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The Art Department celebrates Fall 2020 graduate Maisha Rahman, BFA Design, Graphic Design!-What has been your favorite experience as a Creative Warrior?: My overall experience in the graphic design department has been great. I've made plenty of creative and helpful friends and learned so much. My favorite experience was seeing how much I've grown as a designer from my first day to now. The critiques in my art and design classes have really helped me improve my skills and bring me where I am today.-If you could give some advise to incoming students, what would you share?: Don't go into an art and/or design class thinking it's going to be easy... Don't take critiques personally. Always recognize that there will always be room for growth; that no one is perfect, no matter how creative and talented. Don't ever feel like you aren't good enough. Everyone has to start at square one, and everyone moves at their own pace. If you ever find yourself feeling lowly about your work, just look back at your work from years or months ago; you'll see that growth takes time, and practice makes perfect. Most importantly, don't step over your own dreams to follow someone else's. Don't let anyone tell you what to do with your future. It's your life. Put your foot down and follow your dreams.-What do you dream for your future?: I dream of a future where I'm doing what I love: creating. Whether it's for a large corporation, a big company, a local business, or my own little business, I want to create and enjoy doing so. I want to teach my children that you don't have to be a doctor or engineer in order to be successful.-Instagram: @bymaisha Personal website: www.bymaisha.comLinkedIn: rahman-maisha-#ArtAtWayne #CreativeWarrior #MyWSUStory @waynestatecfpca @waynestate