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Advisor FAQ

General Information

  What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is an online advising tool which produces an easy to read academic evaluation to help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion.  The web based program reorganizes your transcript categorically, easily dentifying courses you have completed and what courses remain to fulfill your degree requirements at Wayne State University. This tool reflects the Wayne State University requirements described in the bulletin and should be used to select coursework to fulfill degree requirements.

  What are the benefits in using Degree Works?

Degree Works helps you:

  • Determine what requirements you need to fulfill in order to complete your degree
  • Determine how your transfer credit fits into your path to graduation
  • See how your coursework would apply to another major or minor by using the What-If option
  • Plan your course selection, semester by semester
  Who can access Degree Works?

Advisors and students will be able to use the system.

  How do I access Degree Works?

Degree Works can be accessed through Academica.

  When should a student/advisor review a degree worksheet?

The Degree Worksheet is accessible at any time, but should definitely be reviewed:

  • Before registration
  • After registration to ensure courses apply to requirements
  • After grades for each semester are posted
  • Any time changes are made to your academic record

Degree Works Faculty and Advisor FAQ

  When should I enter an exception or course substitution?

You should enter the information into Degree Works as soon as the exception or substitution is approved.  This will assist students in planning which courses are still needed.  The exceptions and substitutions are visible to anyone reviewing the students evaluation.

  How do I save the worksheet as a .PDF?

When you are reviewing the student's worksheet you have an option to 'Save as PDF' at the top of the page.  Another screen will pop up in PDF format, then you may save it from there.

  When should I work with a student to create an academic plan?

Creating an academic plan will be greatly beneficial to the student, so it is recommended that you work with the student to create a plan when you first meet with them.

  What should I do if I believe information in Degree Works is inaccurate?

You should contact the Office of the Registrar by emailing

  How do transfer credits appear in Degree Works?

 You are able to see the courses that apply toward your degree and where they fit into your degree progress. Some transfer courses that do not apply will appear in the Not Counted section. Courses with insufficent grades or are not transferable will not appear in Degree Works; however, the courses can be viewed in STARS under the TransPVED tab.  

  Why do I see a different number of total credit hours in Degree Works than on the official transcript?

Since Degree Works calculates the total number of credits applied toward the degree, this number will differ.  You should always refer to the official transcript when determining the total number of credits earned.

  When enterting an exception that uses transfer credit to fulfill a requirement (for example BIO 2XXX) how can I control which course fulfills the requirement?

Since many times there may be multiple BIO 2XXX transfer courses, you will need to determine if there are any differences in the two.  For example, one may be 3 credit hours and the other 4.  In this case, you should use the 'with' line after you load the exception.  The line may look like this: "With, DW Credits, equal to, 4."

  I previously entered a waiver in STARS, do I also need to enter this in Degree Works?

Since the two systems do not work with each other, it is necessary to enter any waivers that are in STARS into Degree Works for an accurate evaluation.

  Why am I not able to view the General Education Requirements for a student that has satisfied MACRAO or MTA?

Students who have MACRAO (or MTA) have met all general education requirements, with the exception of MC, or (IC or OC) respectively.  Any courses that would have satisfied a general education requirement will appear in the Electives section of the worksheet.  All courses in the Electives section will also count toward the overall credit hour requirement for the degree.

  Why is the 'Also Allow' exception not working?

If a course is intentionally excluded from a block, the 'Also Allow' exception will not allow the excluded course to come into the block.  Try using the 'Apply Here' exception instead.