Pre-Med and Health Science Center

WSU's Pre-Med and Health Science Center provides prerequisite advising, academic support, and professional development strategies for all WSU students pursuing admission to competitive health care programs. 

Pre-health advisors will work with you to discuss degree options and help you plan your prerequisite coursework. In addition, pre-health advisors are knowledgeable in professional preparation — such as extracurricular experiences, leadership, service and health-care exposure — that medical programs value. We will challenge you to develop a strong portfolio of engagement while maintaining the high standards of academic excellence that you need to compete in the admissions process.

Plan to meet regularly with a pre-health advisor and prepare to join thousands of WSU alumni practicing in health care professions. 

2018 Health Science Matriculants​

Hamzah Badreddine Hamzah Badreddine

BS in Biological Sciences

Lauren Bauer Lauren Bauer

BA in Biological Sciences; BS in Psychology

Noor Khan Noor Khan

BS in Honors Biological Sciences 

Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-health advisors provide academic planning and support for the following health-care programs that admit undergraduate students.  Schedule an appointment for prerequisite advising.



Mortuary Science

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Radiologic Technology

Clinical Laboratory Science

Letters of Recommendation

The Pre-Med and Health Science Center offers a free service that will confidentially and securely house letters of recommendation for pre-medical, dental, veterinary, optometry and pharmacy students for use during their application cycle.   For more information email:

Instructions for Letter Writers

Credential Service Instructions and Policies

Form to Open a File

Letter of Recommendation Cover Sheet

Form to Send Letters

Michigan Medical Schools Letters of Recommendation Requirements

Michigan Dental Schools Letters of Recommendation Requirements

GPA Calculator

Currently the best way to assess your overall and BCPM (BIO/CHM/PHY/MAT) GPA as it will be viewed by medical schools requires manual computation. You can use the instructions in the link below to predict the AMCAS conversion of your GPA.  The GPA calculator on the WSU Records and Registration site can also help you make a quick prediction during the process of self-evaluation (tip: add up and enter the number of credits you have earned of each grade (A, A-, etc.) instead of one at a time).

AMCAS Grade Conversion Guide

AADSAS Grade Conversion Chart

CASPA Grade Conversion Chart

AACOMAS Grade Conversion Chart