Enhancement Ideas

The STARS 2.0 Advising platform is maintained by Wayne State's STARS 2.0 Project Management Team and was developed to support students across all 13 schools and colleges. The STARS 2.0 Project Management Team is continually working to enhance its technology and values user feedback and enhancement ideas to inform and prioritize its enhancement "roadmap."  

Enhancement Ideas

WSU advisors and other users interested in submitting an enhancement idea can do so using the STARS 2.0 Enhancement Submission form. Upon submission, the STARS 2.0 Project Management Team will review the submission, provide feedback or request clarification, and then submit submissions as a ticket to the STARS 2.0 Development Team. 

Please review the information and example below before completing the submission form.

What to include in your submission

It is easier for the STARS 2.0 Project  Management Team to assess a submission if it can be tied to "how" and "why" it would be important to your student success efforts. As such, the best submissions address the following concerns:

  • What specific problem are you trying to solve with this idea?
  • How do you solve the problem today (within or outside of STARS)?
  • How would you ideally solve the problem?
  • How big is the problem/opportunity? What would the impact be across our institution?
  • What would happen at our institution if you were unable to solve the problem through STARS?

An example of a helpful submissions might look like the following:

Add Additional Locations and Appointment Types

"Currently, only Main Campus Appointments are available for students to select.

When a student is making an advising appointment, they are presented with a single option of "Main Campus".  Previously, students were presented with various locations like, Main Campus, ATEC at Macomb Community College, or the Jeffrees Center at SchoolCraft College.  Additionally, they were offered multiple appointment types, like In-Person, Phone, Virtual/Online.  Advisors could complete appointment summaries and were offered two additional types of Email and Drop-In.

This enhancement will be most beneficial in providing options to our students who have grown accustomed to choices which removes barriers as well as demonstrates that Wayne State Advisors are willing to meet students where they are to advise them.  It will also be a valuable tool to demonstrate the value of having a Flexible Work Schedule. Knowing where and how we engage with or advise our students will be necessary in this decision."

How the STARS 2.0 Project Management Team manages idea submissions:

  1. We will not necessarily respond to all submissions, but we do review all submissions and take note of what is said.
  2. We do not give timelines on ideas we are considering. A few reasons drive this:
    • If it is not on the STARS 2.0 roadmap, but we like the idea. Sometimes a good idea needs to wait for other items to be completed before we can turn their attention to your great idea. Given the number of unknowns involved, we can't say when we'll be able to launch that feature.
    • We are not ready to share what we are up to just yet. Some ideas and features never get off the ground because during their discovery phase, we come to understand that the solution we would like to deliver is not desirable for a majority of the campus, feasible from a technical perspective, or viable from a support or implementation point of view.
    • The feature is not ready for primetime. The STARS 2.0 Team's goal is to deliver the most stable and high performing platform possible. As a result, we invest heavily in our quality assurance processes and reserve the right to pull any feature, or set of features, because it puts the stability and quality of the platform at risk. 

Questions about the submission form or process can be directed to the WSU STARS 2.0 Team by emailing: stars@wayne.edu.