Manage your aid

Aid status

Check the status of your financial aid at any time in Academica. Login at or use the following link:

Award notification

Students will receive an email notice to review awards in Academica. Financial aid awards must be accepted or declined in Academica.

How to accept your award

  1. Login to Academica
  2. Under Student Resources, click the Financial Aid Portal link.
  3. Click the "Select Aid Year" drop-down box and select the appropriate aid year.
  4. Review the awards offered to accept, reduce or decline the awards.
  5. Click "Submit" when finished. You will be able to view all awards for the academic year.

Award revisions

Changing your response - If you accepted or declined an award offer and want to change your response, complete the appropriate Award Revision Form and submit it to the WSU Office of Student Financial Aid.

Reducing the amount of a loan - If you want to reduce the amount of loans offered, complete the appropriate Award Revision Form and submit it to the WSUOffice of Student Financial Aid.

Requesting a review of your eligibility - If you have extenuating circumstances that you believe affect your ability to pay your educational costs, you may request a review of your financial aid eligibility by completing and submitting a Special Circumstances Form. This form may be submitted after you file the annual FAFSA.

Revisions by the Office of Student Financial Aid

There are several reasons that the Office of Student Financial Aid may revise your award offer. These include:

  • FAFSA corrections
  • Enrollment changes
  • Receipt of other financial aid resources
  • Accommodating special circumstances
  • Failure to meet satisfactory academic progress standards

If it becomes necessary to revise your award, the Office of Student Financial Aid will contact you via email to your WSU address. The email message will advise you to access your Academica account for additional information and/or instructions.

Leave of absence 

Students who have received financial aid and are considering a leave of absence are required to schedule an appointment with a Financial Aid Officer to review the financial aid consequences of a leave. 

More information is available on our Leave of absence web page.