Disbursement and refunds

Semester disbursements

Aid will be applied to student account balances for all students attending the following semesters, beginning on these dates:

Spring 2024 semester - May 2, 2024, end of day

Summer 2024 semester - June 24, 2024, end of day

JD program summer 2024 semester - May 15, 2024, end of day

School of Medicine MD Program - disbursement dates

Full-time enrollment is a requirement to receive WSU scholarships, grants, the Wayne State Guarantee and other tuition pledge programs. You must be enrolled at least half-time to be eligible for a student loan disbursement. 

After the first day of the semester, your financial aid will not be disbursed until after your instructor has confirmed your class participation. Your aid may be reduced or canceled if your participation is not confirmed in all of your classes.

If you enroll in a course that starts later in the semester, your funds will not be disbursed until prior to the start of the class. If you enroll only in a shortened module course, your cost of attendance and awards may be adjusted.

Students will begin receiving semester refunds the first week of classes. If you add a class after your aid is refunded, remember to pay your balance quickly otherwise late fees will be charged.

Paying your remaining balance

Information about late payment fees.

Student loan enrollment requirements

Before we can apply a federal student loan to your account, we must confirm your eligibility. You must be registered at least half time at the time we disburse your federal direct loan funds. Your eligibility must be confirmed before a federal student loan can be applied to your account. To be eligible, you must be registered at least half time when your federal direct loan funds are disbursed.

Half-time during the fall/winter semester

  • 6 credits for an undergraduate 
  • 5 credits for an MD and Law School student 
  • 4 credits for a graduate student 

Half time during the summer semester: 

  • 6 credits for an undergraduate 
  • 3 credits for a Law School student 
  • 1 credit for a graduate student 

Note: If your participation in class is not verified by any of your instructors, you are not eligible for federal student loans. 

More information about aid during the spring and summer semesters.

Your refund

In order to pay for your tuition, fees, and any on-campus housing charges, your financial aid will be applied to your balance. When these charges are paid, the Student Accounts Receivable Office will refund any remaining credit balance to you. This remaining credit is to be used for books, housing, food, transportation, and other miscellaneous costs. 

You must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). If you are not meeting SAP standards, you may file an appeal for aid eligibility consideration.

The refund process

The refund process will begin on the Monday or Tuesday following financial aid payment on your eBill. 

Wayne State University issues refunds to student accounts once a week.  Refunds can be released in two ways:

1.    Direct deposit into an existing U.S. checking or savings account
2.    Paper check mailed to the address on file with WSU

Accounts may be viewed in Academica to determine if a refund has been issued.

Students may enroll in direct deposit by logging into Academica. Select Financial Records, Direct Deposit Student Refunds and follow the instructions. Paper checks are mailed beginning on the first day of the semester and bi-weekly thereafter. Students must keep their address current, as checks are mailed to the most current mailing address in Academica.  A refund will only be generated if an active address is on file. 

Please Note: Refund checks are not available for pickup.

Processing times

 WSU posts refunds to students' accounts once a week on Mondays. More information is available on the Student Accounts Receivable website.

Refund option Timing after the refund has been posted
Paper check 9 business days
ACH/direct deposit  6-7 business days

Returning a refund

You have the right to cancel all or a portion of your student loans and may do so by notifying us in writing within 14 days of your disbursement notice.

Federal loan return form

If you withdrawal from, or do not attend class you may owe a balance

If you withdraw from all courses in any semester, it is required that an amount of financial aid be calculated and returned to federal programs - this may leave you with a balance owed to the university.

If you fail to attend class, your financial aid may be reduced or canceled.

Financial aid holds

A hold will prevent disbursement of your financial aid.

Hold Description

Course Participation Confirm

Your participation in all of your courses has not been confirmed by your instructors.

More information about confirmation of participation is available on the Registrar's website.

Spring Summer Start Date

Your aid cannot be disbursed until your courses begin.