Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar reports to the Associate Provost for Academic Programs & AVP for Institutional Effectiveness.  

Portfolio of Responsbilities - Effective April 4, 2022

Kurt Kruschinska, University Registrar

(313) 577-6748

Jessica Addy, Associate Registrar for Compliance & Technology
(313) 577-7956
Processes/Systems Supported: Banner Release Testing, Business Process Analysis, Office Compliance Reporting

Mark Jacek, Associate Registrar for Student and Faculty Services
(313) 993-7479
Processes/Systems Supported: Student and Faculty Facing Services

Melissa Jimenez, Associate Registrar for Academic and Curricular Services
(313) 577-0685
Processes/Systems Supported: Academic Services to Schools and Colleges and Curriculum

Tim Simpson, Sr. Associate Registrar
(313) 577-3424
Processes/Systems Supported: All Office Operations and Processes

Elisha Ables, Scheduling Manager
(313) 577-3503
Group ID:
Processes/Systems Supported: Room Scheduling, WISE, EMS, Schedule of Classes

Nancy Beckett, Manager, Records & Registration
(313) 577-3616
Group ID:;;;
Processes/Systems Supported:  Registration Set-up, Self Service, Grading, Grade Changes, Graduation Application, Records Maintenance, including Degree Posting

Doris Davis, Manager, Administration & Special Programs
(313) 577-3556
Processes/Systems Supported: Exceptions to Enrollment Policy, Residency, Medical Withdrawals, Special registration programs, Budget, NCAA Certification

Liza Lagman Sperl, Outreach & Communications Manager
(313) 577-8189
Processes/Systems Supported: Website maintenance, Communications to students and faculty, Business process documentation

David McGrann, Academic Services Officer II
(313) 577-2028
Group ID:
Processes/Systems Supported: Course Leaf (Catalog & Curriculum modules),, Course Records, Curriculum

Sharmere Miller, Degree Audit Specialist
(313) 577-0389
Group ID:
Processes Supported: Degree Works, Plan of Work, Transfer Equivalency Self Service

David Schrecengost, Degree Audit Specialist
(313) 577-2080
Group ID:
Processes Supported: Degree Works, Plan of Work, Transfer Equivalency Self Service