Information about Wayne Internet Scheduling System

Schedule of Classes Update

The class schedules for the upcoming academic year are currently available for scheduling coordinators in WISE. Please bookmark this page and review it often, as changes may occur. Please also remember to adhere to the Class Scheduling Matrix. 

Changes made in WISE populate directly to Banner, with the exception of courses at our extension centers. This eliminates the need for spreadsheet exchange and double proofing. You can make multiple changes and see them in real-time. Because of these innovations, there are also updates to the scheduling deadlines.                                                                                        

Deadlines Winter 2021 Sp/Su 2021 Fall 2021 Winter 2022

Schedule available to Scheduling Coordinators in WISE

5/11/20 5/4/20 1/4/21 April 2021
Final changes due in WISE
9/30/20 1/22/21 2/19/21 TBD
Schedule of classes goes live for students
10/12/20 1/25/21 2/22/21 10/11/21
Registration begins
11/2/20 2/8/21 3/29/21 11/1/21

 Instructor changes finalized in WISE

1/25/21 7/6/21 9/14/21 1/23/22

Once registration begins, the only available changes that can be made through WISE are changes to Instructors, Permission Required and Team Taught Fields. You will continue to be able to make updates to the Instructor field until the Census date for that term (listed above).

Instructions for getting to WISE

To get to WISE, log in to Academica. Click on "Employee Services", Click on "Administrative Systems" and then on "Wayne Internet Scheduling System (WISE)."

An instructional video for using WISE is available here.

Many enhancements have been put in place because of input from users like you. For example, when you click on a section, the information opens in a new window (or tab, if using Firefox). When you submit your changes for that section, you are asked to close that window which returns you to the original section list, instead of having to query again. You can also refresh to display the changes that you have made. 

If you have not been trained on WISE, or if you want a refresher, please attend one of our refresher sessions.  First, log in to Academica, then click here to sign up.

Tips for using WISE

If you need a copy of your sections to distribute to your colleagues, we have added a "Generate XLS" button at the bottom of WISE to export the listing of classes you have selected.

You can also run your own "roll" in Cognos. The name of the report is STSC016 - Class Schedule Roll, and can be found in this directory: Public Folders > Student > Departmental Shareable - OR Scheduling.  However, changes must be submitted using the WISE system. The downside to pulling a list through Cognos is that you will be pulling data from yesterday. It is important to know that any changes you made that day will not be immediately displayed in a Cognos report.

We love feedback!! If there is something that you think we should add or something you think could be improved please send your feedback to Elisha Ables. A lot of our changes up to this point have originated with suggestions from our users.