Applying for graduation

Application and fees

The semester application deadline is the Friday of the fourth week of classes for that semester — see the Academic Calendar. There is a $40 nonrefundable graduation fee for some students that must be paid before your application for graduation can be considered. The fee does not apply to graduate students, law students and undergraduates who started in fall 2014 or after.

You must apply and, if required, pay again if you do not meet requirements in the semester of application.

To complete a web application, you must be able to pay immediately with a credit card or electronic check. An additional convenience fee is associated with these payments. Only currently registered students may choose to add the $40 fee to their tuition and fee accounts, and pay later:

  • If you choose to pay later with Federal loans such as Perkins, PELL or SEOG and you have not yet completed the Title IV Authorization Form to cover additional fees, please call the Office of Student Financial Aid at 313-577-2100 or write to
  • If you choose to pay later and have no financial aid to cover your account balance, we advise you to avoid nonrefundable late fees by paying promptly rather than waiting for a paper bill. You may pay electronically, mail payment to the Cashier's Office, or visit the Cashier's Office to pay in person.

We need correct information to process your application!

Before applying for your degree or certificate log into Academica. Click on the Student Tab and then click on Student Records located on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on View Personal Information and use the links at the top of the Self-Service Web pages to access, review and update your WSU record information:

  • To verify or update your personal information, click on View Personal Information. Please be sure we have your correct mailing address and telephone number, WSU email address, and name. As always, it is necessary for you to regularly check your WSU email for important messages.
  • You may also want to view your student academic records and your financial records under the Student tab. Resolve any active holds. Display your transcript and review your college, major and academic standing; if you have any questions or concerns about this information, contact your school/college advisor. Check your account summary and pay any outstanding balances.

When you are ready to apply

To begin a new application, log into Academica and click Student Tab. Then click on Apply for Degree or Certificate in the left-hand column and follow the instructions. After payment is made, applications remain in progress until system update processes reach completion.

To view your applications with all sections completed, fee paid and system update processes completed, click on Display Processed Applications Summary.

If you begin to apply but decide to complete your application later, simply click on the appropriate link at the bottom of the page where you are working, or use one of the links at the top of the page to return to another Student Self Service menu item of your choice.

WSU combined degree applications

Combined degree applications involving WSU Law School or WSU School of Medicine require you to contact your professional school as soon as final grades have been posted, and have your completed transcript of professional work sent to the Student Records Office.

State of Michigan teacher certifications

College of Education students wishing to apply for State of Michigan teacher certification (which is different from applying for a WSU education certificate on this website) must file that application in the Academic Services/Teacher Certification Office, 469 Education Building, 313-577-1635.

WSU Commencement ceremonies

WSU confers degrees in winter, spring/summer and fall semesters and holds graduation ceremonies in December and May. The ceremonies are for students completing degrees only.

WSU diploma and certificate delivery

Your WSU diploma or certificate will be mailed within six weeks of the end of the semester in which your diploma was granted.

If you have questions, please call the Records Office at 313-577-7965.

Participating in another university Commencement ceremony

The Commencement Office recognizes that students graduating from Wayne State may have unforeseen circumstances that could affect their participation in the Commencement ceremony that they are approved to take part in by the Office of the Registrar and their school or college. Once a student submits a request, we will be able to determine what we can do on a case-by-case basis.

Students who were ill, experienced a family emergency or experienced some other uncontrollable circumstance will be given first priority.

If you have already graduated and did not participate in the ceremony you were approved to attend, we will consider your request after all approved students for the current ceremony have had a chance to pick up their tickets. 

Ceremony participation acknowledgement letter for travel – yourself or family members

You may also request through this form an acknowledgement letter from our office for your travel or your guest's travel needs.