Debt management

Be an informed borrower

We've compiled tools, tips, calculators and resources to help you manage your debt and finance your education.  Our dedicated financial aid team is available to assist you and offers individual consultations.

Know your loan debt

Knowing what you have borrowed and plan to borrow to complete medical school, will help you budget now and after.

  • To check your overall federal borrowing amounts please log into your account at
  • To review the types of loan programs at WSU check here.

Loan repayment

Before you graduate

  1. Complete required Federal Direct Exit Loan Counseling
  2. Review your federal loans and your loan servicer(s)

Loan repayment assistance

Federal Consolidation Loan

Federal consolidation loans allow you to combine existing federal student loans into one new loan with a weighted-average interest rate of the interest rates on the loans included in the consolidation, rounded up to the next higher one-eighth of one percent. Loan consolidation reduces the number of monthly payments to individual lenders/servicers and may also lower monthly payment amounts. More information about online: Federal Direct Loan Consolidation.

Other tools