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Adult Learners

At Wayne State, we understand that adult learners bring a wealth of experiences to the classroom, whether those are professional, personal, academic, or a combination of all three. Our goal is to help you pair those accomplishments with the campus resources you need to progress to graduation and beyond!

Visit the adult learners website to learn more. 

Exploratory programs

The University Advising Center's Exploratory Program offers advising and programming for students who are unsure of what they'd like to earn a degree in.  Depending on a student's general area of interest - Humanities, Life & Health Science, Physical Science or Social Science - they are assigned an exploratory advisor who will offer a series of programs with the goal of helping a student make a decision by a maximum of 30 credits.  

Pre-law programs

Pre-law advising at the UAC is for students who intend to or are thinking about attending law school. Advising sessions cover the process of preparing for and applying to law school including major/minor selection, enhancing academic competitiveness, LSAT prep, school selection, soliciting recommendation letters, and writing the personal statement. 

Phoenix Reentry Program

The WSU Phoenix Reentry Program provides undergraduate students who left WSU on probation or exclusion and who are now in a position to thrive academically with the opportunity to petition for return under a second start policy. This program is available to students from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Mike Ilitch School of Business, College of Education, or College of Fine and Performing Arts. 

Pre-Social Work Advising

Pre-Social Work advising introduces students to the admission criteria required for acceptance into the WSU School of Social Work. These include pre-requisite coursework, GPA evaluation, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and application. 

Foreign Language Verification

Wayne State University teaches 12 languages other than English. For bilingual students wishing to test out of the foreign language requirement or meet a general education requirement through foreign language, the department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Culture administers proficiency exams for the languages it teaches.

You can also contact A. Douglas at to be tested for proficiency in a language not taught at Wayne State. To schedule an appointment with Mr. Douglas:

  1. Go to Stars 2.0
  2. Choose Supplemental Advising
  3. Then select Foreign Language Verification

Pre-Med and Health Science Center

WSU's Pre-Med and Health Science Center (PMHSC) provides prerequisite advising, academic support, and professional development strategies for all WSU students pursuing admission to competitive health care programs.   

Pre-health advisors will work with you to discuss degree options and help you plan your prerequisite coursework. In addition, pre-health advisors are knowledgeable in professional preparation  such as extracurricular experiences, leadership, service and health-care exposure  that medical programs value. They will challenge you to develop a strong portfolio of engagement while maintaining the high standards of academic excellence that you need to compete in the admissions process.

Learn more about the services provided by the Pre-Med and Health Science Center.

Office of Military and Veteran Affairs Academic Excellence

The Office of Military and Veteran Affairs Academic Excellence (OMVAE) is dedicated to providing high quality and comprehensive student veteran support in an environment that fosters respect, commitment, and academic excellence.  OMVAE provides direct and liaison services for all education and administrative matters pertaining to our student veterans, their families, and the military community at large.

Learn more about what the Office of Military and Veteran Affairs has to offer.

Wayne Advantage-Macomb

Wayne Advantage-Macomb allows you to take classes at both Macomb Community College (MCC) and Wayne State University (WSU), preparing you to pursue a bachelor's at WSU while completing your associate degree at Macomb. As a Wayne Advantage-Macomb student, you are admitted to Wayne State, which means you can take courses at MCC, WSU or both institutions in the same semester. You must meet Wayne State admissions requirements to enter the program.

Learn more about Wayne Advantage-Macomb.  Students can also visit the Transfer Student Blog.  Wayne Advantage-Macomb Program Coordinator, Doug Peacock, discusses "all things transfer" in his posts.

Warrior Way Back

Warrior Way Back is a debt forgiveness program for returning students with an outstanding balance owed to Wayne State University. To qualify, students must have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher, a balance of $4000 or less, and not have attended class at WSU for 2 or more years. Students who meet the program's academic and financial requirements will have their initial outstanding debt forgiven over the course of four successful semesters.

Learn more about the Warrior Way Back program.


The University Advising Center prides itself on assessment and continuous improvement.  In order to do so, data is collected annually from the following areas:

  • Exploratory Programs
  • Pre-Med and Health Science Center
  • Pre-Nursing students
  • Pre-Pharmacy and Health Sciences students

The Assessment Report for the 2019-2020 academic year reviews all data collected, results and future plans or adjustments.