Pre-Med and Health Science Center (PMHSC)

WSU's PMHSC provides prerequisite advising, academic support, and professional development strategies for all WSU students pursuing admission to competitive health care programs. 

Pre-health advisors will work with you to discuss degree options and help you plan your prerequisite coursework. In addition, pre-health advisors are knowledgeable in the professional preparation — such as extracurricular experiences, leadership, service and health-care exposure — that medical programs value. We will challenge you to develop a strong portfolio of engagement while maintaining the high standards of academic excellence that you need to compete in the admissions process.

Plan to meet regularly with a pre-health advisor and prepare to join thousands of WSU alumni practicing in health care professions.  Admitted WSU students who need assistance in scheduling an appointment with an advisor in the PMHSC can watch this short video.

Please review our remote advising page for instructions about how we are conducting virtual advising appointments. Prospective students interested in meeting with a pre-health advisor can request an appointment by completing an intake form.

Pre-Professional Programs

The WSU University Advising Center provides academic advising for the following health-care programs that admit undergraduate students.  Schedule an appointment for prerequisite advising through (chose explore major/minor if not already coded in your area of choice) or by calling 313-577-2680.



Mortuary Science

Physical Therapy

Radiation Therapy Technology

Radiologic Technology

Clinical Laboratory Science

Letters of Recommendation

As a result of the Covid-19 University response, the Pre-med and Health Science Center Credential Service is now closed and is unable to accept or send letters of evaluation. Please see our Application Resources page for applicant options for submitting letters during the 2020-21 cycle.


GPA Calculator

Currently the best way to assess your overall and science GPA as it will be viewed by graduate schools requires manual computation. You can use the instructions in the links below to predict the verified GPA for your specific primary application.;

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