• Is Wayne State still hosting New Student Orientation?

    Yes! Due to the nature of COVID-19, we have canceled all on-campus orientation programs from April through the end of August. We are moving these to an online format. You will receive ongoing communication from our team with respect to the process of online orientation. 

  • What can I expect from an online orientation?

    1. Information will be provided to you regarding Wayne State academic, mental, social and physical support through our learning management system, called Canvas. Approximately two days after you make an reservation for orientation, we will upload a list to Canvas giving you access to a Pre-Orientation Online module (you would have had this as part of your orientation process anyway!). Log into Canvas using your Wayne State accessID (e.g ay4959) and password (you would create this on your own).

    2. Advising and registration support will be provided through our incredible academic advising team within each school, college and department. You can expect to receive an email to your Wayne State account from your academic advisor approximately one week before your designated orientation date. This email also includes how to register for classes. At this time, you will be added to an Online Orientation course through Canvas.

    3. Join us on the day of your designated orientation date for a virtual program. You will receive a link to your Wayne State email account with information on how to join the program at a designated time.

    4. After your designated orientation date, you can join our team online through Wisr. You will be sent an invitation to join this community to engage with us for the rest of the summer. You also will unlock additional information in the online Canvas course, which you will need to complete by Sept. 1 in order to have "completed" the online orientation program.

    5. Along the way, and thereafter, our Orientation Leaders will be here to engage with you in a variety of ways. You can start by following us on Instagram (@exploreWSU) for information and updates as well. 

    6. If you ever need anything, please reach out to our office at orientation@wayne.edu, call Katie Rawlings at 313-577-2219 or Zak Krug at 313-577-2420.

  • Do I have to attend online orientation?

    Yes – we provide a number of sessions to accommodate the busy schedules of our new students. If you are unable to attend one of our sessions due to an insurmountable hardship, please contact us and we will work together to find a solution. Vacations, summer jobs and other obligations are important, but New Student Orientation helps students prepare for a successful college career and is a great investment of time for both new students and their families.

    Students who are admitted directly to the following professional schools or colleges do not attend the general New Student Orientation sessions. Please contact the school or college directly for further information:

    • Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences — 313-577-1716
    • School of Social Work — 313-577-4409
  • Will I meet with an academic advisor as part of the online orientation?

    Yes. You will meet with an experienced advisor who will review your degree plan and help you choose your courses. Transfer students should meet with an advisor prior to the orientation program if at all possible in order to maximize your class scheduling opportunities. You should expect to receive information regarding the advising process from your academic advisor by your scheduled orientation date. All advising communications will be sent to your Wayne State email, so be sure you've set up your account and are checking it regularly.

    Many academic advisors at Wayne State are using Microsoft Teams to meet with their students (either by audio call or video chat). We recommend downloading Microsoft Teams from your app store and logging in with your accessID and password (once you've established your account in Academica) to ensure a successful meeting with your advisor.

  • Are you pre-med, pre-physician assistant, pre-law or pre-dental?

    If you answered YES to this question, please note that none of the programs above are considered majors at Wayne State. You must choose a major from our list of programs and follow the prerequisite coursework for the respective program.

    Pre-med students should make a reservation for a one-day orientation program, followed by a Pre-Med Check Up to learn about pre-med preparation and course planning.

  • Will I receive information about Financial Aid?

    The Office of Student Financial Aid mainly communicates with students through Wayne State email and Academica. Be sure you are checking both on a regular basis (at least once per week) so that you don't miss important deadlines.

  • Will I take placement and/or qualifying exams at orientation?

    No. If you plan to take placement exams, you can take them prior to your orientation date. However, Wayne State uses a combination of ACT/SAT scores and directed self-placement (for English only) information to place you into the appropriate math, English, biology and chemistry courses. For information on the exams, please visit the testing website and click the appropriate link under the First-Year Students heading, or make an appointment to talk with your academic advisor.

  • Will I take a tour inside the residence halls at orientation?

    During orientation, you will see the locations of the residence halls and there will be an opportunity for students who wish to tour a residence hall room to do so.

  • Do parents participate in Orientation?

    In coordination with the first-year student orientation dates, we offer Parent and Family Orientation. These sessions are not required. For more information visit the Parent and Family website.

  • Is there someone I can email if I have other questions?

    Yes! Please contact our orientation team at orientation@wayne.edu.

  • How do I change my major?

    Write to the Orientation Office with your name and what you'd like to change your major to, and we'll make the update for you!