Success Partners

Success Partners (SPs) are an integral part of the Warrior 360 Experience. As role models who advocate student success, their primary purpose is to help create a community of engagement that will strengthen your college transition and integration into the WSU campus. An SP (like a mentor) serves as a peer leader who answers your questions, listens, offers guidance on successful ways to navigate college life and shares the college experience from a student perspective. Through one-on-one interactions and group workshops, SPs are knowledgeable student leaders and thoughtful facilitators who serve as a connection between you and campus resources.

Meet our Success Partners

How it works

What should Warrior 360 students expect from Success Partners?

Students should expect to make a friend. The success partners are also current WSU students. They are experiencing college at the same time as you. They give you advice and guidance as you navigate your journey. SPs are also your student experience experts. They will help you find out where you can go to hang out, find the best food or best places to study!

How often do SPs meet with students?

Students will connect with their SP weekly. This connection can be a one-on-one meeting or a study session, you might attend a campus event together or grab a coffee! Your SP will want to get to know you, see how you are doing, give you tips and tricks, and see how they can help you get more connected to campus.

How are SPs Matched with Partners?

We matched SPs with Warrior 360 members based on major, academic interests and other interests you have in common. Our SPs are matched with no more than six students at one time. Once matched, your SP will contact you for introductions and to set up your first meeting.

How are SPs Trained?

Success partners go through a comprehensive hiring process that includes robust training on best serving as mentors to students. Training takes place before the fall semester begins over two days. Day one includes an introduction to mentoring, program expectations, policies, professionalism, diversity awareness, role playing, and team-building exercises. Day two is dedicated to mental health first aid training and certification. Once a month during the academic year, SPs participate in an hour-long professional development seminar series on student leadership.

Who we are?

Who are the SPs?

All Success Partners are current students at Wayne State. They are all at least Sophomore standing and have already experienced what it is like to be a first-year student in college. Some of them were once students in Warrior 360 their first year as well. 

Who leads the team?

The Success Partner team is co-led by Dwight McDonald, M.Ed and Tuoanyene Sims, MA, LPC. They are both experienced higher education practitioners and are dedicated to helping the students at Wayne State University. They both believe in leading by example. They are pursuing a doctorate of Higher Education Leadership at Wayne State, which further signifies their approach to leading.

Why is Success Partnering Important?

No one makes it through college or life without the help of others. The SPs are here to offer much-needed support to our students. College is a wonderful time, but it can also be challenging. Incoming students are in an unfamiliar environment with new people. The SPs are here to ease that transition and make it fun!