SAP status and your semester aid

Semester financial aid

Your satisfactory academic progress (SAP) status for the upcoming semester is determined by your semester grades. We will continue to review until all grades are posted. 

Check your SAP status in Academica

IIf your status is labeled "Tentative SAP - Grade Pending," a preliminary review indicated you will meet requirements. Watch your WSU email for more information. 

If you have been denied financial aid, you must file a SAP appeal if you want your eligibility reconsidered.

Not everyone who files an appeal will be approved. You must demonstrate a clear ability to meet SAP standards.

Grade review

You will be eligible for aid if you meet SAP standards at the beginning of the semester. Your status will be finalized once all grades are posted; keep this in mind if you have outstanding grades.

One warning semester

If you are not meeting SAP standards, you will be placed in a warning semester status. While you may receive aid during the warning semester, there is an understanding that you will improve your academic progress by the end of the semester.  

You must file for an SAP appeal for reconsideration and are not eligible for financial aid if you are not meeting those SAP standards if your prior semester was your SAP warning semester.  

There is not a warning period for students who have exceeded 150 percent of program requirements. You are not eligible for financial aid if you have earned over 150 percent of the credit hours required for your program. If this is the case, you must file an SAP appeal for reconsideration. 

Probation status and your academic plan

If you had an appeal approved, are on probation and are not meeting SAP standards, we will review your academic plan.

  • If it is determined that your academic plan is being followed, you will be eligible for financial aid for the upcoming semester. You will be denied financial aid if your academic plan is not being followed. You may file a new appeal if you wish to be considered for aid eligibility.
  • If we cannot determine you are following your academic plan, we may request additional information from you. 

If you were on probation in your previous semester, but did not enroll in classes:

  • You do not need to re-appeal. 
  • Your academic plan will be reviewed.
    • If determined valid, your aid will be approved for the semester.
    • If the plan needs to be updated, you will be instructed to submit the necessary academic plan forms 
  • Check Academica for outstanding requirements.

Important information about filing an SAP appeal

See your academic advisor now if you need help with your Degree Works worksheet and academic plan. 

  • SAP appeals are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • The last day to drop classes with a 100 percent tuition cancellation is listed on the Academic Calendar.
  • You remain responsible for all charges incurred. Not all appeals are approved.

SAP appeal forms    Writing a successful appeal