• What will I do at orientation?

    You will meet with academic advisors, academic success specialists, student leaders and others. During the program, you will receive your OneCard, learn how to navigate Wayne State and discover the many exciting academic programs and student activities here. You will leave your new campus at the end of the day as a registered Wayne State student.

  • Do I have to attend orientation?

    Yes – we provide a number of sessions to accommodate the busy schedules of our new students. If you are unable to attend one of our sessions due to an insurmountable hardship, please contact us and we will work together to find a solution. Vacations, summer jobs and other obligations are important, but New Student Orientation helps students prepare for a successful college career and is a great investment of time for both new students and their families.

    Students who are admitted directly to the following professional schools or colleges do not attend the general New Student Orientation sessions. Please contact the school or college directly for further information:

    • Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences — 313-577-1716
    • School of Social Work — 313-577-4409
  • Will I meet with an academic advisor at orientation?

    Yes. You will meet with an experienced advisor who will review your degree plan and help you choose your courses. Transfer students should meet with an advisor prior to the orientation program if at all possible in order to maximize your class scheduling opportunities. 

  • Are you pre-med, pre-physician assistant, pre-law or pre-dental?

    If you answered YES to this question, please note that none of the programs above are considered majors at Wayne State. You must choose a major from our list of programs and follow the prerequisite coursework for the respective program.

    Pre-med students should make a reservation for a one-day orientation program, followed by a Pre-Med Check Up to learn about pre-med preparation and course planning.

  • What should I bring with me to orientation?
    • Photo Identification
    • Placement and/or qualifying exam results
    • AP exam results
    • CLEP results
    • Copy of transcript if you are currently taking classes at another institution
  • Will I receive information about Financial Aid?

    Yes. However, we encourage you to stop by the Welcome Center and talk with an advisor on any weekday. For questions, please call 313-577-2100.

  • Will I take placement and/or qualifying exams at orientation?

    No. You will need to take your placement exams at least two weeks prior to your orientation session. For information on the exams, please visit the testing website and click the appropriate link under the New Student heading, or make an appointment to talk with your academic advisor.

  • Can I still attend orientation if I have not taken my placement exams?

    Yes, but you will NOT be allowed to register for a chemistry course until you have received your results.

  • Will I take a tour inside the residence halls at orientation?

    During orientation, you will see the locations of the residence halls and there will be an opportunity for students who wish to tour a residence hall room to do so.

  • Do parents participate in Orientation?

    In coordination with the first-year student orientation dates, we offer Parent and Family Orientation. These sessions are not required. For more information visit the Parent and Family website.

  • Is there someone I can email if I have other questions?

    Yes! Please contact our orientation team at orientation@wayne.edu.

  • Can't I just do this online?

    At Wayne State we value people. And that means we want you to meet your new people, who can support you during your time on campus and beyond. It's more than an image online, or one that disappears in 30 seconds. This is something you need to take part in and see for yourself. We have information online, but to understand the experience you're about to embark upon, we kindly request your presence.