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African American Studies/Black Students Matter 2 (AFS-BSM2)

The African American Studies/ Black Students Matter 2 (AFS/BSM 2) Learning Community is based in the Department of African American Studies. The focus of our learning community is to provide culturally relevant education, self-awareness, and academic skills via the African American Studies Curriculum. Our aim is to provide skills, strategies, and methods that support the development of academic mastery and success as students matriculate through their undergraduate studies at Wayne State University. Participants will be paired with peer mentors and a host of services provided via the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences i.e., the Office of Multicultural Student Engagement, Academic Advising, Career services, the Student Success center and other university programs and services designed for student success. This Learning Community is connected to AFS 1010 (CRN 10101for Fall 2022.

Kefentse Chike
(313) 577-2321

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