Exploratory programs

Exploratory and Transitional Student Center (ETSC)

Exploratory Program

The Exploratory Program is for incoming WSU freshmen who are not ready to select a major. Academic advisors in the ETSC will work with students through the decision making process of selecting a major during their first year in college (up to 30 credit hours). Students will have the opportunity to explore majors that WSU has to offer while satisfying WSU General Education requirements.

Transitional Program

The ETSC also provides advising for current WSU students who have already declared a major or professional program but are interested in exploring other programs as their academic, personal and professional interests develop and/or change. These re-deciding students are encouraged to work with ETSC advisors at any point to explore other programs and majors or to determine how best to achieve their professional goals and aspirations.

For more information about the Exploratory Program, go to stars.wayne.edu to schedule an appointment with one of the ETSC Academic Advisors:

Pynthia Caffee: ae5396@wayne.edu