Success Coaching

Success coaching is a thought-provoking, creative process that should inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Meeting with your success coach will help you set goals, create outcome-driven habits, and manage personal change and well-being. Every W360 success coach has years of training and experience that will best serve you in building a strong foundation for success.

Meet our success coaches

How it works

How often will I meet with my success coach?

Your success coach will invite you to meet with them bi-weekly once the semester begins. You two will work together to pick a time that does not conflict with any classroom or outside obligations. Your meetings will last about 30 minutes and tend to be fairly informal. Your coach will want to check in on your academic progress, goal setting, WSU experience and overall happiness and well-being. As an advocate for you, your coach will also help you navigate barriers you're facing.  

Success Coach and Partner sitting at a table

Has my success coach done this before? 

Collectively, our professional staff has just over 130 years of professional experience working to support the needs of students. We have helped hundreds of first-year students and we can't wait to support you! 

How long is the W360 program?

Warrior 360 is here to support you through your entire college experience. Our support will extend from admission to graduation. In your first year, you will meet with us most frequently. We understand that the change from high school to college is when you have a lot of new experiences and you are learning a ton about being a college student. While we will always be here to support any need as it comes up, we are confident that through your partnership with us, you too will beocme a WSU expert the closer you get to graduation.

Why was I invited to join Warrior 360? 

The Warrior 360 community brings together students fromSuccess Coach at Checkout table many different pathways. Some students are invited to Warrior 360 as recipients of one of our pledge programs (Wayne State Gurantee, Heart of Detroit, Born to be a Warrior) and other students are referred by high school guidance counselors or professional staff at WSU. Finally, students can also be invited because of academic promise noticed in high school, are first-generation college students, or because they could benefit from the increased support and care our program provides.

Can I change my success coach? 

We have thoughtfully matched you with your assigned success coach. We encourage you to try your best to build a working relationship with your coach. However, if you would like to explore a different match, let us know.

Can I make an appointment to see my success coach?

Hold tight, your Success Coach will reach out to you to set up your first appointment at the beginning of each semester. After the first appointment, students will schedule their future appointments using STARS, our campus appointment system. In the meantime, if you have questions give us a call or shoot us an email and someone from our team will follow up with you.