May 1994

Executive Order 94-4 issued 

  • No smoking is permitted in any building owned or leased by the university (except individual units in housing) or university vehicles. 
  • Smoking was permitted within a “reasonable” distance from building exits/entrances.

September 2000 (revised October 2008) 

University Policy 2000-03 issued

  • No smoking is permitted within 20 feet of building exits/entrances.  
  • In 2008, this distance was increased to 25 feet.  
  • The sale/distribution of tobacco products in university facilities is banned. 

January 2014

A presidential task force is established to examine whether or not to fully implement a smoke-free campus.

June 2014

The Task Force on a Smoke-Free Campus recommends expansion of the current policy to ban all smoking and use of tobacco products on campus.  

September 2014

The Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Campus Implementation Committee is formed.