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Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Student Pharmacist Learning Community

The overarching goal of the Student Pharmacist Learning Community (SPLC) is to increase student success during the P1 and P2 years of the WSU Applebaum Doctor of Pharmacy program. P3 students who demonstrate an interest in teaching are selected to be peer mentors on the basis of their academic and professional leadership. The mentors work closely with students to help them develop study skills in the pharmacotherapeutic modules and other courses to optimize progression and on-time graduation. Over the years, students often develop close and lasting ties with their mentors and LC cohort, which can alleviate the stress and anxiety that sometimes occurs during the course of a demanding academic program. SPLC participants experience an increased level of programmatic support for achieving academic success, as well as demonstrate an increased level of professionalism, self-awareness and community involvement.

Vicki Tutag Lehr

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