Find your major by exploring careers

Career Insights Program Finder video
Overview of the career insights program finder

For both students just starting college out of high school and adult learners looking for a change, the Career Insights tool is here to help! By having students select topics and activities they enjoy, the career insights tool will generate ideas of WSU programs tailored to the student's selections so they can find the best fit.

Freshman looking to explore a variety of options should only choose one topic of interest and one activity in order to see the best results. Students can easily try it again and switch up interests to get different outcomes.

Students who already know what program they are majoring in can use the Career Insights tool to plan ahead and see up-to-date career opportunities available to them upon graduation.

Career insights is meant to encourage students to explore real career opportunities that can be achieved as a Wayne State Warrior. To learn more, students should have a conversation with their academic advisor about their Career Insights results.

This tool provides a broad overview of how major selection can lead to careers and is provided without any implied promise of employment. Some careers will require further education, skills, or competencies. Actual salaries may vary significantly between similar employers and could change by graduation, as could employment opportunities and job titles.