Can you tell me more about WSU ScholarshipUniverse?

The Office of Student Financial Aid is excited to introduce WSU ScholarshipUniverse, a new scholarship platform that offers more options for students and staff.

  • Matching tools that are more intuitive and user friendly
  • The ability to have different award cycles when needed to attract students in programs with different start dates
  • Vetted external scholarships that will match based on the student's profile
  • Automated communications that includes text messaging options

Scholarships and applications are being loaded in the database and we will continue until all awards have been added. The system is available now for students and staff to use for the 2024-25 academic year. 

The delay of the 2024-25 FAFSA has affected the ability to determine need levels for scholarships with financial need criteria. We anticipate we will have need levels available in WSU ScholarshipUniverse in spring 2024. 

Sign up for ScholarshipUniverse training in Academica

ScholarshipUniverse staff training materials

ScholarshipUniverse FAQs for students

How do I request access to review and make scholarship awards?

Access can be requested by the Department Business Manager or other person authorized by the Dean/Director to grant access to student personal information for the purposes of awarding WSU scholarships.

As we prepare for the upcoming 2024-25 scholarship award cycle, we have renewed the ScholarshipUniverse access for the staff you requested for the 2023-24 year who are still listed within your unitIf you have changes, please use form linked below to remove or add access as needed.  If there are no changes, there is no need to fill out a new form.

2024-25 ScholarshipUniverse Access Request Form - use for changes or to add new users

SU award role Description
Review Manager This role manages scholarship committees and review pools and has access to the dashboard to monitor application volume, awarding and budgeting.
Reviewer This role is given to committee members in order to review and score applications.
Candidate Manager This role manages the candidates preparing for review or run auto-match for the direct awards.
Award Manager This role manages adding the award amounts for each student.
Award Approver This role manages approvals of awards before being queued for notification.
Thank You Coordinator This role manages the review of thank you letters received from students. 
Thank You Editor Reserved for Donor Relations staff.


How do I process a Student Award Authorization (SAA)?

SAA Processing Procedures 

How do I request expense and account approver access?

Your department business manager will need to complete the Business Affairs Officers (BAO) - Access Request Form and email it to security@lists.wayne.edu.

Access Request Forms

Where is the SAA link in Academica?

The SAA link is now under Employee> Administrative Systems> Begin OSFA Student Award Authorization Process.

What is the difference between an expense approver and account approver?

Users may have more than one role; however,

One user cannot be the Expense Approver AND the Account Approver on the same SAA.

Workflow role

 Role description


Any WSU employee can be a requester.
This person enters the information initiating the SAA process workflow. The requestor uses the account index, student ID and other required values. 

Expense Approver

The expense approver is the first person who is approving the request before it is sent to the account approver. The expense approver authorizes payments to the students listed on the SAA form.

Account Approver

Usually the Business Manager or Dean is the account approver. The account approver authorizes the expense to the account and acknowledges compliance with account provisions.

What are the policies and procedures for departmental awards?

Policies and Procedures for Departmental Awards

Who can I call if I have questions about policies or procedures?

If you have questions, please email us at scholarshipmanagement@wayne.edu.

Students can contact us at studentservice@wayne.edu.