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Success Sessions will connect Wayne State University's incoming students with valuable information and resources to help enhance their academic experiences, build their networks around Wayne State and support successful journeys toward graduation and beyond. During Orientation Part Two you will have the opportunity to attend two different Success Sessions.

Please note that these are sample sessions offered in 2017.

A Day in the Life--Explore the Undergraduate Library (Undergraduate Library)
Students meet in the front entrance lobby of the Undergraduate Library for this activity.This game will take you through the Undergraduate Library, where you will play games and solve puzzles to help a new student complete a successful day at the library.  When you complete the game, you'll know how to print, where to add money to your One Card, how to use the study rooms, how to find resources in the library, where you can get help and more! Finish the game, and you'll receive a small surprise at your last stop.

Avoiding Common Money Mistakes (Student Center Building - Room 285)
Most students think they have a handle on personal finance. But if that's so, why does everyone seem to make the same mistakes? In this session, you'll learn about common student money blunders and how to avoid them. A brief Q and A session will follow.

CAPS: Stress Management (Student Center Building - Hilberry EF on second floor)
Your university experience is an exciting time during which you'll make many important decisions about school, career plans, finances, family and your social life. Join us for this session to learn how to effectively manage or avoid the stress that many college students experience.

Career Services: Exploring the World of Work (State Hall 334)
Interested in making some money while in school? Want to know how majors and careers relate to your interests? Join us for this interactive session for answers to your questions regarding career and work options that support optimum student success and position you for a meaningful future.

Considering a Pre-Med or Health Sciences Path? (Student Center Building - Hilberry ABC on second floor)
Join us to hear from upper-class students and learn about the leadership, service and health-care experiences that medical programs value. You'll discover how to develop a strong portfolio of engagement while maintaining the high standards of academic excellence that you need to be competitive.

Diversity and Student Leadership (Student Center Building - Room 020)
Interested in student leadership and learning more about how to connect with a variety of resources at Wayne State University? Come and meet multicultural student leaders on campus and find out how they navigated their first year. You will have the opportunity to hear about our newly created Office of Multicultural Student Engagement (OMSE) and meet with the staff. We want to meet you and hear from you!

Making the Most of Mathematics Resources around Wayne State (State Hall 134)
How do college students manage math anxiety and succeed in their math courses? Join us for this presentation to learn key strategies and hear from a panel of representatives from a variety of math resources across campus including the Math Advisors, Math Resource Center, Rising Scholars Program and Math Literacy Services.

Smart Money Matters: Financial Aid and Scholarships (State Hall 234)
The financial decisions you make as a college student might involve grants, loans, scholarships or money earned from a part-time job. As you take your first steps toward financial independence, it's not always easy to know the best choices. This workshop will help you take control of your money instead of letting your money control you!

The Transfer Student: Preparing Yourself to be the Strongest WSU Graduate (Student Center - Hilberry D on second floor)
Join us for this session to hear directly from your upper-class peers how to successfully transition to the university. Learn how to draw from your prior academic experiences, take advantage of campus resources, and become a successful Wayne State Warrior!

Using Campus Technology to Your Advantage (DeRoy Auditorium - Upper and Lower Auditoriums)
Technology can help each of us stay connected and save time. At WSU, technology also allows us to gain access to important academic information, enhance our work in the classroom and stay on track toward graduation. Join us for this session to learn how to make the most of AdvisingWorks, Blackboard and the GUIDE app.

Wellness: A Fundamental Key to Academic Success (Student Center Building - Rooms 010 and 025)
This session focuses on how nutrition, exercise and sleep impact academic success. In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to take care of your physical self while engaged in the demanding landscape of college life. By following a few simple tips, you can enjoy a balanced lifestyle that will keep your stress levels low and your GPA high

WSU-Speak: The Lingo of Student Success (Bernath Auditorium - Undergraduate Library)
Learn the "Wayne State lingo" that you need for student success! This session will cover the important terminology you hear on campus and should know first-hand in order to navigate the University, understand your degree requirements, and accomplish your goal of graduation!