Ask a WSU student

Ever wonder what it's like to study psychology in college, or what is the coolest thing about going to Wayne State University? Our student ambassador team is standing by and ready to share their insider knowledge. 

Meet our selected students

Nate Gonzalez
Nate Gonzalez
I'm a junior from Virginia majoring in finance and global supply chain management. After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in corporate finance or wealth management.
Zawadi Mwangale
Zawadi Mwangale
I'm a sophomore majoring in psychology and minoring in business with the hope of becoming an industrial/organizational psychologist.

I really like learning social studies. What kind of area could I study at WSU like this?

Zawadi: Social studies is a very interesting subject and explains a lot of present-day norms and as Wayne State aspires to build leaders, teaching about the past and the present social relations over time is a must. Likewise, there are several programs for studying social studies that could lead to a bachelor's in sociology or urban studies, for example. You could even consider going into education and becoming a teacher to inspire other kids like yourself one day. 

How is the food at WSU?

Nate: The food here is good. My first two years, I lived in a dorm on campus, and I would frequent the Towers Cafe dining hall. The food is good, and it's "all you can eat," which was my favorite part. This year, they actually brought in a chef that makes curated meals, which is something they didn't have before. What I think is even better, however, is the on and off-campus restaurants. We have a lot of great on-campus restaurants, including Leo's Coney Island, Jimmy John's, Starbucks, and Beyond Juice. We also have good off-campus options, like Pie-Sci Pizza, Jet's Pizza and Savvy Sliders. What's great about being in Midtown is that we have access to hundreds of restaurants spread across Detroit. 

I really want to be a forensic scientist in the future. Does WSU have a degree for that kind of job?

Zawadi: Wayne State has plenty of degree and certificate programs for all sorts of interests, including a post-bachelor's certificate in forensic science. In addition, to become a forensic scientist, you can get a bachelor's in biology and then a certificate in forensic science and participate in internships and research labs while prepping for the certificate program. WSU has academic advisors who can meet with you and help you figure out what the best academic program pathway is to get you to the career you want. 

How much homework do you get in college?

Nate: This is probably the most significant difference between high school and college: In high school, and even middle school, homework is a big part of the course load; college, on the other hand, revolves more around exams. This means that you will get a lot of classes that won't give you any homework. The trade-off is that students will spend time at home studying, taking notes and reading the textbook. Depending on your major, there also tends to be a lot of group projects so, in short, there is not a lot of homework, but you make up for it by spending more time studying and self-teaching. 

What kind of research does WSU do?

Zawadi: Wayne State does all kinds of research such as health studies and psychology studies, lab studies, etc. and if you look on the Academica homepage, there often are posts about opportunities to join in on a lab or even be a paid volunteer. You can learn more about some of the specific projects on our research website

How much does college cost? 

Nate: Wayne State is actually pretty affordable. Here is a link to the tuition costs: Tuition is based off of credits, so it will end up depending on how many classes you decide to take in a semester. They also have a number of scholarships that can really lower the cost. As an out-of-state student, I was able to get a scholarship that lowered my tuition to an in-state level. You are also able to get scholarships based on things like high school GPA, athletics and your major. I would definitely recommend checking out the variety of scholarships that Wayne State offers as you get closer to attending college. 

What does a wealth manager do?

Nate: Wealth managers help people plan for the future. They will usually help clients manage investments, retirement plans and sometimes insurance plans. Wealth managers tend to focus the most on asset management, which is the practice of managing an investment portfolio. Depending on the employer and clientele, wealth managers sometimes have a team of analysts that will curate the best investment strategies for their clients.

Does WSU have a med school?

Nate: Wayne State has a great medical school! They actually have three different colleges for med majors: the College of Nursing, the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Services, and the School of Medicine. You can find more information about all of Wayne State's colleges here:

How did you figure out what you want to do when you get older?

Zawadi: One of the best ways to figure out what you want to do when you get older is by researching things that you like to do with a simple Google search. Then, from there, you can look further into what coincides more with your interests and passions to start developing the pathway you want to follow. 

Is WSU a fun school to go to?

Nate: I enjoy it a lot. Detroit is such a fun city, and it's great that we're so close tons of different restaurants to choose from, and we are steps away from museums, theatres, sporting events and concerts. There is always something to do on and off campus. There is also a lot of investment going into Detroit, so Wayne State is only going to get more exciting.

Zawadi: I have sincerely enjoyed my time at Wayne State and have found it very easy to make friends because we are a medium-sized college, and I don't feel like I've been lost in a sea of people. In addition, because of the campus's proximity to downtown, there is almost always something new to see or explore, like the Riverwalk or Corktown especially in the winter/spring/summer semesters with there being large community events in Hart Plaza and such. 

What are the teachers like at WSU?

Nate: I actually really like the professors here. From my experience, many of them tend to have a lot of industry experience and are able to help students get a better perspective into various jobs. In some cases, some of my professors have even helped me get internship offers. 

Does WSU have a program where you can learn about space?

Nate: Yes! WSU has a number of science programs, including astronomy and physics. We actually have a planetarium located at the bottom of Old Main that you could even consider checking out now to learn more about black holes, stars and planets. Shows are currently being done virtually, so you can easily check out a planetarium show from home. 

What type of math do you learn in college?

Nate: Your math classes will depend on your major. For example, business students will do a lot of statistics and algebra. Engineering students, on the other hand, do a lot of calculus. 

I really like running and gymnastics. How could these interests of mine relate to a career in STEM?

Zawadi: For both of those athletic activities, you use your body in a very physical manner, which closely relates to sport and health medicine. You could look into studying physical therapy and helping others who perform athletically recover and enhance their performance, which is a more medical route. Alternatively, you could look into studying sport psychology and improve cognitive performance to help athletes keep their head in the game. There are so many ways to be involved in STEM, you could even help develop technology to help measure back handsprings to increase the fairness of judgements, as an example. Regardless of how you choose to pursue STEM, as long as you're following your passion and interests, you'll succeed and Wayne State is a great place to do that with many research labs and internship opportunities.

Why is it important for kids to learn about STEM so early?

Zawadi: STEM is the pathway to the future. When students like yourself grow and become leaders, it is important to be knowledgeable and have the ability to produce innovative technology. Wayne State actually offers several programs for high schoolers interested in learning more about STEM, and here is the link if you're curious to learn more:

Nate: I think it's important that kids are able to learn about STEM early on; that way, they can get some ideas of paths they can take in college. This is a great opportunity to learn about the STEM options that Wayne State offers.

Why did you pick your major?

Nate: Originally, I picked finance because it seemed like a solid choice. After a few classes with professors that worked in the industry, I ended up really enjoying what I was doing. 

Zawadi: As a psychology major, I love being able to study and better understand those around me, and I hope to be able to continue to pursue my master's and Ph.D. to be able to use my knowledge to help people as an industrial/organizational psychologist. 

What is your favorite thing about WSU?

Nate: I love the urban environment. Wayne State offers a lot more off-campus activities than other schools. Wayne State also has a really good business school. 

Zawadi: My favorite thing about Wayne State is the sense of community and how easy it is to make friends, which makes for an easy transition into college, in addition to having access to many great study spaces and resources to help with academics and connecting to campus life.