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Advisor downloadable instructions and How To videos for STARS 2.0.
Full training sessions by user role are listed below. 

General Training Resources              
Student Profile   VIDEO
Advanced Search   VIDEO
Terms and Status: Advanced Search   VIDEO
Students' Courses Filtering Options   VIDEO
Uploading Student Lists   VIDEO
View and Manage Student Lists   VIDEO
Running Student Lists by Admit Type   VIDEO
Academic Probation   VIDEO
Reporter Role Training   VIDEO
Registration Outreach Report   VIDEO
GPA Calculator   VIDEO
Creating and Using Watchlists   VIDEO
Producing an Unofficial Advising Transcript   VIDEO
Prospective Appointments   VIDEO
Running a List of Student Minors in Cognos   VIDEO
Cognos Training   VIDEO
Student Course Enrollments Cognos Report   VIDEO
Advisor and Appointment Calendar Functions    
Campaigns PDF VIDEO
Three Ways to Schedule an Appointment   VIDEO
Check In and Complete Appointment   VIDEO
Setting Availability   VIDEO
Your Unique Advisor URL   VIDEO
Remote and In Person-Availability PDF VIDEO
User Settings   VIDEO
  • FAQ: Review our frequently asked questions on STARS 2.0.
  • Training Contacts for Academic Advisors: Find a trainer in your respective school or college.
  • ATA Canvas site - Stars 2.0 module with unblurred training videos as well as recording of Stars 2.0 Advisor training session (enrollment required through ATA)
  • Category/Tag Request Form: If you would like to create a unique Category or Tag in STARS to better identify groups of students, please submit the request form.

Stars 2.0 Training

Training on the STARS 2.0 platform is offered once a month through the WSU Advisor Training Academy via MS Teams. Training covers both the Reporter and the Advisor role permissions.

Part 1 of each training will cover content for both the Advisor and Reporter role including the student profile, advanced search, watchlists and reports (9 to 10:30 a.m.). All users with Advisor or Reporter role should plan to attend part 1.

Part 2 of each training session concentrates on the Advisor role only and covers appointment availability, user settings, managing appointments, and appointment campaigns (10:30 - 11 a.m.). Only those with an Advisor role should attend part 2.

NOTE: Access to STARS 2.0 is only provisioned through a BAO via the access request process. BAOs and supervisors can review role descriptions on the Stars BAO page.

Training dates are listed below along with a link to RSVP. 

Monday, February 6, 2023

Monday, March 6, 2023

Monday, April 3, 2023

Monday, May 1, 2023

Click to RSVP  

You will be sent a meeting invite with an MS Teams link prior to training. Please reach out to Kate Bernas (ab9599) with questions.