET1XXX
TAE880 Foundry Practice Fund Does not transfer
TAE882 Fundamentals Core Making Does not transfer
TAE884 Fundamentals Pattern Make Does not transfer
TAE905 Intro Ind/Pneumatic Contr Does not transfer
TAE920 Instrument Print Reading Does not transfer
TAEL102 Dc & Ac Electricity EET2000
TAEL103 Dc & Ac Electricity. EET2000
TAEL105 Ac Theory & Equipment. EET2000
TAEL106 Electronics Theory. EET2000
TAEL115 Digital Theory. EET2100
TAEL145 Dc & Ac Motors. EET1XXX
TAEL150 Dc Motors & Controls. EET1XXX
TAEL200 Ladder Diag & Motor Cntrl. ET1XXX
TAEL205 Industrial Electronic Cntrls. EET2XXX
TAEL235 Siemens Plc/Hmi Pr Does not transfer
TAEL245 Programmable Logic Control. ET1XXX
TAEL260 Robotics & Automation ET2XXX
TAEL265 National Electrical Code. EET2XXX
TAEL270 Industrial/Commercial Wiring. EET2XXX
TAEL273 Fire Systems For Electrcns EET2XXX
TAEL275 Residential Wiring. EET2XXX
TAEL276 Commercial Wiring EET2XXX
TAEL277 Industrial Wiring EET2XXX
TAEL278 Nec Review & License Test Prep Does not transfer
TAEL279 Elect Codes & Practices EET2XXX
TAEL280 Low Volt & Comm Wiring. EET2XXX
TAEL285 Industrial Truck Controls. EET2XXX
TAEL290 High Voltage Power Distrib. EET2XXX
TAEL291 Power & Trans Does not transfer
TAEL295 Microprocessors. EET2720
TAFD112 Construction Blue Print Readin Does not transfer
TAFD115 Computer Apps: Skilled Trades. ET1XXX
TAFD117 Industrial Comp Apps ET1XXX
TAFD120 Industry Safety Award. ET1XXX
TAFD125 Industrial Safety Awareness. ET1XXX
TAFD126 Prcess Ind Hlth/Env/Sfty. ET1XXX
TAFD130 Appl Ind Appls-Phys Sci. ET1XXX
TAFD150 Applied Technology. ET1XXX
TAFD295 Indust Maint Externship Does not transfer
TAFP150 Fluid Power Systems. ET1XXX
TAFP160 Pneumatic Power/Control. ET1XXX
TAFP260 Adv Fluid Power Systems. ET2XXX
TAFP270 Fluid Power-Cir Dsgn/Trblsht. ET2XXX
TAFP280 Applied Electrohydraulics. ET1XXX
TAGD110 Basic Shape/Size Interpret Does not transfer
TAGD120 Adv Graphic Interpretation Does not transfer
TAGD130 Assembly Detailing. ET1XXX
TAGD140 Compound Angles/Adv Projectn. ET1XXX
TAGD150 Tool, Jig, And Fixture Design. ET1XXX
TAGD155 Gage/Cam Layout/Fixture Des. ET1XXX
TAGD160 Press Working Fundamentals. ET1XXX
TAGD165 Cutting And Forming Dies. ET1XXX
TAGD171 Desc Geometry: Lines/Planes. ET1XXX
TAGD172 Desc Geometry: Planes/Solids. ET1XXX
TAGD280 Panel Tipping. ET2XXX
TAIM100 Industrial Materials. ET1XXX
TAMA100 Industrial Materials Does not transfer
TAMA110 Indust App Basic Math Princ. ET1XXX
TAMA115 Metric Sys/Conversion. ET1XXX
TAMA120 Indust App Algebra Princ. ET1XXX
TAMA130 Indust App Geometric Princ Does not transfer
TAMA200 Indust App Trig Princ. ET2XXX
TAMJ110 Matrls Joining & F ET1XXX
TAMJ112 Creative Metals I Does not transfer
TAMJ115 Adv Mtrls Join & F ET1XXX
TAMJ116 Creative Metals Ii Does not transfer
TAMJ120 Matrl Join & Fab ET1XXX
TAMJ125 Asme Pipe & ET1XXX
TAMJ145 Mj&F: Adv Gas Torc ET1XXX
TAMJ230 Mj&F: Asme Pipe & Pres Cert Does not transfer
TAMJ235 Mj&F: Gtaw & Gmaw Cert Does not transfer
TAMJ240 Mj&F: Tool & Die Welding ET2XXX
TAMN100 Shop Tools & Techniques Does not transfer
TAMN120 Machine Tool Applications. ET1XXX
TAMN130 Adv Manufacturing Processes. ET1XXX
TAMN220 Advanced Cnc Techniques. ET2XXX
TAMT110 Mechanical Power Transmission Does not transfer
TAMT115 Maint Trades Print Reading. ET1XXX
TAMT123 Maint Print Read: Sruct/Convey Does not transfer
TAMT126 Maint Print Read: Print Layout Does not transfer
TAMT200 Predict Maint: Shaft Alignment Does not transfer
TAMT210 Predict Maint: Vibration Analy Does not transfer
TAMT220 Advanced Rigging. ET2XXX
TAMT260 Gearing. ET2XXX
TAPI105 Intro Indust Instr/Pneumatic. ET1XXX
TAPI120 Instrumentation Print Reading. ET1XXX
TAPI201 Instrumentn: Ind Practices. ET2XXX
TAPP100 Fund Of Plumbing/Pipefitting. ET1XXX
TAPP110 Drains, Waste, And Vents. ET1XXX
TAPP120 Heating Systems. ET1XXX
TAPP250 Plumbing Code. ET2XXX
TAPT100 Intro Process Tech Practice. MIT1XXX
TAPT110 Process Tech-Equipment. ET1XXX
