Final exam schedule

The Final Exam Schedule provides dates and times of final exams for all classes in a given semester, as well as the policies followed during exam week. Please note that exams may NOT be given on the Study Day.  The Study Days are reserved for students to prepare for upcoming examinations. 


Exam Guidance for Faculty

Group/Common Examinations - The published schedule for group exams is applicable for all courses that have this final exam format, regardless of how the section met over the course of the term.  A suggestion for faculty is that you are as flexible as possible with this format, perhaps offering students a window of time to complete the final exam on the specified day.  

Synchronous/Face-to-Face Sections - The published schedule may be used.  Feel free to allow students more time to complete the exams.  

Asynchronous Sections - This guidance may not be the best option for you, or you may have already made other arrangements.  The Registrar's Office created a list of courses and sections with a randomized day assigned during the final exam period.  You may choose to use this day for your asynchronous exams.  Again, it may make sense to leave your exams open for an extended period of time (for two days, for example) to allow greater flexibility for students and to hopefully avoid conflicts.  

Select the academic period for the Final Exam Schedule that you would like to view:

Fall 2023 - Common, Synchronous, Hybrid, and Face-to-Face Sections

Winter 2024 - Common, Synchronous, Hybrid, and Face-to-Face Sections

Spring/Summer 2024 - Common, Synchronous, Hybrid, and Face-to-Face Sections