Winter 2023 First Week Priority Registration Schedule

The first week of priority registration is now determined by class standing. Class standing is based on whether you are a graduate student*, or for undergraduate students, the total number of completed credits you have at the time of registration.

Class Priority Registration Start Date
Graduate students* Monday 10/31
Seniors (88+ cr.) Tuesday 11/1
Juniors (56-87 cr.) Wednesday 11/2
Sophomores (29-55 cr.) Thursday 11/3
Freshmen (0-28 cr.) and all others (incl. Post-Bachelor) Friday 11/4

Registration hours are 7:00 a.m. to midnight - Monday through Sunday, Eastern Time Zone.

After your first day of registration, you may continue to register and adjust your schedule throughout the priority registration period.

*Students in the Law School have their own registration schedule:

Instructions on how to look up classes, register, etc. are available here:



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