Meet W, the Wayne State University chatbot

Touching base with students 

Screenshot of The W bot interacting with a studentStudents can now communicate with W the Warrior, our artificial intelligence-powered chatbot. The chatbot allows students to engage in quick and simple text exchanges that support academic success and WSU navigational assistance.

What is the goal of the program?

To provide high-level messaging that will help students navigate important WSU procedures, and offer student success and student life announcements to support students with their degree completion goals. Students may also receive periodic interactive messages targeted to influence success strategies and ways in which WSU can offer strengthened support systems. 

Who will receive text messages?

Currently enrolled undergraduate WSU students.

What can current undergraduate students expect?

Periodic text messages to support them as they complete their degree. Topics may include:  

  • Registration reminders and deadlines
  • Success strategies and events
  • Wellness checks
  • Financial aid and scholarship information
  • Student life

Can students opt out of text messages?

Students can pause text messages from W for two weeks by responding with #PAUSE.  A student can opt out of W bot messaging completely by responding with STOP.  A student can opt back in to receiving W Bot messages by texting START. 

Please note that this will not disconnect students from Wayne State Alerts.


For more information about this initiative, please contact Program Management Specialist Dennis Schwartz at