TAPT120 Intro Process Instrumentation. MCT1XXX
TAPT125 Process Tech-Inst Ii. ET1XXX
TAPT130 Process Tech-Systems. ET1XXX
TAPT140 Process Tech-Quality. ET1XXX
TARM200 Intro Robotic Maint Does not transfer
TASM100 Basic Sheet Metal Layout & Fab Does not transfer
TASM110 Sheet Metal Blank Development. ET1XXX
TASM120 Sheet Metal Layout Radial/Tri. ET1XXX
TASM130 Sheet Metal Layout Appl Trian. ET1XXX
TCM131 Intro-Telecommunications COM1500
TCM132 Film Hist/Criticism COM2020
TCM151 Digital Audio Edit (1/2 4310) COM4XXX
TCM157 Digital Video Ed (1/2 1600). COM1XXX
TCM189 Whfr-Fm Training. COM1XXX
TCM235 Topics In Film Study COM2XXX
TCM241 Writing-Radio,Tv,Film. COM2210
TCM243 Performance-Radio,Tv,Film. COM2XXX
TCM251 Audio Production I (2/2 4310) COM4XXX
TCM252 Audio Production Ii COM4310
TCM257 Film/Video Prod I (2/2 1600). COM1XXX
TCM258 Film/Video Product Ii. COM2XXX
TCM261 Broadcast Journalism. COM2230
TCM263 Intro To Public Relations COM3170
TCM270 Mass Communication Activ COM2XXX
TCM281 Telecommunication Capston Does not transfer
TCM291 Radio Practicum Does not transfer
TCM292 Radio Internship COM6190
TCM293 Television Practicum COM5420
TCM294 Television Internship. COM6190
TCM295 Telecommunications Dir Stud. COM2XXX
TCM31 Intro To Mass Comm COM1500
TECH101 Intro To Industrial Tech MIT1XXX
TECH110 Exploration Machine Tool Tech MIT1XXX
TECH115 Exploration Of Cad/Drafting MIT1XXX
TECH120 Explor Energy Tech Hvac MIT1XXX
TECH125 Explr Arch Cnst MIT1XXX
TECH140 Explr Auto Tech MIT1XXX
TECH145 Explr Pneumatics MIT1XXX
TECH150 Explor Welding MIT1XXX
TECH155 Explr Mech Transmiss MIT1XXX
THEA131 Theatre Appreciation THR1010
THEA132 Acting I THR1211
THEA133 Technical Theatre. THR1XXX
THEA134 Tech Thea Spec: Rot (1/2 14*) THR3587
THEA135 Introduction To Stage Makeup THR1451
THEA138 Stage Costuming (2/2 1411) THR5321
THEA140 One-Act Play Prod THR1XXX
THEA142 Theatrical Product. THR2580
THEA144 Improvisation For Actors THR1XXX
THEA145 Stage Combat. THR1XXX
THEA149 Children's Theatre. THR2580
THEA150 Stagecraft THR1411
THEA1901 Theatre Experience I THR1XXX
THEA1902 Theatre Experience Ii THR1XXX
THEA232 Acting Ii THR2XXX
THEA233 Adv Technical Theatre. THR3570
THEA234 Adv Tech Thea: Rot Skills. THR2XXX
THEA235 Topics In Theatre. THR2XXX
THEA238 Theatre History. THR5841
THEA242 Advanced Theatrical Production THR2XXX
THEA255 Lighting (2/2 1461). THR2XXX
THEA256 Directing THR5711
THEA257 Pantomine & Phys Tech THR2XXX
THEA259 Experiment. Theatre THR2XXX
THEA260 Acting Iii THR2XXX
THEA270 Adv Exp Theatre Prod. THR2XXX
THEA271 Adv One-Act Play Prod. THR2XXX
THEA272 Improvisation Ii. THR2XXX
THEA273 Voice For The Actor. THR2XXX
THEA281 Theatre Capstone. THR2XXX
THEA2901 Directed Study THR2XXX
VTL150 Spec Vis Effct (1/2 5390) COM1XXX
VTL235 Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror COM5020
VTL262 Intro Motion Capt (2/2 5390) COM2XXX
VTL263 Intermed Motion Capture COM3XXX
VTL264 Adv Motion Capture App COM4XXX
VTL265 Intro Motion Capture App COM2XXX
VTL266 Grn Scrn Vis Effct (2/2 5390) COM2XXX
VTL267 Stereoscopic Cinema THR2XXX
VTL268 Film Acting I THR2XXX
WMS131 Int-Women's Studies GSW2XXX
WR090 Supplement-World Religion Does not transfer
WR130 Study Of Religion PHI1XXX
WR131 Comparative Religion PHI1XXX
WR132 Western Religions PHI1XXX
WR232 Western Religions PHI2XXX
WR233 Eastern Religions ANT3560
WR234 Intro To Judaism PHI1XXX
WR235 Christianity 1St 1000 Years PHI1XXX
WR236 Afr Am Relig Exper & Expr PHI2XXX
WR237 Buddhism PHI2XXX
WR238 Hinduism PHI2XXX
WR239 Intro To Daoism PHI1XXX
WR240 Myths & Symbols CLA2XXX
WR241 Islam PHI2XXX
WR242 Native American Rel Trad PHI2XXX
WR280 Topics Religious Studies PHI2XXX
WR295 Directed Study Rel Studies PHI2XXX
WR296 Directed Study Rel Studies PHI2XXX
WR297 Directed Study Rel Studies PHI2XXX
WR35 Comparative Religion PHI1XXX
ZOO31 General Zoology 2/2 150 BIO1XXX
ZOO51 Comparative Anatomy BIO1XXX

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