Costs and payment

Payment options

Tuition rates

Payment options and other information is available on the WSU Bursar website.

Financial aid recipients will have tuition, standard fees and health insurance premium costs waived at registration if they have submitted all required information to the Office of Student Financial Aid. You are expected to pay tuition and fees at registration if your financial aid requirements are not complete.

Check your aid requirements in Academica

You must complete all requirements at least two weeks prior to your registration date. The financial aid office staff will then notify the Records/Registration Office that your tuition and fees can be deferred at registration. For a full list of requirements, please check Academica.

Installment payments

WSU Installment Payment offers a low cost, flexible system for paying educational expenses out of current income through regularly scheduled payments. Detailed information is available on the Office of the Bursar website.

Title IV Authorization

Under federal law, the University must receive your authorization to cover fees other than tuition, registration, standard fees and contracted University room and board charges. To authorize the University to deduct health insurance charges you must complete the online Title IV Authorization Form. If you do not complete this Authorization Form, the University must assume that you wish to "restrict" use of your financial aid funds.

Estimated cost of attendance

The cost of attendance (budget) amounts are estimated averages of costs for an academic year.

The cost of attendance is not a bill. It is an estimate of tuition, fees, books and supplies, living expenses, transportation costs and modest personal expenditures. Actual tuition and fee rates are published on the WSU Registrar website.

Your actual costs will depend upon your choices of housing and your other expenses. We encourage you to develop a personal budget for the year based on your own actual costs.

Budget components

Tuition and fees - An estimate is used to determine your initial aid eligibility. Each summer, actual tuition and fees are published. Before the beginning of the semester, the estimated amount of your tuition and fees will be replaced with the actual amount - for the determination of aid eligibility. 

Books and supplies - The estimated costs for books and supplies are based on the classes/credit hours for which you register. Estimated exam costs are also included. If the amount of your financial aid is greater than the amount of your university eBill, the excess aid will be refunded to you to assist with the cost of your books and other living expenses. 

Living expenses - An estimate of costs based on a survey of students and housing options in the WSU area. Your housing costs will depend on the living arrangements that you select. Living expenses includes rent, utitilities and food.

If you are living away from home you will have a higher estimated budget amount than students who are living at home with their parents.

Transportation and Personal/Miscellaneous expenses - These are estimates based on other expenses that students typically incur while attending school. The cost of parking is included in these components.

2021-22 Estimated costs - MD program M1 M2 M3 M4
  10 months 11 months 12 months 9 months
Living Expenses 16,230 17,853 19,476 14,607
Books & Supplies 413 1,058 2,358 413
Loan Fees 398 398 398 398
Miscellaneous/Personal 2,078 2,281 2,484 1,875
Residency Application Fees/
Interview Expenses
0 0 0 1,000
Transportation (includes parking) 3,650 4,015 4,380 3,285
Tuition & fees – Michigan resident 39,280 38,860 39,000 38,972
Tuition & fees- Non-resident 67,479 67,059 67,199 67,171
Michigan resident Total 62,049 64,465 68,096 60,550
Non-resident Total 90,248 92,664 96,295 88,749

The cost of attendance is based on the number of months that you are enrolled in coursework and/or rotations.

Health insurance coverage

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all medical students, and proof of coverage must be submitted to the WSU School of Medicine (SOM) Office of Records & Registration at the time of registration. Students may purchase the health insurance plan offered through the WSU SOM or submit proof of coverage through a parent/spouse. Health insurance premiums may be added to the cost of attendance on an individual basis.

Exceptions to cost of attendance

The standard budgets are good faith estimates of expenses which a student will incur within in an academic year.

Budgets may be adjusted to include dependent care directly related to attendance at WSU; costs related to a disability; computer purchase for educational purposes; and an allowance for reasonable costs directly related to your program of study.

Eligibility for additional aid is not guaranteed.

The request for a budget adjustment does not guarantee an adjustment will be made. Your request may be denied. Budget adjustment requests are reviewed by a financial aid administrator, within the context of federal financial aid regulations. You are encouraged to speak with a Financial Aid Officer about your options.

  • Your tuition and fee costs will be adjusted automatically to reflect your actual charges. 
  • After your budget is adjusted, your aid eligibility might not change.
  • If you have been awarded the maximum amount, and/or federal limit, your eligibility for additional aid may only be in the form of a PLUS Loan or a private loan – both of which require credit approval.