Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an eBill Statement?

    An eBill statement is an electronic representation of your student bill from Wayne State University.  The eBill statement is available in your Student Account Dashboard.  The eBill reflects a list of charges, credits, and balance due on your WSU account. 

  • How often is an eBill statement presented and when is it due?

    eBills are generated monthly, usually by the first business day of the month.  See the eBills Schedule for a complete billing schedule with payment due dates.

    An email notification is sent to your WSU email address when a new eBill statement is available to view in your Student Account Dashboard. You can set a preference in Wayne State Alerts to also receive a notice via text to your cell phone or instant message to your computer.  Wayne State Alerts is available through Academica under University Resources.

  • How to access my eBill statement?

    You can access your eBill statement through your Student Account Dashboard.  To access your Student Account Dashboard:

    1. Login to Academica
    2. Select Student Resources
    3. Select Financial Records
    4. Select Student Account Dashboard
    5. Select Statements
    6. The eBill statements will be listed in ascending order with the most recent date on top
    7. Select the view statement icon
    8. Your eBill statement will open as a pdf file in a separate window
  • Do I have access to previous eBill statements?

    EBill statements prior to Fall 2022 are available in Academica under the Financial Records link by selecting eBill Statement and Payment History.  Up to six months of eBill statements are stored for your reference.  If you want a paper copy of any of these statements, you may print a copy from any of the computer labs on the WSU campus or from a home computer.

    EBills from Fall 2022 to the present will be available in your Student Account Dashboard.

  • Computer Requirement

    The only computer requirement is that Acrobat Reader be installed on the computer. This application can be downloaded for free from Adobe. If you need help downloading and installing Acrobat Reader, contact the Computing & Information Technology Help Desk at 313-577-4778.

  • What happens if I do not open my eBill?

    Wayne State University students have the financial responsibility to review their eBill statement and make payment by the due date.  If payments are not made by the due date, you are subject to late payment fees and account holds in accordance with the university policy.  Please read the financial responsibility agreement that is accepted when registering for courses each semester.  Financial Responsibility Agreement



  • When is the tuition and fee due date?



    Please refer to the eBill posting schedule and paymentt due date web page for due dates listed here. 


  • Is the eBill up to date?

    The eBill statement balance due will not change, as the statement is static. All current semester charges are displayed in the aggregate as of the bill date; payments and or credits posted after the bill date will display on the next eBill statement.

  • How do I view my transaction history?

    You can view your transaction history in Academica by:

    • Selecting the Student Resources
    • Then select Financial Records
    • Bill/Account Summary
  • What does the negative balance represent on my eBill?

    The negative balance represents a credit or excess payment on your account that may be refundable to you. If the excess amount is not related to restricted financial aid, then a refund will be generated in the form of direct deposit or check.

    We encourage you to enroll in direct deposit for a quicker and efficient delivery of your student account refund.  Direct Deposit refunds are completely secure and are deposited directly into your domestic bank account of choice within 2-3 business days. Also, you can conveniently modify your Direct Deposit anytime.

    Direct Deposit enrollment can be accessed via Academica by selecting Student Resources, Student Financial Records, then Direct Deposit Student Refunds.

  • How can I print a copy of my eBill statement for my employer or sponsor?

    Please see How to access my eBill statement.

  • I am unable to open my eBill statement.

    Check to make sure that a pop-up blocker is not activated in the Web browser on the computer you are using. This would keep you from opening a new window where your eBill would display. Temporarily disable the pop-up blocker and you should be able to view your eBill without a problem. If you need help turning off a pop-up blocker in your Web browser, contact the Computing & Information Technology Help Desk at 313-577-4778.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my eBill statement?

    If you have questions about your eBill, please contact the Student Accounts Receivable Office at or by calling (313)577-3653 during regular operating hours.