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Academic Program Examples  

Tiffany Edgar, Candace Howard, and Laurel Whalen for the BS in Sports Management

  • Learning outcomes assessed: Interpretation of research, knowledge of organizational and managerial functions, communication, cultural competence and ethics, and professional readiness
  • Assessment methods: Research assignments, case analysis, presentation, professional portfolio, written report with supporting podcast

Chris Crowley, Tom Pedroni, and Kate Roberts for the PhD in Educational Studies

  • Learning outcomes assessed: Summarizing key research findings, critique of theory and research
  • Assessment methods: Annotated bibliography, research paper, literature review for dissertation prospectus

Evrim Dalkiran, Susan Dials, and Alper Murat for the BS in Industrial Engineering

  • Learning outcomes assessed: Experimentation, data analysis, data interpretation
  • Assessment methods: Exams, homework, project

Jessica Greenwald, Kimmerly Piper-Aiken, Elizabeth Stoycheff, and Sheila Tomkowiak for the BA in Journalism

  • Learning outcomes assessed: Written communication focused on accuracy across different media
  • Assessment methods: Test

Jessica Greenwald, Rosie Jahng, and Shelly Najor for the BA in Public Relations

  • Learning outcomes assessed: Primary and secondary research skills
  • Assessment methods: Public relations campaign project

Kimberly Schroeder and Christine D'Arpa for the Graduate Certificate in Archival Administration

  • Learning outcomes assessed: Preservation, organization and access to the historical record, conservation, storage, and reformatting of information, professional engagement with communities
  • Assessment methods: Post-practicum survey

Andrew Newman and Harmanpreet Singh for the BA in Anthropology

  • Learning outcomes assessed: Engagement in local and global communities
  • Assessment methods: Qualitative analysis of research proposals

Tony DeGenaro, Matt Linton, Richard Marback, Isaac Pickell, and Diana Rosenberger for the PhD in English

  • Learning outcomes assessed: Scholarly and professional activities
  • Assessment methods: Focus groups

Susan Brummelte, Emily Grekin, and Cata Kopetz for the MA in Psychology

  • Learning outcomes assessed: Research methods
  • Assessment methods: Course-based research proposals, professional licensing exam

Opal Bacon, Brandon Bott, Aloke Dutta, Chris Giuliano, Justine Gortney, Paul Kilgore, Minakshi Lahiri, Melissa Lipari, Richard Lucarotti, and Zhengping Yi for the PharmD

  • Learning outcomes assessed: Application of content knowledge to patient care, patient-centered caregiving, management of resources to optimize safety and efficacy, problem solving
  • Assessment methods: Patient care plans from courses, rubric scores for the practicum, rubric scores on communication from experiential learning, and rubric on personal and professional development from faculty advising, and a standardized exam
Student Services Example  

Nancy Beckett, Ken Harris, Kurt Kruschinska, Mark Jacek, Nancy McQuaide, Amanda Pender, and Aaron Pobursky for the Office of the Registrar

  • Outcomes assessed: Improve degree reporting times through automation and communication
  • Assessment methods: Cross-year comparison of date of final reporting and percentage of manual data entry