Fall 2024 First Week Priority Registration Schedule

The first week of priority registration is determined by class standing. Class standing is based on whether you are a graduate student*, or for undergraduate students, the total number of completed credits you have at the time of registration.

To view your primary curriculum and class standing for registration purposes, log in to the "Prepare for Registration" area of the Registration Portal (registration.wayne.edu).

Class Priority Registration Start Date
Graduate students* Monday 3/25
Seniors (88+ cr.) Tuesday 3/26
Juniors (56-87 cr.) Wednesday 3/27
Sophomores (29-55 cr.) Thursday 3/28
Freshmen (0-28 cr.) and all others (incl. Post-Bachelor) Friday 3/29

Registration hours are 7:00 a.m. to midnight - Monday through Sunday, Eastern Time Zone.

After your first day of registration, you may continue to register and adjust your schedule throughout the priority registration period.

Instructions on how to look up classes, register, etc. are available here: https://wayne.edu/registrar/registration



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