Costs and payment

Payment options

Tuition rates

Payment options and other information is available on the WSU Bursar website.

Installment payments

WSU Installment Payment offers a low cost, flexible system for paying educational expenses out of current income through regularly scheduled payments. Detailed information is available on the Office of the Bursar website.

Financial aid recipients

Financial aid recipients will have tuition, standard fees and health insurance premium costs waived at registration if they have submitted all required information to the Office of Student Financial Aid.

You are expected to pay tuition and fees at registration if your financial aid requirements are not complete.

Check your aid requirements in Academica

You must complete all requirements at least two weeks prior to your registration date. The financial aid office staff will then notify the Records/Registration Office that your tuition and fees can be deferred at registration. For a full list of requirements, please check Academica.

If you are the recipient of a full-tuition scholarship through the school, among other non-tuition charges, it does not cover  the student service fee, student support fee or other charges. You will be required to pay non-tuition charges from another source.

If you are the recipient of a scholarship through an external provider such as the U.S. Military or National Health Services Corp, you must submit documentation to the Financial Aid Office upon initial acceptance to the program. These programs cover tuition and fees. Your tuition and fees will be deferred at registration and the University will bill your third-party provider.

Title IV Authorization

Under federal law, the University must receive your authorization to cover fees other than tuition, registration, standard fees and contracted University room and board charges. To authorize the University to deduct health insurance charges you must complete the online Title IV Authorization Form. If you do not complete this Authorization Form, the University must assume that you wish to "restrict" use of your financial aid funds.

Estimated cost of attendance

The cost of attendance (budget) amounts are estimated averages of costs for an academic year.

The cost of attendance is not a bill. It is an estimate of tuition, fees, books and supplies, living expenses, transportation costs and modest personal expenditures. Actual tuition and fee rates are published on the WSU Registrar website.

Your actual costs will depend upon your choices of housing and your other expenses. We encourage you to develop a personal budget for the year based on your own actual costs.

2020-21 Estimated cost of attendance

10 months
11 months
12 months
9 months
Living Expenses (rent, utilities, food) 15,930 17,523 19,116 14,337
Books & supplies 405 1,050 2,350 405
Loan fees 382 382 382 382
Miscellaneous/personal 2,038 2,237 2,436 1,839
Residency interview expenses 0 0 0 1,000
Transportation 3,580 3,938 4,296 3,222
Est tuition & fees-Michigan resident 38,125 37,720 37,855 37,828
Est tuition & fees-Non-resident 65,503 65,098 65,233 65,206
Michigan resident Total 60,460 62,850 66,435 59,013
Non-resident Total 87,838 90,228 93,813 86,391

The cost of attendance is based on the number of months that you are enrolled in coursework and/or rotations.

Health insurance coverage

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all medical students, and proof of coverage must be submitted to the WSU School of Medicine (SOM) Office of Records & Registration at the time of registration. Students may purchase the health insurance plan offered through the WSU SOM or submit proof of coverage through a parent/spouse. Health insurance premiums may be added to the cost of attendance on an individual basis.

Exceptions to cost of attendance

Necessary educational expenses such as daycare costs and the one-time purchase of a computer, may be added to the cost of attendance if incurred during the academic year. Students must request consideration for a cost of attendance increase by submitting a written request and supporting documentation of paid expenses to the Office of Student Financial Aid. Please go to our Forms page.

Submission of an appeal form does not guarantee a change in your status.