Waitlisting is now available beginning Winter 2021

Select courses in the Registration Portal (registration.wayne.edu) now feature waitlisting. If a spot opens in a closed class, the next student on the waitlist is sent an email to their WSU AccessID email. Students have 24 hours to register for the class, otherwise the open seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist.

Information for Students

  • As you search for classes, closed sections will include a note indicating whether waitlisting is available and the number of seats on the waitlist. You may also view this information in the Class Details panel.
  • Not all sections of all classes will have a waitlist available. 
  • Waitlisting does not guarantee a seat in the class.
  • You may add yourself to a waitlist through the end of Open Registration on a first-come, first-served basis. Beginning the first day of classes for the semester (not always the same as the first day your class meets), waitlisting will no longer be available.
  • You can see your position in the waitlist under "Schedule Details" in the Schedule Panel under Register for Classes. Click on the arrow on the left of the course to show the message for that item.
  • When a seat becomes available, an email will automatically be sent to your WSU AccessID email. You have 24 hours from when the seat opens to register for the course before the seat is made available to the next student on the waitlist. Being on a waitlist does NOT automatically register you for a class.
  • Once you receive the notification, return to "Register for Classes" in the Registration Portal (registration.wayne.edu). Change the action bar to "Register," and click submit.
  • Registration is available Monday - Sunday, 7:00 am to midnight, Eastern Time.
  • Requirements for courses are still in effect – you will not be added to a waitlist unless you have met the requirements or have been granted overrides to do so, with the exception of time conflicts or duplicate sections. Contact the department offering the course for assistance. Overrides do not guarantee you a seat in a closed class. Level overrides require registration by the Registration office and may not be compatible with waitlisted sections.
  • If you are unable to register within your 24-hour timeframe, the open seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist. You may re-add yourself to the end of the waitlist.
  • Waitlisted courses do not count towards your student status. It is strongly recommended that you select other classes to complete your schedule.
  • If you no longer wish to be on a waitlist, please return to Register for Classes and remove the course from your Summary panel.
  • Step-by-step instructions are available here: how to add to a waitlist

Additional Information for Faculty and Departments

  • Entering a closed section override circumvents the waitlist. Departments should be mindful about the use of closed section overrides on waitlisted sections.  All other overrides (pre-requisites, repeat, class, program, etc.) may be entered in advance in case a seat becomes available. Level overrides must be manually registered by the Registration office and may not be compatible with waitlisted sections.
  • If the department opens another section of a course, waitlisted students are NOT notified of the new section. The department will need to contact students on the waitlist to encourage registration in the new section
  • Banner form SFIWLNT lists which students have been notified for a specific CRN.
  • Waitlists are not automatically offered on all sections of all courses. To create a waitlist simply enter a number in the 'Wait Capacity' field in WISE (we recommend starting with 10).
  • If you need additional assistance setting up a waitlist for a section, please contact the Scheduling office at scheduling@wayne.edu.